Marvel: I Can Create Symbiotes!

Andy Westeros traveled through the Marvel World before WW2. Fortunately he awakened his Golden Finger that can make him have the power to protect himself. Having the ability to create a Symbiotes without weakness of sound wave and fire. Swallowing all types of metal to strengthens it defense. Devouring all types of weapon and technology to manifest it as equipment. Parasitizing Heroes and Villains to copy their talents and abilities. (The main world is Marvel Cinematic Universe x X-Men Cinematic Universe) (WARNING: THIS FANFIC WILL HAVE A MASSIVE HAREM) (NOTE: Altough I could change the earlier chapters to become readable with the help of A.I. However, I will not do it since some of the comments will disappear.) (I will be posting this fanfic on RoyalRoad. com) (English is not my native language so do not expect me to write a complicated english and will only use simple word, and this is my first time writing novel) (This is my own novel, not a translated chinese fanfic novel) (My english is really just broken to the core because of too much reading MTL chinese novel for years)

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Chapter 27: Finally a Good News

In a huge underground facility of Umbrella Corporation headquarters on NYC.

A small guy is leading a group of 9 people, it took 10 minutes before they arrive at their destination.

In front of them is a huge door, inside the hude door is a spacious laboratory room with a huge white pod on the center.

The small guy is Bolivar Trask, he lead Andy and a woman inside the laboratory room while the others waited outside.

"This is it, Sir... with the help of the symbiote cell replicating the mutant x gene we collected, i managed to create this pod, i named it 'Mutant Awakening Chamber'." Bolivar said with a huge smile and rubbed his hand excitedly after introducing the machine he created.

"Good job! This will really bring a huge help to us... Say, what reward do you want? you can request anything from me." Andy nodded in satisfaction and praised him for his hardwork, he is also so excited now and literally grinning from ear to ear.

He didn't expect that Bolivar Trask to give him a huge surprised today, as expected of someone who created the Sentinel Robots and pushed the Mutants into extinctions.

"Can i really request anything?" Bolivar Trask asked in apprehensive manner.

"Yes, you can.... I can granted any of your request so don't be nervous." Andy nodded in confirmation.

"Then i will say it... I wanted to build my own company." Bolivar Trask said while watching Andy's expression carefully, he is afraid that his boss will get angry with his excessive request.

"That's it? Very well, you could form your own company and i will support you financially and politically." Andy promised, he didn't care if he wanted to to form Trask Industries just like in the move.

"Really? thank you Sir Westeros, thank you very much."

Bolivar Trask was overjoyed, forming his own company will become more convenient with the help of Westeros Family, .

"Anything else?" Andy asked again, his invention will really become a huge help for his plan so he deserves a big reward.

"In addition, Sir...I also would like to get injected by SSS."

He also wanted to try to undergone chrysalis, maybe it can hel him transformed with the help of serum and cured his dwarftism.

"Ok, you can do that later." Andy replied.

"Thank you sir." Bolivar Trask bowed his head thankfully to Andy.

"Hmmm" Andy nodded in a good mood, then stepped in front of the white pod and check it carefully.

A month ago after visiting India and subduing Aisha and other four clandestine, Andy become idle again, other than visiting his other women, he also spend his time courting and dating Aisha.

He also let the symbiote swallowed the Bangle from Aisha's hand, this thing is dangerous so he just let the symbiote mimic the bangle in her hands and she cannot used its power to open portal to Noor Dimension without his permision.

When the symbiote swallowed the bangle, the symbiote amplification was strengthened by 20% and the amplified capabilities of the symbiote to the host with extraordinary abilities is strengthened to 100% from the previous 80%.

Andy also tried equipping the bangle on each hand made by symbiote's cell but just like Aisha, he didn't get any extraordinary power or empowerment from it, It seemed only Kamala Khan is destined to be its user. Or maybe he needed to get the other pair of the bangle, but the whereabout of the other bangle is unknown.

