Marvel: Mr. President [COMPLETE]

Hector King, a man in his 50s, no family or friends to speak of, paralysed from the waist down due to a work-related accident. Now he lived alone with his pup Huskey. But one day, he mistakenly summoned Satan. "Ah, it's been a long time since I was summoned. You found my book? Good, what do you want? Riches? Women? Fame? Strength? Or perhaps, your legs? All at the discounted price of your... soul." Satan offered. Hector, however, didn't need any of that. And so, his answer even shocked Satan, making that smug look disappear. "I... I want you to be my friend." And from there, the friendship that would last eternity started, all at the price of Hector's soul. ... Year 2021, As a mortal, Hector died. But Satan decided to do something crazy, "F*CK IT! You're my best friend, I can't let you die. Hector, I am appointing you as Hell's Inquisitor, a position only under me." ... 1935, Earth Hector found himself in his old original physical body again, but he was now taller and buff. "I-I got a new last name? Hmm, it has a nice ring to it." He muttered. He was, from then on, Hector King Washington. "WOOF!" And the good boy Moony was also there, bigger, buffed and more beautiful. [A/N: MC is going to be a sweet badass old man.] _______________________ [TAGS - OLD MAN MC, OP, SLICE OF LIFE, WHOLESOME, ROMANCE, NO HAREM, ALTERNATE HISTORY, KINGDOM BUILDING] ____________________________ I do not own anything except the main character in this fanfiction. ____________________________ For advance chapters- www.patreon.com/misterimmortal Check out my other fics if you like this one by going into my profile. Thank You.

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27. Education Reforms & Angry Logan

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Erskin had no choice in this matter. Hector didn't have any ulterior motives either, he didn't expect Erskine to miraculously develop some crazy serum that would make him the strongest being in the Universe. That only happened in fanfics.

No, he just wanted the man to live his life and die peacefully as a mortal and go to heaven. But of course, he wanted a few more samples of super-soldier serum. He might inject a few people in the future, who knows.

After settling Erskine inside the secret dimension and telling two Spirits to be assistants, he returned to his normal work, nation-building. His new laws will get passed by December, so he focused on other aspects. Which was education reforms. Education was really important in any nation, it will define the future.

He wanted the United States to be seen as a country of technology, after all, why can only Japan have awesome automatic toilets that also speak? So he personally drafted the new Education Reform Act, one that he based on his inspirations from Finland from his past life.

Hector, knowing that the future is all about globalisation, wanted Americans to dominate it. For this, a certain mindset was needed. Hence, in the new act, it was now compulsory for all kids to learn at least one foreign language that was not English. Special emphasis was given to Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Thai, Filipino, German, Spanish and Arabic.

Kids who get good grades in these will also get some extra benefits in terms of marks and college selection. They were also to be taught more deeply about the world, the flaws of communism, dictatorships, the genocides around the world, colonialism or even the Native Americans. The future Americans will not be seen as jokes around the world for being dumb.

The other major changes were not standardised testing until the end of junior high, where at the end they will give an exam and choose what to specialise in their high school. At the same time, many vocational specialisations will be taught in the three years of high school, such as woodwork, electrical work, plumbing, electric work and much more. This will allow even those kids to get a job who lack higher intellect and can't get into colleges.

The next part was the accountability of teachers. The bar to become was raised higher, a teacher must at least be a Master Degree holder, they will be the homeroom teacher of the same class for 9 years so they can form a bond with their students. If a teacher isn't performing well, it's the individual principal's responsibility to do something about it. Of course, even the Principals will need oversight on them. [A/N: I don't know what a homeroom teacher is called in the US.]

Other than this, free meal plans will be there, schools will start at 8:30 to not have sleepy kids and last until 2 or 2:30. After school, extracurricular activities can also be done until 5. Saturdays were specifically reserved for sports, no studies. Even homework common halls were set up after school, as kids will be given little to no homework. The aim was to make the life of a student less annoying and more enjoyable while also learning.

Of course, all these changes were to be slowly implemented in the coming 5 years, many things might need to be changed but overall it will be the same. All he needed to do was to make sure that a good system was in place to pump out more teachers, tackle the issues such as bullying faster and also keep campuses safe from perverts, including perverted teachers. He had a few secret weapons for all this but that will only come later.

As long as all this happens, the United States will have the best education system in the world. Other than this, Hector also wanted to start something similar to the National Health Service of the future UK, but it was wartime and there were not enough finds.


Days passed, America's birthday, the 4th of July came, it was also Hector's birthday. And funny enough, because of this almost every American remembered his birthday. They burst firecrackers while chanting his name and "God Bless America".

When he heard about this, he had one idea in his mind, ~God allowed me to be here, so I guess he did bless you all.~

However, war was getting intense. Sicily campaign has started and the next aim was Rome. As soon as they have Italy, they will be able to do air raids on Berlin.

At the same time, Steve Rogers, now known as Captain America, was selling war bonds across the country, because Erskine was found dead in the Hudson River. His body was so damaged that it was beyond recognition, but a lot of stuff matched with Erskine. Hydra got to him, that was all they could say. Project Rebirth was stopped and scientists were transferred to Project Manhattan. Much stricter eyes were being kept on the creation of the Nuke this time. By now, SSR had killed 1400 spies.

Bond sales had increased due to Steve, Hector didn't meddle either, allowing Steve's story arc to not change, as it was detrimental for his mental development as Captain.

September came, The Fascist Grand Council deposes Benito Mussolini, enabling Italian Marshall Pietro Badoglio to form a new government. They unconditionally surrendered to the Allies, but Germany immediately seized control of Rome and northern Italy, establishing a puppet Fascist regime under Mussolini, who was freed from imprisonment by German commandos.

