Marvel: I Need A New Body

Jerry Anderson, a 24-Year old office worker is transmigrated into Ebony Maw's body, adoptive son of Thanos and a member of Black Order, a noseless and a creepy-looking thin bastard. Maybe he'll be able to get a new, more beautiful body in the future? But the real question is... do hot girls dig ugly fellows like Maw, or the whole inner beauty concept is just a farce? Let's see. [spoiler: he gets a new body] ---------------- World: Marvel (Mostly MCU but be prepared for twists) Tags: [Action] [Romance] [Genius MC] [Gray MC] [Strong MC] [Multiverse] [R-18] [Slice of Life] ---------------- Discord Link: https://discord.gg/xhQgZg9mhT If you want to read ahead, or just want to support me, here is the pat reon link: https://www.pat reon.com/Marveller (Remove the space!) Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/marveller ---------------- Some important things : 1. English isn't my first language. So, try to overlook or help me fix a few mistakes that might occur by mentioning them in the chapter's comment section. I will fix it ASAP. 2. Yes, again. This is a Harem. But yeah, not a pokemon game. Exact number? Maybe 5, more or less. 3. MC will not be a Slave to the System or Missions. 4. There will be occasional adult scenes in this novel. 5. No Rape, No NTR, No Yuri, No Yaoi... 6. Chapter Length = 1300~1600 Words. Sometimes even longer chapters will be released. ---------------- Also, the art is not mine. I got it from google. If the creator sees this and wants credit or wants me to take it down, just let me know. This is just a fan-fiction. Please know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the original characters.

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1. Transmigration Gone Wrong!

In a domain surrounded by swirling colors, cosmic energies, and infinite angular mirrors, representing the vastness and complexity of the multiverse...

The Watcher, an ancient race of cosmic beings, observed another strange phenomenon unfolding in a certain universe, surpassing any prior encounters in its eccentricity and peculiarity.

"What is that?" He wondered, "A soul? It is being attacked. I suppose, it's not a stray. It is sent there for a purpose."

The Watcher pondered. "But by whom?"


[ Reincarnation... Failed! ]

[ Reinitiating Reincarnation... Failed! ]

[ Reinitiating Reincarnation... Failed! ]

[Failed! ][Failed! ][Failed! ][Failed! ][Failed! ][Failed! ][Failed! ][Failed! ][Failed! ][Failed! ]




[ Searching for alternative... Found! ]

[ Proceeding with Transmigration into a compatible body... ]

[ Number of Match Found - 00 ]

[ Alternative... Searching for soul-compatible bodies...]

[ Number of Match Found - 01 ]

[Force ejecting the occupying soul from the soul-compatible body... Successful!]

[ Implementing Host's soul transplant... Successful! ]

[ Acquiring requested skills... ]

[ Acquisition of the requested skills... Failed! The soul-compatible body lacks the potential for evolution and compatibility with the system.]

[ Initiating Host's soul ejection... Failed! ]

[ System Lacks the authority to remove Host's soul from the acquired body! ]

[Requesting Permission of Soul Ejection: Y/N ]

[.... No Response. ]

[ Searching for alternative... Found! ]

[ Alternative... Manual Soul Ejection is suggested. ]

[ Suicide is suggested. ]

[ ERROR!!! ERROR!!! Due to incompatibility issues, the System is shutting down. It won't be able to transmit any logs to Host.]






















'I never thought I'd ever witness this phenomenon in my whole life...'

'Where the hell is this...' He thought as he slowly opened his eyes and saw the unfamiliar ceiling and his strange surroundings.

His initial thoughts were far from tranquil as he found himself in a peculiar, futuristic chamber. Smooth, angular structures seamlessly melded with intricate details, creating an alien and foreboding atmosphere.

The walls were mostly black and the chamber was a bleak affair but azure streaks of lights illuminated the room enough to see everything clearly. It looked like the living quarters of some sci-fi vessel.

'Am I kidnapped by some alien civilization or something?'

He highly doubted that Alex or any of his friends got the money to pull off a prank of this scale. Not just friends, he doubts anyone in the world would be willing to invest this much in a prank. Especially, just for plain ol' him.

Still, he chose to be calm instead of panicking like a headless chicken. At least he wasn't restrained or worse, getting tortured.

But there was this odd feeling in him that told him that he was forgetting a rather important event that transported him here.

He sat up, still feeling a bit groggy. Shaking his head a bit and then squinting and opening his eyes to cure the slight fuzzy-headedness, he then stretched a bit on the bed.

"Ow! My back!!"

'The hell! Why does my lower back hurt so much?'

Wincing a bit in pain, he put his legs down on the sleek swarthy floor and stood up, he was hunching a bit due to pain.

Supporting his lower back with one hand he then tried to straighten his back.



A cracking sound originating from his back seemed to have eased the pain a bit, but it was not gone completely.

