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Hector King, a man in his 50s, no family or friends to speak of, paralysed from the waist down due to a work-related accident. Now he lived alone with his pup Huskey. But one day, he mistakenly summoned Satan. "Ah, it's been a long time since I was summoned. You found my book? Good, what do you want? Riches? Women? Fame? Strength? Or perhaps, your legs? All at the discounted price of your... soul." Satan offered. Hector, however, didn't need any of that. And so, his answer even shocked Satan, making that smug look disappear. "I... I want you to be my friend." And from there, the friendship that would last eternity started, all at the price of Hector's soul. ... Year 2021, As a mortal, Hector died. But Satan decided to do something crazy, "F*CK IT! You're my best friend, I can't let you die. Hector, I am appointing you as Hell's Inquisitor, a position only under me." ... 1935, Earth Hector found himself in his old original physical body again, but he was now taller and buff. "I-I got a new last name? Hmm, it has a nice ring to it." He muttered. He was, from then on, Hector King Washington. "WOOF!" And the good boy Moony was also there, bigger, buffed and more beautiful. [A/N: MC is going to be a sweet badass old man.] _______________________ [TAGS - OLD MAN MC, OP, SLICE OF LIFE, WHOLESOME, ROMANCE, NO HAREM, ALTERNATE HISTORY, KINGDOM BUILDING] ____________________________ I do not own anything except the main character in this fanfiction. ____________________________ For advance chapters- www.patreon.com/misterimmortal Check out my other fics if you like this one by going into my profile. Thank You.

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267. I am death!

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The number of arrests made the day after Hector's trial was so high that the news media had a field day. Meanwhile, Hector relaxed and watched the hailstorm from his home.


Buzzfeed has come under fire after they posted a controversial article. "5 Reasons why President Washington is the best President. (5 reasons he's not)" After the release of this article, the majority of investors have pulled their money out of the company, and now it's basically a paperweight.

The company is trying to salvage whatever is left by posting apologies to their fans, but nothing seems to be working. Only time will tell if the company will survive the next 24 hours or not...

[News End]

Hector was amazed by the cult following he had. Despite all his attempts to ensure that does not happen, it always does. But he believed the reason was that he had lived for too long. He was popular not just for one generation, but for all. From grandpa and dad to the grandkids, everyone liked him.

This resulted in Hector having the largest fan following in history that spanned all genders and all age groups.

"Hey, old man. How are you doing?" Tony landed outside his house just then and walked in from the open backyard.

Hector was just watching the news and drinking a bear. Diana was beside him, playing with Michu. Rocket, Moony, and Fenris were sitting on the side, lazily watching some movie on the holographic projector that Rocket made that used AI to turn any Earth video into holographic 3D.

"Man, you sure got a big crowd in there, by the way. I got some cheeseburgers." Tony stepped out of the armor and showed paper bags full of burgers.

Moony, Fenris, and Rocket's ears perked up. Rocket even thanked, "Great. I was starving. Way to make a first impression."


"Did the raccoon just speak, or is the booze from last night still affecting me?"

Hector laughed. "Haha, no, he's truly talking. His name is Rocket. He's from space. Wait, isn't there another dog in the space? I guess I'll go and save him later with the family. What brought you here?"

"Well, I just had a few ideas. Thought about running them through your first." He said as he took a seat and burger. "I was thinking about how to join the world as one that you are doing right now. I think it's not possible unless everyone can understand each other. Basically, what I want to do is remove the language barriers."

"And your plan is?"

Tony took out small earphones from his pocket. They were very light and didn't even go into the ear. They were only to be hung behind the ear, away from the public eye. And it was skin color... at least their skin for now.

"I used Jarvis, Friday, and Adam's help to build a new language that is extremely simplified and assimilates all languages in the world. It's simply called 'UNIFIED'. This thing will help us connect to space civilizations.

"Meanwhile, here, we can use this ear device to basically talk with anyone with a real-time perfect translation."

Hector put it on the ears. "Speak something in Spanish."

Tony did, and the machine quickly translated it. This was truly amazing for him, as he had only seen these things in space, and they were usually a little bigger. "How does it perform in a crowd, and how long does its battery last?"

Tony proudly smiled. "That's the beauty of it. When in the crowd, it will translate all voices into your own language, and as for the battery, it runs from your body's heat. Yeah, it's a super high-tech thing."

"What about writing? Not every country uses English for their paperwork." Hector asked.

For that, Tony showed glasses. "These come in contact lenses as well and can in real time translate all written information into your desired language. But I still prefer that UNIFIED be promoted as written means, that will better join the world."

Hector appreciated this help. At least the ear translation was going to be revolutionary. This will allow anyone to go anywhere and live like locals.

"So what do you need from me?"

"Mass production. These cost a fortune to make, but I know you can help me. At least help me set up a large-scale production plant that can lower the cost. Because right now, this thing is worth thousands of dollars." Tony requested.

Hector got up and thought about it. "Hmm, I will come to you tomorrow and set up your factory. Prepare an empty warehouse for me."

"Where are you going?"

"To save a doggo. Moony, Fenris, and Rocket, let's go." He called, leaving Diana and Michu as they were asleep while sitting on the couch, the little puppy being cutely tucked beside her. Hector put a blanket on them and left after kicking Tony out.


In the space, most things were peaceful. But that didn't mean violence could be removed completely because it was a necessary evil. There were various bounty hunting jobs posted every second. There were enough people who wished to do them.

The name of the organization was High Table. Hector had taken the High Table from Earth and placed it into space, making it an intergalactic organization, with its Continental Hotels present in every major star system.

The High Table, however, here meant literally the highest table of Authority, Hector, the President.

Hector was also the highest member of the organization as a registered bounty hunter. But, today, he did something shady. He sent out a contract first and then took it himself.

"Are you sure about this?" Peter Quill appeared with his crew to help Hector, although he didn't need any.

Hector cracked his knuckle. "For the doggo stuck there, I'd end the universe if I have to."

Gamora was amazed. "You sure love dogs."

Hector nodded and looked at Moony, the good boy. "Of course, he's my life. Now, head to Knowhere immediately. It's time I spank that Collector out of existence."

"Got it!"

In no time, the ship was jumping towards Nowhere. The severed head of a celestial. Perhaps, another head was going to be severed in there soon.

But once the ship arrived, Hector did think about the celestial. "Where are they? They should be trying to stop me and my free reign with the stones."

"No need to ask for docking permissions. Just say it's the President." He ordered.

In Peter's team, at this point, Gamora, Nebula, Mantis, and Groot were left only. But now Rocket was there too, while Drax had left to find a new wife somewhere, as his enemies were already dead.

As soon as Hector left the ship, he was greeted by the collector. The man was still alive because Hector had nearly forgotten about him. The man had also sorted his business and stopped his illegal activities, so the name never came up in the criminal system again.

However, Hector had enough reasons to give to kill the man. Dangerous objects in possession were the easiest ones. After all, he was the collector.

"How may I be of service, Mister President?" Collector asked.

Hector looked around. "Where is the dog? Cosmo, that's his name."

"The telekinetic? He's in one of my collection boxes."

"Give him to me," Hector demanded.

The collector rubbed his hand like the greedy man he was. "And what shall I receive in return for this purchase?"

That pissed Hector off. The man was talking about selling and buying a dog. That was a crime. So he moved ahead and lifted him by the neck. "I will pay you back with your death. I have killed that friend of yours, Grandmaster, years ago. So don't think you being called Elder will save you."

"Death has forsaken us. You can't kill our souls," Collector said.

Hector bellowed in laughter. "Bwahaha... I—AM—DEATH!"

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