1 From an old life to a new one. A New Venture Begins.

Sometimes things just get weird for no reason.

One moment, I was a seasoned 69-year-old lead developer in a prestigious tech company, navigating the intricate world of cutting-edge innovations and enjoying classical movies like Terminator, Predator, Matrix, while playing Cyberpunk 2 Codename Orion. Next thing I know, I awoke as an 18-year-old, surrounded by unfamiliar faces in a bustling classroom at Empire State University.

It brought me a mix of weirdness and excitement. While the chance for a fresh start made me happy, the reality of this new life was a unsettling, It wasn't about being back in school that bothered me; it was the Marvel Universe twist that brought a whole new set of worries.

First I don't know anything about Marvel except the ones in the movies, I don't even know anything about the series except for things I saw clips and bits off like daredevil. I did know about Spider-man since I watch that as a kid. Plus that big purple genocider could just be around the corner.

How do I know I'm in marvel and not some weird anime, well I'm friends with Peter Parker who is a Bigfan of Tony Stark. Weird part is the Peter in question is different from any Peter I've seen from the movies. He looks like Tobey Maguire but like age accurate Tobey Maguire that you keep seeing in reddit or google. Guess its all fine since he is 18 in college and not 25 like in the movie and yes we are in College not high school.

Anyway, a little about me. My name is Alexander Saburo Arasaka an amputee. I have a prosthetic for a left arm. I'm a halfu or of mix Japanese and German heritage. I bear a striking resemblance to Hiroki Iijima, the actor behind Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. While I might grumble about being labeled a "pretty boy wuss," due to my appearance. There is nothing I can do, but I just have to accept my new reality. Yes looking like some smuck pretty boy is more of a big problem than me being an amputee. Why do you ask? Before this whole transmigration thing, I was a buff 69-year-old straight out of a fantasy grampa that looks like a buff Colonel Sanders. That's why! muscle and all.

My parents or well this bodies parents, have already passed last year in September 11, 2001, and yes it was that incident. I really don't have to worry about money too since my parents got Investment on Amazon and Oscorp. I am now a minor shareholder of Oz Corp and we all know what happen to those shareholders in the movie. Don't worry I'm already on the process to drop that hotpotato. 

Are you asking me, do I feel anything about the parents' situation? To be honest, I don't. They are total strangers to me which I am grateful off. No emotional baggage about Alex or unfinish business in my past life. To be honest I am grateful that I now have a new lease in life. I am more worried about selling of my shares of Oscorp.

I tell you being in a different body with only one arm and a whole new environment, surrounded by people who are both strangers yet familiar is a confusing and strange experience. It took me months just to adjust on this new life. I guess having really close friends like Gwen, Peter and Harry help a lot.

A Townhouse in Midtown Manhattan

Alex was in the living room with Peter and Gwen when he suddenly received a call.

"Hold on a sec, I need to take this," he said, grabbing his phone. He answered, "Hello, Mr. Murdock?"

Matt Murdock's voice came through the phone, "Good news! We closed the deal successfully. Your shares are officially sold, and the funds will be transferred to your account in 2-3 business days."

Alex breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank you, Mr. Murdock. I can't thank you enough. This means a lot to me."

"It was my pleasure. Negotiating these deals can be tricky, but we navigated it smoothly. Your interests are protected, and you'll have the funds soon," reassured Matt.

Smiling, Alex replied, "I couldn't have done it without you, Mr. Murdock. Your expertise and assistance made all the difference."

Matt chuckled, "I'm just doing my job, Mr. Arasaka. If you ever need legal assistance again, you know where to find me."

After ending the call with Matt Murdock, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I looked at Gwen Stacy, who was sitting across from me, her eyes a mix of curiosity and concern. "About those Oscorp shares you sold," she began, sipping her tea. I leaned back on the comfortable couch, explaining that I sold the shares to fund my own company.

