Marvel: Mr. President [COMPLETE]

Hector King, a man in his 50s, no family or friends to speak of, paralysed from the waist down due to a work-related accident. Now he lived alone with his pup Huskey. But one day, he mistakenly summoned Satan. "Ah, it's been a long time since I was summoned. You found my book? Good, what do you want? Riches? Women? Fame? Strength? Or perhaps, your legs? All at the discounted price of your... soul." Satan offered. Hector, however, didn't need any of that. And so, his answer even shocked Satan, making that smug look disappear. "I... I want you to be my friend." And from there, the friendship that would last eternity started, all at the price of Hector's soul. ... Year 2021, As a mortal, Hector died. But Satan decided to do something crazy, "F*CK IT! You're my best friend, I can't let you die. Hector, I am appointing you as Hell's Inquisitor, a position only under me." ... 1935, Earth Hector found himself in his old original physical body again, but he was now taller and buff. "I-I got a new last name? Hmm, it has a nice ring to it." He muttered. He was, from then on, Hector King Washington. "WOOF!" And the good boy Moony was also there, bigger, buffed and more beautiful. [A/N: MC is going to be a sweet badass old man.] _______________________ [TAGS - OLD MAN MC, OP, SLICE OF LIFE, WHOLESOME, ROMANCE, NO HAREM, ALTERNATE HISTORY, KINGDOM BUILDING] ____________________________ I do not own anything except the main character in this fanfiction. ____________________________ For advance chapters- www.patreon.com/misterimmortal Check out my other fics if you like this one by going into my profile. Thank You.

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300. Mister President [THE END]

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"She's a Diana from a different universe in a different time."

Hippolyta looked at the woman in her arms and sighed. But she never let her go. "Then that makes her my daughter too, does it not? And I believe she needed this one hug."

Of course, if not a mother, then who would know her daughter the best? Even if this Diana was from a different universe, her heart was likely the same.


"You're a god?" Out of nowhere, a streak of light appeared, and then a man popped up right in front of Hector. "Do you also like red? I like red too. We're so similar."

Hector was in a relaxed mood. He was too high for any multiversal being to harm him. Even in the Omniversal heaven, he was pretty high already. "More like an angel, but for these lower realms, I am a god."

"Can you create ice cream out of thin air?" Shazam asked him.

Hector looked at the man, buffed and handsome. But he could see the child behind it. "Of course. Which flavour do you like the most?"



A big cone of bubblegum ice cream appeared in Shazam's hand. The man appeared so shocked by that little trick that he started worshipping Hector. "Yep, he's God. Folks, I'm not Christian anymore. I follow whatever this man is."

"Can I have a super calorie-filled burger?" Flash asked him.

Hector again nodded, and with a snap, the burger appeared in Flash's hand. It was a special one, as it could fill the man alone. Flash had an extremely high metabolism rate, so it usually takes him a whole buffet to feel full.

Hector then looked at the younger Wonder Woman. "Come here, I know you like Ice-Cream as well."

Young Wonder Woman saw the cone of ice cream in his hand. She was amazed that he knew so well, but on another thought, it made sense. She walked close to him and checked him out from head to toe. "What did the other me see in you?"

"That's hurtful, young woman. Are you calling me ugly and old, that you're shocked a version of you would fall in love with me?" Hector asked while folding his arms.

The young Wonder Woman stepped back and clarified in an adorable panicked accent. "No, no! You're very handsome... more than most other men, I must say. And you ooze supreme strength. But I was just wondering what you are as a man."

"Back off!" Older Diana walked over and stood in front of Hector. "This one's taken. Find yourself another one."

Hector bellowed in laughter and stepped forward to wrap his arm around his Diana's waist. "Don't worry, my dear wife. She may look the same as you, but she'd definitely not you... the one I like."

With a blush, she hmmed in agreement and looked at younger Diana. "Your face still shows so much nativity. It took me millions of years to realise how to appreciate life properly."

"M-Millions?" Young Diana exclaimed in shock. "You're so old?"

"Of course. After my universe was eaten by the Undoing, I had no other choice but to wait in the void of darkness with nothing but my thoughts alone. I think I fell into suspended animation after some time and remained that way for millions of years... until he found me, and the rest is history." She held Hector's hand that rested on her waist.

Superman got serious and asked her for more information. "How did you defeat it? What is it exactly?"

Old Diana looked at the young version of herself strongly in the eyes. "Listen to me carefully. Not much is known about Undoing. It's just a shadowy cosmic force that takes the form of a swarm of silhouettes of dragons with tentacles. It doesn't just kill... it erases everything from existence. Darkseid, before his demise, said the Undoing was a form of the Anti-Life Equation that undoes reality.

"You can defeat it, Diana. I was able to... I don't know how but I did. Just believe in yourself and ensure that your light shines bright in your hour of need. If it ever comes here... maybe you will not have the same fate as me."

The young Wonder Woman nodded thoughtfully. "Where will you be going now?"

Hector spoke. "To my realm, of course. I am going to start a family now... she wanted this for so long."

