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After Peter's feverish night, I sit by the window, contemplating the events that have transpired. My decision not to intervene during the iconic scene where Peter got the spider bite was deliberate, as I had no idea what would happen if the spider bit me. Some might ask, why not steal the spider and study it? Well, going inside the building with highly classified experiments is next to impossible. This is my reality now, not a movie where you can easily waltz in and grab an experimental radioactive spider without anyone knowing. Plus, I don't know anything about genetics and advanced biology. And the major factor, I just can't stand spiders. I'd rather burn it with fire if not for the plot.

As I gaze out into the cityscape of Time Square Manhattan, memories of my past life resurface, offering glimpses into a world filled with classical movies like Terminator, Predator, and even immersive games like playing Cyberpunk 2 Codenamed Orion.

After Facebook became a successful company, generating more money than I could ever use, I founded Arasaka, a small tech company specializing in electronics. The magnitude of our achievements quickly grew. We started as a modest upstart company, known primarily because I was one of the founders of Facebook. Soon, we ascended rapidly, becoming one of the top 100 electronic companies globally.

Want to know how I accomplish this remarkable feat? Simple, I mean, having technology from 2069 while everyone else is still stuck in 2000? Now that's a major game-changer. Picture this – while folks were rocking their flip phones and most computers are still using Windows XP. I'm out here with gadgets and gizmos straight out of a sci-fi movie while still seeming familiar to them.

And being one of the founders of Facebook? that was like having a golden ticket. It wasn't just a social media platform; it was my gateway to customers, millions of them. I'd drop hints about the future, sneak in some tech that seemed like magic back then. Mechanical keyboards, RGB memory and fans, motherboards so advanced they'd make your head spin, and graphics cards and processors that were like something out of a dream. But I only made sure to release 3-5 years ahead of everything else and I do it slowly so not to mess up with the timeline. Funny enough I was waiting for any TVA to put me out of my misery since thinking about alien invasion and ungodly being that could come to earth while having a bad day was giving me nightmares, but sadly no, TVA never came.

When it comes to customers, it's not just tech-savvy consumers and companies; the majority are from the growing community of gamers. We left competitors trailing behind in the dust, making Arasaka a powerhouse in the tech industry. I even launched my own version of the iPhone, aiming to generate the same buzz as the original – and it seems to be working. We've named it A-T Phone, very original I know.

Despite the attention it drew from various quarters, including government and military entities, I'm glad I created this company. It provides me with something I could never accomplish in my life, even if I had an Iron Man armor right in front of me to study.

It was during this time, I suddenly gained an immense wealth of knowledge on how to create Skynet and Terminators like the T-800 and T-1000, and even engineer highly advanced Predator spaceships. The more I make my company grow the more knowledge I gain, Despite feeling cheated and not getting an actual cheat system, I'm still grateful for this.

I humorously dubbed it my "half-ass gold finger." Getting out of my musing. I heard a sudden beep, and as I turned around, rows of highly advanced servers met my gaze. The flying HK-drone, with its glowing red eyes, approached me. it was a surreal experience, witnessing the things I saw on the movies come to life.

Skynet's voice, with a clear British girl's accent, echoed through the room, "Server maintenance for Facebook is complete," it announced. 

I couldn't help but acknowledge the convenience it brought. "This makes running the company so much easier," I mused, appreciating the efficiency that Skynet had brought to my professional endeavors. Even with a number of employees they can't hold a candle to Skynet's efficiency. And don't worry I made sure that its completely loyal to me so it won't go Ultron or lunch nukes creating the next apocalypse.

Skynet possess an array of functions and has the ability to manipulate satellites and discreetly infiltrate even the formidable SHIELD network without detection.

And when we talk about Jarvis in comparison, it's clear that we're in different leagues. Skynet stands as the true embodiment of a sentient learning AI, residing at the pinnacle of technological achievement

We can argue that Arnim Zola might be better, but that old bucket of bolt is run by Tapes and computers back in the World War II. It can't infiltrate any of my servers even if he upgraded to the latest tech. I made sure to equip Skynet the latest technology I can muster.

