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As Specter vanished into thin air, Spider-Man swung down gracefully to confront the Green Goblin. Upon seeing Spider-Man descending, the Green Goblin swiftly threw a grenade. Spider-Man exhibited incredible agility, skillfully maneuvering in the air to dodge the explosive blast. Now standing face to face, the Green Goblin and Spider-Man were locked in a close and intense fight, the swift exchanges resembling a high-stakes boxing match.

Green Goblin sneered at Spider-Man, "You're just a smuck in a fancy suit, Spider-Joke. What makes you think you can take on the Goblin?"

Spider-Man quipped back, "Well, I've dealt with my fair share of colorful characters. You're just another one on the list."

As the Green Goblin threw powerful punches, Spider-Man's agility proved unmatched as he dodged and countered with finesse.

"You're quick, I'll give you that," admitted the Green Goblin. "But can you keep up? Try dodging this!" With those words, he tossed a grenade-shaped pumpkin towards Spider-Man.

Explosions echoed through the air, creating chaotic destruction that tested Spider-Man's agility to its limits. Amidst the tumult, the Green Goblin seized the opportunity, launching a relentless assault with powerful blows that overwhelmed Spider-Man with sheer force.

Specter with his activated chameleon cloak, blending seamlessly into the surroundings. Using his Kiroshi optics scanned the ongoing clash between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. As the cyber-enhanced hero observed, he ran a swift analysis, gauging the strengths of both adversaries. he learned the Spider-Man could unleash a formidable force of 10 tons, while the Green Goblin, with a slightly lesser strength of 9 tons, possessed faster healing capabilities, granting him an additional stamina boost.

In the midst of the chaos, Specter swiftly executed his move, materializing behind the Green Goblin in the blink of an eye. With a powerful kick, he sent the villain hurtling through the air, the impact shattering a nearby wall and leaving the Green Goblin struggling to rise.

Spider-Man, catching a breath, expressed his gratitude, "Thanks for the assist! This guy is tougher than he looks."

Specter nodded in acknowledgment, "We need a plan. He's not going down easy."

The Green Goblin, groaning as he got up, taunted, "You think you can stop me, Specter?"

Specter responded coldly, "I don't think. I know."

Spider-Man chimed in with a grin, "Let's end this."

The Green Goblin, armed with his arsenal of explosive pumpkin bombs, emerged from the rubble with his maniacal laughter echoing through his horrid-looking mask. He unleashed a barrage of his infamous pumpkin bombs. Spider-Man, showcasing his acrobatic skills, swung between steel girders, attempting to evade the impending explosions. The bombs hurtled through the air, leaving trails of smoke in their wake.

As the barrage of pumpkin bombs rained down, Specter stood unfazed beneath them. His cybernetic eyes tracked the trajectory of the falling explosives with cold precision. Without uttering a word, he raised his smart pistol, Skippy, and with a series of rapid shots, intercepted the incoming bombs.

Specter's skillful shots pierced through the bomb-like pumpkins in the air, creating a captivating display of gunfire and sparks. His precise marksmanship ensured that every shot hit its mark, detonating the bombs mid-air.

Amidst somersaults and acrobatics, Spider-Man marveled at Specter's deadly accuracy. "Remind me not to challenge you to a shooting contest, Specter," Spider-Man quipped. Taking a playful jab at the Green Goblin, he added, "Goblin, you're like the city's worst pyrotechnician. It's still daytime, you know?"

In a synchronized movement, Spider-Man and Specter closed the distance on Green Goblin, plunging into close-quarters combat. The air crackled with intensity as the trio engaged in a dynamic dance of kicks, punches, and flips.

Spider-Man's agility was on full display as he seamlessly weaved through the air, landing dazzling kicks and punches on Green Goblin. With the agility of a seasoned gymnast, he flips through the air, delivering a rapid succession of combos. Green Goblin, relying on his enhanced strength and exosuit, countered with powerful punches and sweeping blows.

Spider-Man, with a smirk on his face, taunted, "Come on, Goblin, you swing those punches like you're an eight year old, ever thought about joining a gym?"

As Spider-Man's acrobatic kicks clashed with Green Goblin's powerful punches, Specter strategically analyzed the fight dynamics. Specter, with cyber-enhanced reflexes and martial arts prowess, executed a series of intricate moves. He seamlessly transitioned between fighting styles, incorporating elements of Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai. Each strike was calculated, aimed at exploiting Green Goblin's vulnerabilities.

