23 Machine Man 22 - Edit V.2.1

Some time has passed since the whole problem with the Green Goblin was resolved, and Norman Osborn was cured but still imprisoned due to the crimes he committed. As soon as word got out, stocks from OSCORP whittled down like a drain.

Numerous factory close and the company is the brink of bankruptcy. Harry seeing his fathers company state dwindle down to what it is, have to steel his resolved and bring everything back up. He tried everything to get the company running and stable again. 

Peter who is now one of the shareholders, help Harry formulate plans to get things running back again. Alex as a friend supported them, by giving some equipment from Cyberpunk 2077 like the Neomilitarism style equipment. 

Being part of the group with the most shares in Oscorp, I propose a collaboration. So, together with Arasaka, we launch products like Polycarbonate-laced bulletproof Aramid Vest and an Ultralight Hybrid tactical harness. This bullet proof vest, completely outshine anything on market. Even Stark Industries seeing our move try to covet and enter the market we've been dominating, but it seems they still fell a bit short without the help of their genius playboy, who seems adamant about trying to date all the models who have been on the cover of major magazines.

To help with the company's image and quell the public outrage. the trio decided on a philanthropic move. They donated a substantial amount of the state-of-the-art equipment to the N.Y.P.D., providing them with gear reminiscent of the NCPD in Cyberpunk 2077. The donated items proudly displayed the logos of both OSCORP and ARASAKA, creating a symbiotic branding.

The equipment included bulletproof aramid vests that even have armored collars looking very fashionable, and even Police helmets with anti-shrapnel visors, emulating the futuristic gear seen in the cyberpunk-inspired game.

Peter, always brimming with ideas, suggested, "What if we provide guns to the police force? It could be a game-changer, and it might boost our sales significantly."

Harry, with a newfound sense of maturity, shook his head, "No, Peter. We need to focus on defensive equipment. Introducing weapons will only worsen our public image. We're trying to rebuild trust, not create more problems."

I chimed in, supporting Harry's stance, "Harry's right. We want people to see OSCORP as a company that prioritizes safety and protection, not one that contributes to more violence."

Peter, looking a bit disappointed, nodded in understanding. "Alright, I get it. Defensive it is."

As the conversation shifted, we delved into strategies for launching more products like the Bulletproof Vest and other defensive equipment we have launch so far, I could sense the weight on Harry's shoulders.

In a moment of sincerity, I turned to Harry and said, "Hey, Harry, you're not alone in this. If you ever need someone to talk to or if there's anything I can do to help, just let me know."

Peter, ever the supportive friend, added, "Absolutely, Harry. We're in this together. And don't forget, you've got friends who've got your back, no matter what."

Harry, appreciating the offer, managed a small smile, "Thanks, guys. It means a lot. Let's get OSCORP back on its feet."

As the OSCORP revival gained momentum, the trio's collaboration not only saved the company but also established it as a leader in innovative, defensive technology. Their strategic decisions, philanthropic efforts, and commitment to ethical business practices shaped OSCORP's new narrative, ensuring a brighter future for the once struggling enterprise.

New York City, Months have passed since then, as the last rays of sunlight faded behind the towering skyscrapers, Flint Marko found himself on the run. Clad in worn-out prison clothes, he sprinted through the narrow alleys, shadows concealing his every move. Sirens wailed in the distance, the echoing footsteps of pursuing police officers closing in on him.

Desperation fueled Flint's determination as he maneuvered through the streets, finally arriving at the base of an old apartment building. With a quick glance over his shoulder, he spotted an emergency ladder hanging down the side of the building. Without hesitation, he began his ascent, the cold metal rungs biting into his calloused hands.

Reaching the upper floors, Flint climbed through a window into a dimly lit room. The air was heavy with tension, and his eyes immediately fell upon a small bed where a fragile child lay connected to an oxygen tank and life support. It was Penny Marko, his daughter.

His heart sank as he saw her delicate form, vulnerable and dependent on the machines that sustained her. The room seemed frozen in time, and the quiet hum of medical equipment underscored the gravity of Penny's condition.

