13 Machine Man 13 SIDE A

While the Trio was working on a cure for Dr. Connors, a video on Facebook is garnering attention.

Jake Thompson's Post: "Caught this insane video on campus today – Spider-Man teaming up with Specter to take on a giant lizard?! What's happening at ESU?!"

The post quickly gained attention, causing it to go viral and creating a sensation that echoing throughout Facebook.

Sarah Johnson: OMG, is this for real?! I need to see this live. 

Tyrone Jackson: They're really out here saving the day. Respect! 

Jamal Williams: ESU turning into a superhero battleground?

Emily Wong: Hold up, did anyone else see how that lizard creature moved? Its tail was like a whip – so menacing! 

Raj Patel: @ Emily Wong Yeah, that tail looks so powerful. Gave me serious chills.

Sarah Johnson: But did you all catch Specter's new armor? That thing looked straight out of a sci-fi movie! And– his gun gave off such a futuristic vibe.

Tyrone Jackson: Spider-Man's agility, though! Dodging and weaving like it's nothing. And then Specter with those calculated moves. Epic team-up!

Mia Rodriguez: Seriously, Specter's new armor is on another level. And the way he handled that gun with precision! He just doesn't miss!

Jamal Williams: I need to know more about Specter. Who is this guy with the high-tech gear?

Yusuf Ahmed: Spider-Man flipping around, Specter looking like a cyberpunk knight – NYU could never. 

Lila Kim: Specter's gear is straight out of a video game.

Yusuf Ahmed: Gotta love NYC – where superheroes are just part of the daily grind.

Anita Gupta: This is going on my Insta story ASAP. #SuperheroShowdown

Raj: You have the new Instagram made by Facebook?

Reading all the comments, Jake Thompson's posted another video.

Video Title: Specter and Spider-Man Soar! SCIFI Aircraft Takeoff! 

Description: Witness the jaw-dropping moment when Specter and Spider-Man lift off into the skies aboard a colossal aircraft. 

Alice Thompson: Is it just me, or does that aircraft look like it's from the future?

Mike Turner: This is beyond Stark tech. Some next-level government project, maybe?

Jennifer Clark: I'd bet it's a classified military experiment. Pentagon vibes, anyone?

Brian Harris: Definitely not your average Uber ride. Specters got a sweet set of wings!

Greg Parker: Imagine this as the new normal for superheroes. Next-gen transport, for sure!

Olivia Davis: That VTOL tech is mind-blowing. How does that even work?

Jake Miller: It's like something out of a sci-fi flick. Specter, you're changing the game!

As the video circulated, theories about the mysterious aircraft multiplied, sparking online discussions.

At the Daily Bulge Newsroom:

The office buzzed with excitement as videos of Specter, Spider-Man, the mysterious aircraft, and the colossal humanoid lizard flooded the internet. J. Jonah Jameson and his staff gathered to discuss how to spin this sensational story.

J. Jonah Jameson: We've got the Web Head and a Reckless driver Vigilante. Now there's a giant lizard in the mix? This is gold!

Samantha Turner (Reporter): This is getting crazier by the minute! Military experiment gone wrong?

Dave Anderson (Editor): Front-page headline: "Specter and Spider-Man Tango with Giant Lizard—Military's Secret Unleashed?"

Cynthia Harris (Student/Photographer): I've got shots of that lizard. It's a monster!

Rob Miller (Layout Designer): Lead with the lizard visuals, Cynthia. It's the hook.

Jessica Coleman (Journalist): Let's play up the mystery. "Lizard on the Loose: Specter and Spider-Man Caught in the Crossfire of Military Experimentation?"

Megan Lewis (Editorial Assistant): Add some drama, Jessica! "From Lab to Rampage: The Military's Lizard Menace Unleashed!"

J.J. Jameson: Alright, we've got lizard, aircraft, web-slinger—all in one scoop. Get digging, people. This is gonna be one hell of a front page.

As the Daily Bulge team continued to strategize, the unfolding events provided them with a goldmine of material to create a gripping narrative.

And on Two our Sneaky Duo.

Under the cover of darkness, Alex and Gwen moved silently through the sprawling Oscorp facility. Their mission: to acquire the exact components needed for a crucial serum. With Alex's advanced stealth technology and Skynet's unparalleled hacking abilities, they were virtually invisible and untraceable.

As they navigated the labyrinthine corridors, Skynet seamlessly manipulated security systems, rendering cameras and sensors useless against their covert operation. Alex and Gwen, equipped with his state-of-the-art stealth suit, blended seamlessly with the shadows, making them practically invisible to any unsuspecting guards.

While their going through the corridors Alex can't help but be curious.

Alex: (whispering) So, spill the beans, Gwen. How did the whole Peter and Gwen romance kick off?

Gwen: (smirking) Well, it wasn't exactly love at first sight. We were friends, working together on some projects. Peter, being Peter, stumbled over his words a lot.

Alex: (chuckling) Classic Peter.

Gwen: Yeah, but there was this one time we got trapped in a lab overnight due to some experiment gone wrong. We had to figure our way out, and, well, the rest is history.

Alex: (raising an eyebrow) Trapped in a lab, was this before he got the Spider Powers? That's like the beginning of a rom-com.

Gwen: (laughing) It is before that, But I know, right? It was awkward at first, but we got to know each other better. Turns out, science and a dash of danger can bring people closer. Still Peter is such a clueless one, you know?

Alex: (smirking) Clueless? How so?

Gwen: (sighing) Well, I've dropped hints, thrown signals his way, even made it rain with neon signs, but Peter, bless his heart, remains in the dark.

Alex: (grinning) The oblivious superhero, huh?

Gwen: (nodding) Once, I wrote a poem about stars aligning for him. I even gave him a telescope as a "random gift." And what does he do? Starts stargazing without a second thought.

Alex: (laughing) Maybe he's just really into astronomy?

Gwen: (rolling her eyes) You'd think so, but I caught him looking at the moon, not the stars. I mean, seriously?

As they shared a moment of exasperation over Peter's apparent denseness, they entered the Elevator. Gwen, with her familiarity of OSCRO and Skynet's tactical analysis, ensured they followed the optimal path to their destination. The duo moved exploiting blind spots and exploiting the vulnerabilities in Oscorp's security network.

Upon reaching the secured laboratory where the components were stored, Skynet effortlessly bypassed the electronic locks, granting them access without leaving a digital footprint. The door slid open soundlessly, revealing the array of high-tech equipment they sought.

Gwen swiftly moved to collect the required components, her movements swift and purposeful. Skynet continuously monitored for any unexpected changes in the facility's systems, ensuring they remained undetected. Alex, vigilant and poised, kept a watchful eye on their surroundings.

As they gathered the last of the components, a voice echoed from a nearby corridor. A security guard, oblivious to their presence, strolled into view. Before the guard could react, Alex throw a small projector. Skynet engaged the holographic diversion, creating a phantom image at the opposite end of the corridor.

The guard, distracted by the illusion, hurried away in pursuit of the false lead. Alex and Gwen seized the opportunity, slipping away with the acquired components.

Exiting Oscorp undetected, the duo blended back into the shadows, leaving no trace of their infiltration. Skynet, their digital guardian, ensured their silent departure, erasing any evidence of their presence.

Little did Oscorp know, their supposedly impregnable facility had been infiltrated by a duo that operated in the shadows with unparalleled finesse and cutting-edge technology. The serum, a key to unlocking regeneration and rejuvenation, was now within their grasp, thanks to the seamless collaboration of human brilliance and artificial intelligence.

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