Marvel: I Need A New Body

Jerry Anderson, a 24-Year old office worker is transmigrated into Ebony Maw's body, adoptive son of Thanos and a member of Black Order, a noseless and a creepy-looking thin bastard. Maybe he'll be able to get a new, more beautiful body in the future? But the real question is... do hot girls dig ugly fellows like Maw, or the whole inner beauty concept is just a farce? Let's see. [spoiler: he gets a new body] ---------------- World: Marvel (Mostly MCU but be prepared for twists) Tags: [Action] [Romance] [Genius MC] [Gray MC] [Strong MC] [Multiverse] [R-18] [Slice of Life] ---------------- Discord Link: https://discord.gg/xhQgZg9mhT If you want to read ahead, or just want to support me, here is the pat reon link: https://www.pat reon.com/Marveller (Remove the space!) Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/marveller ---------------- Some important things : 1. English isn't my first language. So, try to overlook or help me fix a few mistakes that might occur by mentioning them in the chapter's comment section. I will fix it ASAP. 2. Yes, again. This is a Harem. But yeah, not a pokemon game. Exact number? Maybe 5, more or less. 3. MC will not be a Slave to the System or Missions. 4. There will be occasional adult scenes in this novel. 5. No Rape, No NTR, No Yuri, No Yaoi... 6. Chapter Length = 1300~1600 Words. Sometimes even longer chapters will be released. ---------------- Also, the art is not mine. I got it from google. If the creator sees this and wants credit or wants me to take it down, just let me know. This is just a fan-fiction. Please know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the original characters.

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14: Jerry Died

The alarms blared; the ship's lights turned red. The entire mothership had turned hostile against them! The army was closing in, ready to surround and eliminate them for good.

"Maw, what's happening?!" Gamora exclaimed.

"No, no, no! The Hive Mind... It has designated us as hostiles!" Jerry's hands moved frantically as he tried to resolve the issue, his expression filled with distress.

'Ah, darn it. Can nothing ever go smoothly in her life?' Gamora grumbled inwardly.

"Do you have a plan for this?" Gamora asked, her expression alert, though her frustration simmered beneath the surface.

"Gear up. We're making a run for the stealth ships. Everything has gone haywire and the Mothership is headed straight for the star's core. We've got 60 minutes!" Jerry's tone was serious.

Gamora nodded, hastily securing her pauldron as she headed for the door. "Let's move."

Jerry nodded and followed her. As they left the command center, they were confronted by advancing Chitauri soldiers from all sides.

"Damn it!" The Zen-Whebori muttered under her breath.

Without hesitation, she sprang into action, diving into the midst of the soldiers. With precise strikes, she targeted their vulnerabilities, using her swift movements to her advantage, kicking and punching them into the air.

Her movements were swift and agile, dodging the plasma blasts as she danced around and paved her way to the bridge. The pained groans and growls from the Chitauri soldiers from her side were especially louder.

Well, she was trained to be the deadliest woman in the universe, after all. She may not look it, but she was at least stronger than Black Widow, well, she had gone under some genetic enhancements.

While Gamora fought, Jerry wasn't idly standing by. His extraordinary powers made sure no soldier got near him. After killing a dozen Chitauri soldiers by squeezing their necks using raw telekinesis force, he snatched their guns and unleashed a barrage of plasma blasts.

"We need to reach the bridge and take the elevator!" Gamora shouted as she deftly avoided an incoming attack.

Though the soldiers posed a challenge in terms of numbers, Gamora and Jerry's combined skills easily turned the tide in their favor.

As they forged ahead to the bridge, a colossal leviathan emerged from below, destroying the bridge in its path. Its monstrous jaws loomed open, emitting a menacing growl.

Gamora gritted her teeth, 'Fuck me in the ass!'

Jerry, undeterred, molded the debris from the demolished bridge into javelins, and pierced the creature's nose, eyes, and the insides of the mouth.

It let out an agonized growl as it started to writhe in pain and flew out of their way. However, due to its outburst, it destroyed the whole bridge and also a portion of the elevators.

Jerry gave a condescending smirk to Gamora while she just rolled her eyes.