Gently, Flint approached the bed, careful not to disturb the fragile peace of the room. He took a moment to observe his daughter, her face serene in slumber. With a heavy sigh, he reached into the folds of his prison clothes and pulled out a bundle of letters, each one addressed to Penny Marko.

As he unfolded the letters, Flint's weathered eyes scanned the heartfelt words he had written during his time behind bars. The letters were filled with apologies, hopes, and dreams for a future that seemed uncertain. Among them, he found a special one, adorned with doodles and words of love. It was meant for Penny, his precious daughter.

Casting a furtive glance at the door, Flint slid the letters under Penny's pillow, leaving behind a piece of his soul for her to find when she woke. He sat beside her, the dim light casting shadows on his worn face as he silently watched over his daughter.

Meanwhile the vibrant lights of Broadway illuminated the night as Peter Parker, clad in a fashionable suit, and Gwen Stacy, donning a lovely red dress, found themselves in the VIP room of a theater, captivated by the performance of "Manhattan Memories." The enchanting melodies filled the air, and Mary Jane, in a stunning white dress, took center stage, singing with passion and grace.

As Mary Jane's voice echoed through the theater, Peter and Gwen were immersed in the magic of the performance. The crowd erupted in applause, acknowledging the brilliance of the show. On the other side of the VIP box, Harry Osborn, holding a binocular, watched with pride as his girlfriend, Mary Jane, dazzled the audience. Tears welled up in his eyes, but a smile formed on his face as he noticed Peter and Gwen in the corner.

Unable to contain his emotions, Harry whispered, "That's my girlfriend," Peter, sensing someone's gaze, turned to see Harry. In a silent exchange, they raised their glasses in acknowledgment, a small nod of camaraderie passing between them.

The final notes of "Manhattan Memories" echoed through the theater, and Mary Jane stood center stage, bathed in the warm glow of the spotlight. The air hummed with the resonance of her powerful performance as she took a graceful bow, her heart swelling with a mix of joy and accomplishment.

Thunderous applause erupted from the audience, a symphony of appreciation that washed over Mary Jane like a gentle wave. The theater seemed to vibrate with the energy of the spectators, their cheers and claps a testament to the emotional connection forged through Mary Jane's artistry.

With a beaming smile, Mary Jane basked in the adoration of the audience. The dimmed auditorium transformed into a sea of faces, each one a testament to the impact of her voice and presence.

At Backstage, the hustle and bustle of the crew and fellow performers only added to the euphoria. Colleagues congratulated her, and the director, with genuine pride, praised her for a stellar performance that would undoubtedly resonate in the memories of the audience.

The theater's doors swung open, and Harry Osborn stepped into the cool night air. The soft glow of city lights surrounded him as he found himself face-to-face with Peter Parker.

"Hey, Harry," Peter greeted, a friendly smile on his face. "Long time, no see."

Harry returned the smile, though a hint of hesitation lingered in his eyes. "Yeah, it's been a while, Pete. How've you been?"

Peter's gaze softened, sensing the underlying complexity of their friendship. "I've been okay. And you?"

Harry sighed, his shoulders slumping ever so slightly. "Dealing with the company while Dad's in prison has been a challenge, you know? But I'm holding on."

Peter nodded understandingly. "I can imagine. If you ever need to talk or anything..."

"Thanks, Pete. I appreciate that," Harry replied, a genuine warmth breaking through the tension. As they parted ways, Harry extended an invitation to share a drink sometime, and Peter gladly accepted, signifying their friendship.

As they left Broadway to head home, Peter driving through the city in his dark blue 911 Carrera 4S with Gwen by his side, expressed regret for the interruption of their evening. Spotting a disturbance on the street, Skynet's voice emanated from the car's speaker, announcing a robbery ahead.

As they approached a dimly lit street, Skynet's voice interrupted their conversation, "There seems to be a robbery up ahead."

Peter grimaced, apologetically glancing at Gwen. "Looks like duty calls."

Gwen nodded; her smile unwavering. "Hey, I signed up for this, remember?"

Peter sighed, glancing at Gwen with a remorseful expression. "I'm sorry, Gwen. I really wanted tonight to be just about us."

