Marvel: I Can Create Symbiotes!

Andy Westeros traveled through the Marvel World before WW2. Fortunately he awakened his Golden Finger that can make him have the power to protect himself. Having the ability to create a Symbiotes without weakness of sound wave and fire. Swallowing all types of metal to strengthens it defense. Devouring all types of weapon and technology to manifest it as equipment. Parasitizing Heroes and Villains to copy their talents and abilities. (The main world is Marvel Cinematic Universe x X-Men Cinematic Universe) (WARNING: THIS FANFIC WILL HAVE A MASSIVE HAREM) (NOTE: Altough I could change the earlier chapters to become readable with the help of A.I. However, I will not do it since some of the comments will disappear.) (I will be posting this fanfic on RoyalRoad. com) (English is not my native language so do not expect me to write a complicated english and will only use simple word, and this is my first time writing novel) (This is my own novel, not a translated chinese fanfic novel) (My english is really just broken to the core because of too much reading MTL chinese novel for years)

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Andy Westeros - Main Character

Predator Armor


[Agent Carter - Characters]

Peggy Carter - SSR Agent

Dottie Underwood - Black Widow

Agnes Cully - Madame Masque - Leader of the Masque Group

Violet - Silver Class Masque

Angie Martinelli - Silver Class Masque

Coleen O'brien - Silver Class Masque

Arlene French - Silver Class Masque

Molly Bowden - Silver Class Masque

Gloria - Silver Class Masque

Carol - Silver Class Masque

Vera - Silver Class Masque

Lory - Silver Class Masque

Helen - Silver Class Masque

Eva Westeros - Future Black Widow

Angela - Silver Class - Head Maid

(Receptionist of Isodyne Energy)


[Captain America: The First Avenger - Characters]

Private Lorraine - SSR Agent - Silver Class Masque

Connie Westeros - SSR Agent - Silver Class Masque

Bonnie Westeros - SSR Agent - Silver Class Masque

19 Star Spangled Singers - Maid - Bronze Class Masque


[Ms Marvel Character]


[X-Men Cinematic Universe]

Raven - Mystique

Emma Frost

[X-Men Comic Characters]

Adrienne Frost

Cordelia Frost

Astrid Bloom

Selene Gallio


Lady Lotus

Meggan Puceanu


[Comic Sorcerres]


Lady Linnea


[HYDRA Members]

Susan Sacrbo - Mother Nigh or Suprema

Julia Koenig - Warrior Woman

Sinthea Schmidt - Sister of Sin


[Other Comic Characters]

Jacqueline Falsworth - Spitfire

Gwendolyne Sabuki - Golden Woman

Ameiko Sabuki - Goldfire

Ryoko Sabuki - Radiance





Massive Harem

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