The young Wonder Woman blushed, understanding he was talking about having babies. "Then I wish you the very best, and bless that your children are sound and healthy."

"Shall we head back now, dear? If I overstay, then this universe will start to break apart too." Hector asked his wife.

Old Diana nodded. She was hoping to feel emotional about this universe. But, she could not. She had already lost hers and had cried enough in its memory. This was a different world with different people... none of them knew her.

"Good luck, you all. Be well and also..." Old Diana spoke. "Sometimes it's better to end the danger by finishing it... not letting it remain to spread again. I learned this lesson the hard way on many occasions."

Hector looked at the sky and made the same beam of golden light fall on himself. However, when it started to appear, all the other Amazonians who had come suddenly began to kneel for some reason.


The beam of light fell, and Hector vanished with Diana.

"Why did you kneel?" The young Wonder Woman asked her mother.

"We don't know... but that light... it felt too divine... like nothing else ever before."


Hector returned to Omnivesal Hell and showed Diana his house. It was a small 2-storey house with five rooms and a big lawn all around it, surrounded by high walls for privacy. The only unsavoury thing was the sky which was always red in Hell.

"This will be our bedroom where the magic is going to happen in a few days." Hector teased her around.

She chuckled and moved to Moony's Bedroom. There was not much furniture as Hector used to live there alone. Now he was going to need many more decorations, toys and beds.

"This one... Yelena can take it. And the remaining are for our kids."

Diana nodded while looking around. But, she had a different worry. "What will I be doing? I don't think I can live for eternity doing nothing."

Hector rubbed his chin and thought about it. "Hmm, I will ask the Big G to do something. He can surely assign you to something good... you are, after all, a kind lady from the heart. Now, how about we give these new mattresses a try?"

"I was waiting for you to say that." She smiled seductively and pushed him towards the bed.


But, as Hector was falling on the bed, his body vanished. Diana was just left perplexed. "I hope this won't be a common occurrence. I should go and get Moony."


Hector again found himself in the Hall of Judgement, right in front of the badass God, who was still smoking a cigar.

"Have you decided what you wish to be?" God asked.

Hector shook his head. "I have not decided what I wish to be personally. But I want you to assign my wife, Diana, as a caretaker of the Animals. She can help all the cute dogs and cats, and the new arriving souls of animals."


God's black sunglasses shinned for a split second. "Done. Now, tell me what you want to do to yourself. Which department? Be quick. The line of possible reincarnating souls is increasing."

Hector had no idea what to do, sadly. "I don't know what each job even means. How can I choose one of them to be my permanent?"

God rubbed his big beard in silence and thought about it. "Son, you are an angel, so you must be the overseer of at least one aspect of heaven. If you don't make a decision, then I will be forced to choose one. Are you sure you wish to leave it to me?"

'Well, you'll be leaving this place soon.' Satan's words echoed in Hector's mind all of a sudden. And it suddenly hit him, the realisation of what a grave mistake he was about to make.

"I've decided!" He exclaimed.

"Speak your wish then."

"I don't care if I'm an angel... I still wish to work in Hell. Satan is my best friend, and he has been one since long ago when I was a mortal and wished to end myself. I wish to work alongside Satan more." He made up his mind quickly.

"As an angel, you wish to work in Hell?" God asked, appearing amused by the absurdity.

Hector nodded. "You can take my divinity if you want to. But I'd rather work in Hell. Besides, I already know the work and have done a good job... much better than the top boss you have assigned."

Big G frowned. "Indeed... that buffoon. He has been missing for so long, going around and messing with other gods. Fine, I shall fire him. From now on, Satan is the top lord of Hell, and you shall take over as the second in command of Hell."

Hector sighed in relief. He was worried that the God would disagree. After all, Lucifer didn't turn out that well. He didn't know the life of God before he became a god, he didn't know what kind of attitude he had. So he had reservations before. But now he was slowly realising what a chill being Big G was.

"Thank you, God. I will forever be thankful for this." Hector respectfully said.

"Bwahahaha... Don't... you're going to have to work much harder. But, do make some cute babies with your wife and bring them to meet me. My wife would love to see them too... also my kids."

'He has a family?' Hector wondered in shock.

"Yes! I do have a family." Of course, nothing remains hidden from the one above all. "I was not always a God, son. Before me, there was another. I was once a mortal who rose through the ranks and defeated the evil that wished to take the previous God's place. I, too, have a son, wife, grandsons and trillions of friends. In fact, I am going to have tea with Jesus and Buddha next. We are going to try and make the Omniversal Zeus stop assaulting the animals in lower words."

"I-Is he?" Hector stuttered.

"He is." God replied with sorrow.


Hector shook his head in disappointment. No matter which world, Zeus is always Zeus. "I hope you can mend his ways."

"Jesus did come up with a great plan. We are going to try it. Buddha had already failed to make that old pervert meditate. If everything fails, I will just castrate him." Big G muttered, seriously thinking about it from the looks of it.

(•ˋ _ ˊ•)

'I should remember not to anger this old man.' Hector thought.