'He can't just forget his pride, can he? As cocky as ever...' She thought, snorting softly.

Jerry tore the metallic platform beneath them, and then floated down, guiding their descent to lower levels. He adeptly deflected incoming attacks, using debris as makeshift shields.

Gamora maintained her vigilance, scanning for unexpected threats. Within minutes, they reached their intended floor.

"Hold on tightly!" Jerry increased the speed of the hovering platform.

Inertia caused Gamora to stumble momentarily, but she quickly grabbed onto Jerry's waist as they sped toward the stealth ships.

Jerry's thoughts wandered, 'So this is what Aladdin felt like, huh?' He mused. 'Well, time for the Climax.'

Suddenly, an obsidian Outrider lunged at Jerry, throwing them all off balance. Jerry and Gamora were sent launching, along with the metal platform which was their ride till now, after rolling and slamming on several soldiers it broke into pieces.

Due to their high momentum, The impact was devastating. Jerry collided headfirst with a pillar, while Gamora managed a somewhat safer landing.

"Argh!" Jerry groaned, clutching his bleeding head.

Gamora quickly collected herself from the fall and rushed to him, "Are you alright?" Concern etched her features.

Jerry winced his noseless and wrinkled face and nodded, "I'm fine. It's bearable, we need to keep moving."

Gamora nodded and sighed in relief, but in the next moment that felt like an eternity, a Chitauri soldier's blast struck Jerry's chest.

Shock widened both their eyes. "Noo!" Gamora's scream pierced the air. She hurled a dagger with deadly precision, ending the soldier's life.

Jerry clutched his chest, stumbling, supported by Gamora. His wound bled profusely, staining his attire and Gamora's soft green hands.

There were no more soldiers in this area. So, they were safe for a while.

'No, no, no, no', She repeatedly muttered in her mind and bit her lips.

Jerry's pained grunts echoed as he strained against the injury.

"It-It's okay Gamora... GAh!!" Jerry grunted in pain. 'If there is anything that I've developed the most in these past three months, then it's my acting skills.'

Gamora nodded as she pursed her lips, "Yes, it's gonna be okay. Can you move?"

Jerry tried to get up but stumbled again, "No, the wound *hah* *hah* is too deep and close to my heart... I cannot be saved in this situation... I know it. *hah* *hah*... You need to escape alone!"

Gamora couldn't bear to accept his suggestion, tears were welling up in her eyes. He has become a really good friend of hers... this new friendship was only the bond in her life that went both ways.

"No, I can-"

"Shhh..." Jerry hushed her, putting his thick, long, and hard index finger above her lips.

A warm smile graced his lips. "I wanted to... I wanted to... haa~.........."

But his voice trailed off, his eyes losing life. His finger slipped from her dark green lips, his body going limp under her hold.

And that's how... Ebony Maw, the child of Thanos, the second eldest member of the Black Order, left the world of living...

Gamora's heart palpitated at a speed that it seemed it'd leap out of her mouth, "Maww" She cried, "Uncle Maw!!"

She never thought that her cold-blooded heart would feel so much pain at his death, a person whom she had disliked, more like hated her entire life.

A drop of tear finally fell from her brown eyes, rolled down her green cheeks, and then dropped on Maw's ugly forehead.

However, she couldn't mourn for her dear friend any longer as she heard the footsteps of the approaching soldiers.

She gently laid Maw's body on the floor and closed his eyes with her soft palm. She kissed his cheek before dashing toward the ships.

A final farewell...

Arriving at the port, she looked at the two ships parked side by side. 'One of them was supposed to be his...'

Sighing, she entered the one on the left and hurried to the cockpit. She initiated liftoff, and somehow flew out of the mothership.

The army was still following her, hundreds of leviathans and Chitauri Chariots were in pursuit of her ship.

However, her ship was too fast for them. After reaching sufficient velocity, she quickly entered the coordinates of a place far away from here, far away from Thanos's reach. The coordinates of a planet called Xandar.













'Uncle?!?!?!?!?!? What the Fuck!' Jerry was barely able kept his dead act together at that moment!


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