Gwen seemed surprised, a hint of concern flickering across her face. "Starting your own company? That's quite a leap," she remarked, a mix of astonishment and caring worry in her tone. To ease her concerns, I began explaining the nature of my venture.

Suddenly, Peter asked, "Are you sure about all this? Your share in Oscorp has you set for life. I know your parents left you shares in Amazon too, but it's not as big as Oscorp. Are you sure about starting up a company, and what kind of company is it?"

Excited, I shared my recently crafted social media website called Facebook with them. With my laptop open, I detailed its features and functionalities. As I explained the user-friendly interface and innovative aspects, Peter fired off questions, and Gwen marveled at the thoughtful design

"I've been envisioning something incredible, and I'd love for both of you to join me as partners in this venture," I expressed enthusiastically. "We can make a real impact. How about we embark on this journey as equal partners, building something extraordinary?"

"Why Facebook?" you might wonder. Well, it's 2002, a year before Facebook even hits their campus, as far as my history class memories go. It seemed like one of the quickest ways to make money at the time. If I had 5 billion, I'd have gone for Google. But my fund isn't that big, and Facebook started out by renting servers for around 80 bucks, from what I remember.

Now, back to Peter and Gwen. I explained Facebook as a digital space where people connect, share their lives, and engage with friends and communities online. It's a virtual platform for social interaction, letting users post updates, share photos and videos, and stay connected with people worldwide. The idea is to create a digital community, breaking physical boundaries to foster meaningful connections and interactions.

As Peter got curious, he suddenly asked, "Why did you want us to join the company when you could establish it yourself?" I took a moment to explain. Making the social media website was doable, but the real challenge lay in building and running a company. Making a venture successful involves more than just creating a platform; it demands a mix of skills like management, marketing, and strategic planning.

Forming a team, we could tackle the all aspects of running a company and turn this vision into a reality. It became a lively exchange of ideas and visions for the future

Armed with a vision that transcended the boundaries of existing technology, Alex took charge not only as the financial backbone of the endeavor but also as the mastermind behind the intricate machinery that powered Facebook.

Investing a significant portion of his personal fortune into creating the company. Using his exceptional skills in computer engineering, Alex personally built servers and other essential equipment for Facebook. These systems were way ahead of their time, far more advanced than anything available to the public. Alex's technical abilities when in comes to computers are way ahead of whatever Tony Stark is currently using. Alex equip with technical knowhow from 2069 are leagues ahead of what ever is available in the public.

People quickly fell in love with Facebook. It had this magical ability to bring folks from all over the world closer together. Features like news feeds, likes, and comments became everyone's favorite digital hangout spots. And the more people joined, the more Alex's genius infrastructure handled it all like a boss.

To keep things exciting, Alex and his team kept adding new features. They made sure Facebook could adapt to the growing number of users without any hiccups. It was like having a ticket to the coolest digital party that never stopped.

Understanding the importance of monetization, Alex implemented strategic advertising models. Targeted ads and partnerships with advertisers turned Facebook into a revenue-generating machine. The platform became a global advertising hub, attracting businesses from every corner of the world. Even massive companies like Oscorp, Doom Industries and Stark showered Facebook with money to spread their influence.

Facebook's family grew even more when Alex decided to bring Instagram and WhatsApp into the mix. These additions made Facebook not just a cool hangout but also a digital powerhouse that everyone needed in their lives. Alex used advanced algorithms studied user behavior, preferences, and trends, allowing Facebook to deliver personalized content and experiences.

In the end, Alex's smart moves, creative ideas, and a bit of technology from the future turned Facebook into a giant. It's meteoric rise was a testament to the teams big dream, unparalleled technical skills, and an unwavering commitment to changing how the world connects online. In just two years, Facebook had become a billion dollar empire, forever altering the landscape of digital communication.


Authors note:

I'm just making this for fun and not to earn anything. So don't expect much.

I just want to focus on the Marvel side of things and not really delve deep on the Business side, since that will involve a ton of research to things i don't know of. Hope this small revision satisfy some of you.

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