Gwen smiled, placing a comforting hand on Peter's arm. "It's okay, Peter. I get it. Your... other job doesn't punch out at 5, does it?"

Peter chuckled, grateful for Gwen's understanding. "No, it doesn't. It's more of a 24/7 kind of thing."

Peter's expression softened. "I promise, I'll make it up to you."

Gwen raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really? Candlelit dinner on top of a skyscraper?"

Peter grinned. "You read my mind."

As the car slowed down near the disturbance, Peter opened the door. "Sorry, Gwen. With great powers comes."

Gwen playfully rolled her eyes. "I know, great responsibility. Go get them, tiger."

Peter spoke to Skynet "take care of her, will you?"

Skynet playfully said, "The car?"

Peter chuckled, "both of them."

With a wink, Peter swung out of the car and into the shadows, leaving Gwen behind in the driver's seat. As the city sounds enveloped her once more, Gwen couldn't help but smile. Despite the unexpected detour, she wouldn't trade her superhero boyfriend for anything in the world.

As Peter is doing his super hero job, the bustling police precinct, Commissioner Stacy was approached by Neil Garrett, a determined officer with a handful of papers in his grasp.

"Commissioner Stacy," Neil called out, his voice firm as he held out the papers. "It's Flint Marko. The guy we tied to the Parker Couples, double homicide."

Yes, in this world, Flint Marco did not kill uncle Ben but instead was jailed because of killing Peters Parents.

Commissioner George Stacy raised an eyebrow, his eyes narrowing at the mention of Flint Marko. "What about him, Neil?"

"He just broke out of Rikers," Neil declared, a sense of urgency in his tone. "He's on the run. He's in the marshlands. I think we got him."

The news sent a ripple of concern through the precinct. Commissionaire Stacy wasted no time, issuing orders to his officers to mobilize and apprehend the fugitive. In the marshlands, the chase began.

Dogs barked, and police whistles echoed as officers closed in on Flint Marko. A shout rang through the air, "There he is!" as the desperate man sprinted through the uneven terrain.

Policeman Mark barked orders, "Euton, take the west side. Tommy, take the east."

Flint, driven by desperation, spotted a fence and climbed over it without noticing the warning sign that read, "Danger: Particle physics test facility, keep out."

As the pursuing officers closed in, Flint, with limited options, made a daring leap, plummeting down into the test site. Confusion ensued among the officers. "Where'd he go?" Tommy questioned, scanning the area.

Meanwhile, Flint Marko found himself standing on a precarious mound of sand under the bellows of a super collider. Then a sudden shower of blinding light enveloped him. He instinctively raised his hand to shield his eyes, the granules of sand clinging to him like a second skin. Through the veil of light, Flint saw the imposing sight of large tubes crackling with blue electricity.

On the other side of the test site, a group of scientists worked diligently in a lab. "It's charged," one technician affirmed.

"Right," echoed Test Site Technician #2, excitement lacing his voice.

However, Test Site Technician #3 interrupted the celebration. "Donnie, we've got a little fluctuation on 1. There's a change in the silicon mass."

Dismissively, Test Site Technician #4 waved off the concern. "It's probably a bird. It'll fly away when we fire it up. Initiating demolecularization."

As the scientists initiated the process, Flint's attention was drawn to the ominous Y-shaped device on top of him. It spun with speed increasing by the second, each of its three glowing tubes emitting an electric charge that crackled through the air.

The tubes closed in on Flint, spinning with an increasing ferocity. Panic set in as he tried to run, only to be hit by the spinning tubes, flinging him back into the epicenter. Frantically, Flint struggled, the gathering dust of sand swirling around him like a small sand storm.

As the machine reached an unprecedented speed, a deafening whirling noise echoed through the marshlands. Flint's body, began to disintegrate turning into pieces of sand. His screams merged full of despair as he was slowly reduced to individual particles.

The police, responding to the commotion, rushed to the scene only to find an empty test site. No sign of Flint Marko remained, leaving them bewildered. The machine had completed its process, leaving no trace behind.


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