Marvel: Journal Writing

Traveling to the Marvel world, compiling the diary system, as long as the diary holder reads it, he can obtain countless skills

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Chapter 043

"Obadiah Stein is the Chief Executive Officer of Stark Industries, a board member, and the current President of Stark Industries!"

As Natasha looked at Wanda's expression, she definitely knew what she was thinking.

In fact, Natasha also knows Wanda's life experience, so she understands the resentment towards Tony.

"In fact, since the death of Mr. Howard Stark and his wife, Mrs. Maria."

"Tony Stark has been under the care of Obadiah Stein."

"Obadiah Stein is responsible for the normal operation and business dealings of Stark Industries. Tony Stark is only responsible for researching the weapons needed by Stark Industries."

"It can be said that the combination of these two individuals is very suitable. One is unwilling to manage the business, only likes to study things and enjoy life as a playboy."

"And the other is obsessed with controlling the company."

Natasha looked at Wanda and said seriously, "So, according to what Suke wrote in his diary, those who bombed your homeland and killed your parents."

"I'm afraid it really could be Obadiah Stein's fault."

"After all, given his status in Stark Industries, he can easily seek personal gain and use private channels to sell weapons."

Listening to Natasha say that.

There was a flash of sadness and anger in Wanda's eyes: "But even if the culprit is Obadiah Stein, Tony Stark is still involved."

"Who made the missile that took our parents from us?"

Upon hearing what Wanda said, Natasha shrugged, but did not refute it.

Wanda can say this unconsciously.

This proves that she trusts 100% in what Suke wrote in the diary.

This also indirectly proves that little Wanda has a very unusual feeling for him.

Well, let's set that layer aside.

Enough talk about the relationship between Obadiah Stein and Tony Stark.

The original purpose of knife makers is to produce kitchen knives for cutting vegetables, which is convenient for people's lives.

But if someone uses a kitchen knife to kill someone.

Can the knife maker be blamed?

The answer is obvious.

But sometimes facts are true but words are not.

At least, these words should not be said by herself.

At least she is not yet qualified to change this deep resentment towards Tony Stark.

During the escape period from the Red Room, how many innocent people were injured when she alone bombed the hospital and caused bloodshed?

A person with a bloody debt and hands full of sins is not qualified to persuade others.

Even if you can get the so-called salvation.

But that doesn't mean you're clean!

Looking at Wanda's gloomy face, Natasha reached out to hug Wanda.

The people around in the cafe couldn't help but feel their hearts melt at seeing this scene.

Thinking about how good the older sister is.


Suke added a pair of red horns to the file of Oliver Temple, the "enemy" whose image is being configured in the system.

After all, he is also the "pioneer" of the planet-devourer.

Oliver Temple and his appearance naturally couldn't be common, right?

Standing at a height of three meters, with dark brown magma flowing all over his body.

Suke nodded in satisfaction at his creation.

At this size alone, along with the evil eyes of Dark Red and sharp devil-like horns on his head.

Who says he's not a villain?

"System, I remember that in the mission, every time I kill this guy I created, I will get an ability, right?"

"So the first time I killed him, what ability did I get?"

Looking at the system's creation page, whether it's image, ability, or others, all are enemies and villains created by Suke himself.

"The first time you kill the enemy 'Oliver Temple', you will receive one of two rewards."

"Superman Body - Advanced Defense Version!"

"Advanced Cyclops Version!"

Suke asked casually, but unexpectedly the system gave a response.

Observing the rewards granted by the system, Suke's eyes instantly lit up!

Although the Cyclops ability is also very strong.

But it doesn't compare to the best Kryptonian.

Even if the first reward is just an advanced defense version of Superman's body!

Do you still want more?

It's a super defensive physique that can withstand bullets, all kinds of bombs!


Suke suddenly thought of something and looked at the description of this reward.

Then he sighed in relief.

["Superman Body!]

In front of Suke appeared a detailed introduction to "Superman's Body - Advanced Defense Edition".

["System note: The advanced version of Superman's body defense, exempt from all physical rules and magical damage, at the same time, there is no need to worry about weakening caused by kryptonite"]

["Note: Superman's body only enhances defense mechanism and does not mean you can obtain all of Superman's abilities. To gain other abilities, the host still needs to work hard"]

Seeing the simple introduction from the system, Suke's heart was filled with enthusiasm.

"Add another pair of horns!"

Imagining the horns on Loki's helmet and the horns on the head of the fiery titan Surtur.







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