It was finally time for Hector to return to the fields once again. Not just to take over Rome, but he also had a specific task in the Indian Ocean.


"Fuck, again? Your ass is literally on fire right now with your new proposed laws." Roosevelt told him.

Hector only laughed, as he had already taken full control over the majority of the Senate and the House of Representatives, at least before the next elections in these two, he had nothing to worry about. "Calm down, Roosy, just enjoy the show. Look at the economic numbers, we're getting richer faster than Europe is getting poorer."

He walked to Moony, his giant son, and tried to take his measurements, "My beautiful boy, you're coming with me this time. Dad and son are gonna beat some nazi asses and liberate Rome. Oh, I also got you the rank of a Lieutenant now."

Moony literally had stars in his eyes as he licked Hector's face, "Wew Wuv Wooo..." he said in growls.

"Aww... I love you too. Now, where the heck is my bodyguard? LOGAN! COME HERE!" He shouted. Knowing Logan's wolf sense, the man would come soon.


The door was slammed open, no care at all that he was in the Oval Office, "Can't a man smoke his cigar in peace?"

"Dress up, we're headed to Rome," Hector ordered. Well, fighting was always welcome, Logan turned around and left to pack his uniform.

*Sigh* Roosevelt breathed out, "You know, I love your work as the president, but also hate you as the president."

"Bwahaha... I am also the Grand General of the entire Allied Forces around the world. If I don't go to war myself, I don't deserve that uniform and rank. Well, adios, mate." he left with no worries at all.

Why was this the case? Well, simple to say, Henry Truman was one of those who made a deal with the devil.


Italian Front,

"How many of you are ready to help me sock old Adolf on the jaw?"


Disappointed in himself, Steve Rogers, in a funny dress, walked off the stage. All his expectations and dreams had been shattered as soon as he got the power to really make a difference.

Soon, Agent Carter met him, tried to console him and also tried to awaken his spirit, "There were only two options, a lab rat or a dancing monkey. You were meant to be more than this, you know it."

Steve looked around, pretty frustrated, "You know, for the longest time I dreamt about coming overseas and being on the front lines. I finally got everything I wanted, and I'm wearing tights,"

Just then a military ambulance arrived, bringing out injured soldiers. "Looks like they've been through hell,"

"Schmidt retaliated against our 200 soldiers, less than 50 returned, your audience was what was left of 107th." She informed him.


As soon as Steve remembered that it was the same unit as Bucky's, he rushed to meet Brigadier General Phillips. The old man had nothing but contempt though, "Look who it is, our rising superhuman Hollywood star."

Steve quickly blurted, "Sir, I want to see the casualty names of 107th. Just one name, Sergeant Bucky James Barnes. B-U-C..."

"Calm down, son, I'm not a pre-schooler. I have signed more condolence letters today than I can count. But the name does sound familiar. I'm sorry." Phillips replied.

Steve sullenly looked down, but he didn't give up, "What about the captured ones? Are you planning a rescue mission?"

Phillips went on to explain why they could not rescue them, as the heavily fortified territory was 30 miles behind enemy lines. That the cost was too much. "But you've got nothing to worry about, chorus girl, Grand General Washington is taking over Naples as we speak, once he's done, he will be here and lead the charge himself. Hah, we're having to rely on a 73-year-old Super-President. God damn, Erskine, he just had to die now."

As expected, Steve rushed to take some gear from the barracks. Deciding to head in there himself and save the men.

"Don't do this, Grand General will be here soon." Agent Carter tried to stop him.

"By the time he gets here, it'll be too late. Naples is huge, the fortifications there are also heavy. Trust me, I can do this, I have the Super-Soldier serum in me, I was made to do this." Steve resolutely said.


Just then Phillips entered, face much prouder this time. Steve thought he would be stopped, "General, just give me a cha..."

Phillips interrupted him, "Son, if you had not taken this step, Grand General would have been so disappointed in you. Yes, he gave me orders to let you go if you decide to. This was all a test, a test of your will. Now, take a goddamn better helmet and vest. HOWARD! Get the plane."

Howard Stark was just outside the tent, "Yes boss,"

Dumbfounded, Steve looked at Phillips, "He... He planned this all along?"

Phillips patted his shoulder, "Kid, take this advice. Never assume he's doing anything for no reason. Never assume he doesn't know what's in your head. Now go and bring the boys back."


Above Naples Beach, 100 miles away from Rome,

A bomber flew in the sky with the special cargo of three people. Inside, Hector set Moony's parachute up, while Logan looked a bit angry for some reason.

He was staring at Moony this whole time. ~Even the dog got a higher rank than me,~

True, Logan was a Sergeant and Moony was an officer, Lieutenant. The dog outranked him. This didn't annoy him initially but now that even Moony had a uniform and the insignia on his back, it made him feel it.

"I want a promotion," he finally voiced.

Hector and Moony paused and faced him in confusion, not knowing what got into him all of a sudden, "Sure," Hector agreed.

But then Logan pointed at Moony, "A rank higher than him,"

(●__●)(•ˋ _ ˊ•)

Moony and Hector looked at each other's faces for a second, and then, "HAHAHAHA..."


The two laughed loudly, Moony's sound made Hector laugh even more. This annoyed Logan, he just grunted and pushed the button to open the hatch, "Urgh... meet you on the ground."

"Who knew that even our rough boy Logan gets jealous. What a fine day it is, son." Hector muttered and soon jumped with the good boy. His red dress shined and looked clear from the ground in the daylight. But, at this point, no bullets mattered, it was time to show his true strength to the world.

~Hah, Hitler will shit his pants,~ he chuckled in mid-air.


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