"You should not." God again knew what was in Hector's mind. "Anyway, I should give you your designation and promotion in hell."


Hector's body shined in bright red light for a split second. In an instant, he started to feel more powerful than he did as an angel.

"Now, for your designation. Here, read this holy proclamation." God made a little piece of paper appear in Hector's hand. "This is the proof that you are second in command of Hell. And your official designation title will be..."

"Oh, hell no! Not again!" Hector cried suddenly.

"Haha." God enjoyed. "President of Omniversal Hell."

"Please! Anything but the President!" Hector fell to his knees, having grown bored with this title.

"Bwahahaha... Enjoy your time... President Hector King Washington!" God snapped his fingers and sent him back to his home, on the bed Diana threw him on. She was still standing there when he appeared again.


"You don't want babies?" Diana exclaimed, hearing his cries.

Hector opened his eyes and looked at his beautiful wife. "I do! But... I just became the President of Hell!"

She seductively got on top of his lap after pushing him back on the bed. "Well then... we should make a few little princelings and princesses... my dear Mister President."

"Not you too!...Umm..."

Hector stopped as he felt Diana's soft lips rest on his. He let all the grievances go after that and, with a wave of his hand, shut the room's door close.

He then turned around and pinned Diana under himself. "If I'm the president... then you're the first lady of Hell!"

"Ugh... I hate that designation." She scowled.

Hector chuckled and started to unwrap her. "Welcome to the new life... Madam first lady!"

She did the same with his coat and shirt. "Okay! A new rule... we shall never call each other by our designation. Okay?"

Hector felt energised again and snapped his finger to make all their clothes go away. "Agreed... so shall we start?"

"Shh... No more talking." Diana put her finger on his lips and slowly slid her hand around his head, and pulled him closer. "Let's go all out!"

Soon, many demons and devils around Hell wondered why and how an earthquake could strike their realm. They initially panicked, but then the earthquake lasted for three days, and they just got used to it.

Happy times were awaiting the new President and First Lady of Hell, as laughter and cries of young ones will soon be resounding all around. Making hearts of sinners feel some warmth, only to later feel the effects of pain increase.

The devils and demons will play with the younglings and treat them like royalties.

Meanwhile, Satan would happily accept his role as the funny uncle. After all... the goat was the GOAT.

And that's how the tale of Hector... a President who never wished to be one... ends. It started with just him but ended with many who came along the way. He changed the lives of countless... while in return, he received the warmth of family that was boundless.

That was the life of Hector King... Washington.

[The En---


"Awoooooo! Woof woof bow bow!" ~And what about me? Why don't you write about me, Gorilla-chan? You don't love me anymore? I go complain to Grandpa God? Are you courting death? Do you want spanks?~

Once again, the quill moved, and one big, handsome, sexy, cute, mighty, rich, chick magnet, Gorilla with tired eyes and dark circles under them moved his hands on the long parchment—For he was the record keeper(Unpaid Slave) of the Divine Journeys in the Omniversal Heaven.

[Additional Text]

Moony, the handsome, cute, big, strong, and lovable boy, returned to Heaven of Dogs. But, he only went there to play with his friends: Monty, Bobby, Tim, Ted and many other... Julie, the German Shephard as well.

After playing in heaven, where his mum Diana also worked, he returns home to play with his dad, Yelena and Michu. As for his wife, Fenris... she had taken a job to scare bad kids who come to Hell.

[Additional Text End]

"Woof Bowowowow." ~Write about Kennedy as well, Gorilla-Chan! I will keep standing behind you if you don't write... Kennedy is a very nice friend.~

[Additional Text]

Kennedy, the dumbass he was, died ten years into his reincarnation mission. But since he died while trying to save a planet from a boy named Eren, who turned into a monster, he received a pass for Hell... President Hect-"

[Additional Text End]

"Wowowowo...!" ~Dad don't like being called President... remove that!~

[Additional Text]

Hector welcomed Kennedy to Hell and made him his own second in command. Yet another man cried in misery as he was designated the Vice President of Hell.

With that... the story finally came to an end a-

[Additional Text End]

"Bow Bow!" ~Write about what happened to that world after we returned home. Are you okay, Gorilla-chan? Why are you becoming so slow and dumb? I will ask mum to invite you to dinner... write now.~

Gorilla, however, protested and put his quill away. He just stood up from his chair and went to his bed beside the table, and fell asleep. In a moment, he started snoring.

"Grrrrr..." ~Bad Monke!~



Out of nowhere, Lady Diana appeared and knocked on Moony's head and started dragging him away by the ear. "Bad Moony. Don't harass the Lord Record Keeper. Now let's go... it's time for your physics class."

"Awwwwoooo Woooo..." Moony kicked around his legs, but against his mum, he was nothing, for she knew the spot on his belly that turned his brain off.


The Gorilla's eyes shot open suddenly, and he quickly wrote the last words on the long parchment—the Record of Hector King Washington.



































Sadly, when the Gorilla slept, a new parchment appeared on the table with a new title, for he was a forever unpaid slave of heaven.

[One Piece: The Philosopher]


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