32 Chapter 032

"And today, they showed up in my café, Wanda's eyes were on me the whole time. It seems like she feels something very unusual for me."

"Also, in that café, the famous agent Black Widow was there too."

"So, you feel the danger and think I'm a SHIELD agent, and deliberately I will approach Wanda to induce her to tell your secrets in Sokovia."

"You even think I should have been in Sokovia, discover the unusualness of the siblings and come back to report to my boss Fury."

Seeing the ugly expression of this guy, Suke said, "So, are you one of the cleaners?"

Leaning on a rundown car.

Suke looked at the guy trapped in the water prison in front of him.

A very sincere thank you.

The assailant looked at him incredulously.

Leaning on the car with his arms crossed, Suke looked at the guy trapped in the water prison in front of him and said, "From the moment I got the first ability, I felt that I was already very strong."

"After all, after an ordinary person accidentally gains a super ability, the feeling of arrogance in their heart is inevitable."

"My mindset has also changed."

Saying that, Suke extended his hands with a smile, "To be honest, before I was just an ordinary person and it's normal to have this kind of mindset. After all, I haven't received professional training."

"But fortunately, that shot woke me up and reminded me that I am now in the terrifying Marvel world."

"If this ability is true, although it is relatively strong, compared to those guys who destroy the world at every step, my current self is nothing!"


He looked at the assailant who wanted to say something but had his mouth tightly sealed with water.

Suke said excitedly, "Most importantly, fortunately, my inflated psychology was not exposed and was not discovered by Natasha and Fury."

"Otherwise, I'm afraid they will notice."

"One is the Black Widow who has undergone rigorous training at the Red Room, and the other is the guy known as the king of agents."

"Any flaw in their eyes will be infinitely magnified."

"Fortunately, your shot made me realize that I am just a lucky ant before gaining absolute strength."

At this point of introspection, Suke's palm slowly shrunk.

The next moment, the spherical water prison started spinning and expanding slowly.

And the assailant's skin also started to dry up and turn brown at a visible speed.


Feeling the changes happening to their bodies, the man looked at Suke in horror.

He seemed to be asking what he did!

However, he saw Suke bring his index finger to his mouth and made a whistling motion.

"The water in an adult's body accounts for about 70%. In other words, I can easily turn my enemy into a mummified corpse."

"Definitely, this is the first time I've been manipulated, let's take it as a reward and thank you for letting me awaken."

"Don't worry, there are no cameras in this parking lot, so you will be a respectable mummified corpse."

The man didn't have time to react as his life was reduced in a matter of seconds.


Suke leaned back on the car that was pierced by the water arrow and now riddled with holes.

"Another point is that I have been thinking about how to get a sense of presence."

"After all, although there were initially only three headline holders, the number is likely to increase in the future."

"So before that, I have to understand my sense of existence."

"This way, the people behind will be deceived."

"At first, I was always looking for an opportunity, but now, you personally sent me this opportunity. So naturally, I want to thank you very sincerely!"

"Oh, it seems like I'm talking too much. Well, actually, there's no way around it. This is the first time you've killed someone. You have to do some psychological construction for yourself."

Listening to Suke's incoherent words, the assailant looked at him in despair and his body began to shrink rapidly.

Finally, the last hint of color in his eyes disappeared.

The whole person turned into a wrinkled and skinny corpse with loose clothing.


Suke let out a long sigh of relief.

In the next second, the water prison evaporated and disappeared quickly, and the wrinkled corpse fell straight to the ground.

He looked at the corpse on the ground.

Suke stood up and left.

Well, in the future, you won't be able to talk so much when facing the enemy. This doesn't fit with the person described in the diary.

Indeed, at this moment it was just a matter of psychological construction for him.

After all, he had killed for the first time after coming to this world.


It seems like there isn't much feeling about it.

Well, at least you can use this as inspiration when you return home and compile your diary later.

May the edited story be more real and secure!






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