'How do you get 60-year-old back pain in your twenties?'

'I mean, I do sit for hours, office work and all... but a pain of this degree...'


Then he noticed his hands... 'They aren't mine!'

They weren't his!

He looked more closely, he realized it wasn't even his own body.

Panic started to seep into his being as his heart raced and his breath wavered. He looked and searched for a mirror in the room, he looked under the semi-metallic and wooden-looking desks and futuristic yet ancient-looking metallic cupboards for anything that looked like a mirror.

He was doing exactly what he chose not to do, moving around, panicking like a headless chicken! What else would a normal human do when entrapped in a foreign body?

As his hurried feet moved about, a door automatically opened with a hiss. The inside looked like a weird bathroom so he entered it, thankfully it really was a bathroom.

Shower, tub, taps, toilet, sink... and a mirror!

"There it is!"

He noticed his voice as he said those words, obviously, it too didn't sound like usual. It was deeper than usual and overall... just weird.

Sighing, he made his way toward the mirror.

He blinked a few times, even rubbed his eyes, and pinched himself, expecting it to be a dream.

'It has to be a dream!', He thought as he witnessed his rather unfamiliar reflection in the mirror.

Vibrant blue eyes, and pure white hair... Gojo Satoro?


It's Ebony Maw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[ Suicide is suggested. ]

The shock overwhelmed him, and in his distress, he yelled. The utilities and accessories in the bathroom levitated above their designated places, some started to rotate while others started to get crushed under some mysterious force.

In his shock, he accidentally destroyed a portion of the bathroom.

"No, it's okay, Jerry. It's gonna be okay, the alarm's gonna ring anytime soon and I'll be out of this ugly ass body and then I'll go to the office, sit at the meetings for hours, roast Alex for his short height..."

Jerry Anderson was a just 24-year-old office worker, although a bit smarter than the rest, he never expected that one day after taking just one can of beer before sleep he'll wake up in the body of one of the creepiest-looking villains of the marvel universe.

He didn't even have a nose, for fucks sake!

'Did Alex curse me, for roasting him everyday?'

Perhaps if he hadn't woken up in a villain's... correction, ugly ass villain's body, he wouldn't have flipped out like that or maybe it would've been a bit easy to digest being transmigrated and all...

Perhaps, if he was transmigrated into a handsome rich man's body he would've even welcomed the change but... sigh...


Right now Jerry was examining his new body after taking off the sleeping robe he was previously wearing.

Maw's body was deathly pale and slender, not to mention old. Was being noseless already mentioned?

"This body sucks!" He whined and stood up, from the toilet seat.

'Maw's got no chance with any of the hot Marvel ladies...'

'And, I don't know why, but thoughts of committing suicide are coming into my mind...'

Jerry wasn't the type of man that'd give up on life.

But the thought of committing suicide, ending this life with a shitty appearance and old body, and hoping to get a better body in the next one, didn't sound too bad to him.

Well, but he didn't even know if that was possible.

He doesn't know how he got in this situation but he was pretty sure that suicide wasn't the way to escape it. It's common sense!

'And what's up with this weird pathetic alien junk, huh? Even my pinky is bigger than this sorry snail... Wait my hands are pretty big, so maybe it's average-sized? But where are mah alien balls...?'

Jerry was just one step away from breaking down and becoming a sobbing mess. 'Oh, they're retractable, phew.'

Thankfully he found his balls. While playing with his retractable balls he wondered what's the average size of this species... Who knows? Maybe he was ultra pro max sized?

Shaking his head, he once again looked at the mirror, the elongated forehead told the tales of once having a fine hairline. But now just a few remained on the side and back of his head.

'I guess that Ebony Maw, that is me now, is very old, that explains the back pain, I guess.'

"At least I have powers now." He said to himself as he made the remains of the broken bathtub float above the floor and made them rotate mid-air.

Yeah, telekinesis.

Though not very strong.

Seeing the debris floating in the air, dancing along his whim like that, gave a pleasant feeling to Jerry. And seeing the mysterious phenomenon, a glimmer of hope ignited in his heart...

'I guess I'm in Marvel Universe now...'

The thrill he would've felt upon waking up in a new world, especially one like Marvel was massively underwhelming, all due to his 'special' looks and also that constant back pain.

'A universe filled with a variety of magic and hi-tech civilizations. My first goal should be to survive, obviously. But I should also search for a way to change my body. At least get a nose if none of that's not possible...'

'No, getting a new body must be possible in this chaotic fuck of universe, I just have to search deep enough.'

'For now I don't know if this is MCU or comics universe, but there should be a way... Infinity stones, magic, or science I'll use any method possible.'

Jerry's looked at his reflection in the mirror, a bizarre face without a nose looked back at him..."I'll even blackmail a celestial if I have to..."


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