The fight unfolded like a choreographed masterpiece. Spider-Man's web-shooters deployed with precision, ensnaring Green Goblin momentarily. Seizing the opportunity, Specter closed in, delivering a powerful spinning kick that sent Green Goblin crashing through a wall.

Green Goblin couldn't help but curse, saying, "Not again." He struggled to stand despite the disadvantageous odds. Despite his condition, Green Goblin retaliated with explosive pumpkin bombs. The battlefield erupted in chaotic bursts of light and smoke. Spider-Man swung through the air, narrowly avoiding the blasts, while Specter utilized his chameleon cloak to vanish and reappear strategically.

Spider-Man waved his hand to try and dissipate the smoke. Coughing slightly, he remarked, "How many pumpkin bombs do you have? How can you carry so many?" Green Goblin, grinning menacingly, replied, "I'm full of surprises, Spider." With a flick of his wrist, he produced yet another pumpkin bomb, ready to unleash more chaos upon the battlefield.

As the lingering smoke dissipated, Spider-Man and Specter stood together, acknowledging the challenges they faced in subduing the resilient Green Goblin. Specter, recognizing the need for a decisive move, signaled Skynet to deploy the HK-Aerial's energy beams strategically around Green Goblin.

A barrage of energy beams rained down on Green Goblin, throwing him off balance. Seizing the window of opportunity, Specter activated his berserk implant, enveloping himself in a surge of red lightning. With heightened strength and speed, he lunged forward, delivering a devastating punch.

Specter's mechanical arm transformed during the strike, deploying miniature rocket-like boosters along the forearm. The thrusters emitted a trail of blue light, resembling a jetstream, amplifying the impact of his punch. The force was so tremendous, it left a wide and deep crater upon contact, and sent Green Goblin sprawling down, unconscious.

Seizing the opportunity, Specter swiftly moved in to secure him. From his utility belt, he retrieved specialized restraints, binding the defeated villain to ensure he couldn't pose any further threat.

Spider-Man swung down, joining Specter in the effort to secure Green Goblin. The chaotic battleground now transformed into a scene of subdued victory. The HK-Aerial, hovering nearby, awaited their presence, its sleek design ready to accommodate their next move.

Together, Specter and Spider-Man carried the now-bound Green Goblin toward the high-tech aircraft. The HK-Aerial's hatch opened smoothly, revealing its advanced interior under Skynet's control. With careful precision, they placed the subdued villain inside, ensuring he was securely confined. As the hatch closed, sealing Green Goblin within, the two exchanged a nod. The mission was a success, and the enigmatic duo prepared to depart from the now-quiet construction site.

Time passed, In Alex hidden base beneath Arasaka Tower, Alex, Peter, and Gwen gathered around a holographic table, discussing their plan to help cure Norman Osborn of his Green Goblin persona. The atmosphere in the room was a mix of tension and determination.

Gwen spoke first, her expression serious, "I've located the base compound of the serum CX.00009 in Norman. It's going to be a tough challenge, but it seems the compound can be removed. It was induced in gas form, which complicates things a bit."

Peter chimed in, "The issue is that while we can get rid of the compound, it's also the one thing keeping him alive. Without it, he only has a few days to live. We need to find a solution that ensures both removal of the compound and his survival."

Alex, listening attentively, pondered the situation. After a moment, he revealed, "I have a healing chamber, advanced technology that could keep Norman alive while we work on a cure for his Retroviral Hypodysplasia. However, dealing with the CX.00009 compound is crucial before we can proceed with the healing chamber."

Gwen, intrigued, asked, "How does the healing chamber work?"

Alex explained, "It employs nanotechnology to repair damaged cells and tissues at an accelerated rate. It's a breakthrough in medical technology. But first, we need to devise a method to eliminate the CX compound from Norman's system without jeopardizing his life."

Peter, nodding in agreement, said, "We can't afford any missteps. Norman's life is hanging in the balance, and we need to be precise."

The three of them sat down to figure things out, knowing the situation was urgent. They faced a tough challenge to save Norman, who was grappling with his dual identity as the Green Goblin. In the midst of their brainstorming, they felt the pressure of time ticking away. Their skills and resolve would be put to the test as they tackled the intricate problem at hand. The room buzzed with the sounds of cutting-edge technology as they planned their approach to solve the complex medical puzzle before them.




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