If Tony Stark and Peter Parker were to know about this, I can already imagine them asking questions on how I managed to achieve such technological feats. The intricacies of Skynet's capabilities would undoubtedly raise eyebrows and fuel the curiosity of even someone as tech-savvy as them.

Alex: Skynet, how's the progress on Project T1000? Any estimate on when it'll be completed?

"Skynet, how's the progress on Project T1000? Any estimate on when it'll be completed?" Alex inquired, leaning forward in anticipation.

"I anticipate it will take some time to complete its production due to limited materials. We're facing some challenges with some materials not existing yet, and most of the required parts are being sourced from the black market," Skynet responded, its digital voice maintaining a composed tone.

"A week, huh? What kind of materials are we lacking?" Alex questioned, his brow furrowing with curiosity.

"The materials required for Project T1000 are specialized and not readily available through conventional channels," Skynet explained, breaking down the complexities of the situation.

"Alright, just keep me posted on the developments. If there's anything you need, let me know," Alex directed, his focus.

"Skynet, what's the status on the T-X's liquid metal arm? Has it been perfected in its ability to transform into different weapons, like the plasma cannon?" Alex inquired, shifting the discussion to another project.

"I'm pleased to inform you that the liquid metal arm for the T-X has been successfully completed. It has achieved seamless transformations into various weapons, including a fully functional plasma cannon," Skynet relayed, a note of accomplishment in its voice.

"That's excellent news. How reliable is the transformation process for the arm, and have there been any unexpected challenges?" Alex sought further details, his mind focused on the practicalities.

"The transformation process for the arm is stable and well within expected parameters. We've fine-tuned the precision and speed of the transformations. There have been no unexpected challenges in the final stages of development," Skynet reported, maintaining its composed demeanor.

Alex nodded in approval before moving on to the next topic. "And what's the status on the other projects, especially the Cyberpunk 2077-style implants? Are they ready for implementation?"

"Yes, the Cyberpunk 2077-inspired implants are now complete and ready for integration. However, the Sandevistan project is still in progress. We're refining its functionality to meet the desired specifications before it's ready for integration. But the Berserk Cyber Mod is complete and ready for implantation," Skynet detailed, providing a comprehensive update.

"That's good news! Please prepare the 'Ripper Doc Room.' Those Cyberware implants should make me feel more secure; being in Marvel, it just feels different. Even though there are no Super Villains right now, I can't shake this feeling that something bad might happen," Alex expressed his concerns, the weight of responsibility evident in his tone.

Acknowledging the directive, Skynet concluded, "Understood. The integration of Cyberware implants, inspired by the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, will be executed meticulously. Your foresight in ensuring preparedness aligns with the overarching objective of adapting to the unique challenges within the Marvel environment. I will initiate the necessary preparations for a seamless transition and implementation."

As Alex approached the hidden elevator that goes straight underground of the building. The sleek door glided open with a futuristic whoosh reminiscent of Star Trek,

As the elevator reached the hidden ground floor, lights automatically flickered to life as he stepped into one of the rooms. Specially designed for surgically installing Cyberware implants.

Upon entering, hidden devices initiated a subtle release of controlled gas spread through the air, sterilizing the environment. The door seamlessly closed behind him.

As Alex settled onto the bed, a highly advanced circular machine positioned itself above him. Mechanical arms, reminiscent of a mechanical Octopus arm, extended towards him with surgical precision. One of the arms administered a carefully measured dose of anesthetic through Alex's veins, inducing a controlled descent into sleep.

Skynet got to work, carefully taking off Alex's old prosthetic arms. The choice to skip the T800 arms was pretty straightforward—they're heavy and clunky. Instead, he was gearing up to attach a T-X liquid metal arm, which, compared to the bulky T800, was sleek, lightweight, and made of an advanced material. We could even add Gorilla arms or the Mantis blades but the T-X arms are no doubt a hundred times better. Plus, Alex really don't want put in to much implants even though the flesh is weak as the Omnissiah said. He still wants to be human.

Skynet took command, controlling of Ripperdoc, an advanced circular machine with octopus like mechanical appendages, through the whole procedure. The robotic arms executed the task with a precision akin to a skilled surgeon.

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