30 Chapter 030


In an apartment!

"You're wrong, very wrong!"

As Pietro stood with his arms crossed, looking at Wanda sitting on the couch, her mouth always turned up in a smile and seeming to be in a good mood.

"When you came back from the café this afternoon, you were still laughing," he continued.

"You even hummed the children's song that our mother taught us when we had dinner."

"My goodness, I can't remember the last time you hummed that song."

"What the hell happened and why did we have to go to that café?"

Although he experienced the pain of losing his father and mother when he was a teenager, he also endured the hardships of being displaced.

Pietro and Wanda are much more mentally mature than kids their age.

However, there is still a limit to mental maturity.

How could Pietro understand what his sister was feeling?

In the midst of puberty, the type of girl who longs for a beautiful love.

And that is Wanda right now.

"I've noticed that your feelings seem to be particularly acute today!"

Upon hearing Pietro's question, Wanda raised her hand and patted him on the head. "Remember, I'm your older sister, I don't need to give you explanations!"

"Oh, here we go again!"

Upon hearing what Wanda said, Pietro reclined on the couch without speaking. "Every time you come across something you don't want to say, or something you disagree with, you act like this!"

"But actually, Wanda, according to my birth time, I am..."

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Wanda looking at him.

Pietro paused for a moment, then raised his hand in surrender and said, "Okay, okay, you're my older sister."

"Hmph, that's more or less the same."

She rubbed Pietro's head in satisfaction and looked at him with her usual expression.

Wanda smiled and said, "I'm thinking about what we'll wear to school tomorrow."

When it comes to going to school, Wanda's eyes shone with excitement and anticipation, but also with hesitation and confusion.

Once upon a time, it was a matter of being able to study and go to school like normal people.

Before, that dream seemed far away.

But now.


The bald man with an eye patch arranged everything directly.

He didn't consider herself and Pietro as subjects of experimentation.

Instead, he arranged an apartment for them in New York, not only covering living expenses every month.

He even arranged for them to attend school.

Although she wasn't sure what he was trying to do.

But anyway, since there is no capacity to resist now, then follow the agreement.

If those conspiracies really appear in the future.

It's no big deal, just take Pietro to look for Suke.

Well, as a future husband, Suke will never ignore their safety.


At the same time, in the parking lot!

As he got out of the car, Suke was thinking about how to write the fourth chapter of the diary tonight.

Walking towards the apartment.

Before leaving the parking lot, a sudden sense of horror surged in his heart in the next second.

Raising his hand almost unconsciously, a layer of extremely dense water shield instantly condensed in the palm of his hand, covering himself.

He didn't wait to see the danger coming.

A bullet rushed directly towards him with a sharp piercing sound.


As we all know, the trajectory of bullets in water will deviate and rebounds will also occur.

So, when the bullet pierced through the water shield and grazed Suke's ear, the kinetic energy had already dissipated.

Seeing the bullet fall in front of him, Suke was a bit shocked.

After all, he was just an ordinary man before crossing over, even if he now possessed supernatural abilities.

But, he was still just an ordinary person.

Luckily, the mental training he underwent during the system simulation had physically and magically strengthened him.

Facing the sudden attack, Suke turned into a cheetah and chased after the bullet shooter with his gaze!

He quickly pursued the attacker.

The surrounding air was slightly turbulent.

Countless water droplets began to condense from all directions and then shot towards the attacker like sharp arrows!

At the same time, a hundred meters away, the black-clad aggressor was hiding behind a car.

He saw that his target had actually created a floating water shield out of nowhere to neutralize the power of his own bullets.

Without hesitation, he holstered his weapon and prepared to escape.

This time his target was not an ordinary person.

If he hesitated for a second, he could die here.

Before he could turn around and flee, he heard groups of sharp sounds piercing the air behind him.

Having fought on the front lines all his life, he could naturally sense impending danger.

Before his thoughts could react, his body reacted first and he ducked directly behind the car!



"Bang Bang Bang!"

Accompanied by the attacks of water arrows, the previously intact car was riddled with holes in an instant.

Some arrows even penetrated straight through the vehicle.

Penetrating directly into the shoulder of the attacker!

"Arggg! Damn it!"

He cursed under his breath as he grabbed his wounded shoulder.

The aggressor simply got up and continued to flee.

Suddenly, a massive water polo with huge amounts of water appeared in front of him, flung him into the air, and then slammed him forcefully against the car.





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