Today, while having a breakfast with Aisha, Raven and Eva. He received a call from Bolivar Trask that he already completed making a chamber for mutants awakening and it only needed to be tested to know if its working.

After being overjoyed by the news, he brought the three girls to visit the laboratory and also ordered his subordinates to bring the 5 unawakened mutants in their custody.

"Will this kind of device really work on what you called Mutant?" Aisha asked in doubt.

"Of course Madam, trust my invention." Seeing this woman accompanied Andy, Bolivar Trask didn't dare to show any upset expression when someone questioned his work, so he answered in respectful manner and patted his chest in assurance.

Aisha is a bit surpised knowing the existence of Mutants after meeting Raven, because in their hundred years of staying on earth, they also comes across of humans with extraordinary abilities, but they called themselves Inhuman.

They are a group of people recruiting those people with Inhuman genes and bring them to Afterlife, they were also invited and mistaken as Inhuman by them.

"Well, its simple.... I will just let the symbiote absorbed this to know if this thing is working."

Andy touched the the huge pod and black liquid emerged from his hands to quickly covered the pod, after the mutant awakening chamber disappeared and take back the the symbiote.

He closed his eyes and check his ability, the Chrysalis of Evolution is upgraded and added a new capablity.

Just like he expected, the new capabalities can awaken the dormant mutant x gene of human.

"How is it, Sir?" Bolivar Trask asked expectantly.

Hearing his question, Andy opened his eyes and laugh cheerfully.

"Hahaha, good, good, good. you really live up to my expectation Doctor Trask."

Andy joyfully turned his attention to Bolivar and try to pat him on the shoulder but he accidentally patted his head.

Bolivar Trask height only reached his leg.

"Uggh, Sorry.... Anyway, good job." Andy take back his hand awkardly and give him a thumbs up.

"O-Kay.... Thank you, Sir." Bolivar Trask looked up to him feeling hurt and answered him with a thumbs up.

Aisha smiled seeing this funny scene, it looks like Andy is complimenting a child.

"Ahem... Now we only needed to test it." Andy coughed trying to change the embarrasing situation.

"Ok, kids... you can come inside now." Andy called the seven kids outside the room whispering to each other.

"Let's go..." Raven lead the other five kids, while holding the hands of Eva.

After arriving in front of him, one of girls step up to him and puffed up her chest to him.

"I'm not a kid." She retorted in displeasure to, she is the oldest one among the group.

She is Adrienne Frost, 14 years old this year, beside her is 11 years old Emma Frost and 9 years old Cordelia Frost.

"Well, you will always be a kid in my eye, naughty girl." Andy just teased and touch her head to mess up her hair.

"Hmmp, don't touch my hair." Adrienne patted his hands away then run back to hold her two younger sister.

"Hahaha." Andy laughed.

After controlling the Frost Family, he let the Masque Group take the Frost sisters away, and because of his intervention, the three Frost sisters has a better relationship unlike the comics.

He also occasionally visited them while the group is training them, so he is familliar with the three siblings.

In the comics, because of upbring of their family, Adrienne become cold and ruthless even toward her other siblings and showed little remorse when she was hurting them physically and emotionally.

After joking with her, he turned his attention to other two kids, its a black boy and black girl.

Honestly, Andy didn't expect to see this little girl in this world because she is a comic character, he suddenly has a whim when he looking at the three Frost sister, especially Emma Frost.

He recalled that that Emma has friend in university who is also a mutant, so he tried his luck maybe he can found her and let his subordinate search in London, luckily they found her.

Her name is Astrid Bloom, she is the friend and mentor of Emma Frost with the same Telepathic Power.

In the comics, this girl is a bit broken on her head, because of jealousy to her younger half-sister and not getting attention from her mother, she grown resentful, depressed and enraged to her sister.

When she reached 13 years old and awakened her mutant power, she mind-controlled her younger sister into killing their parents.

While studying on university, she met Emma Frost and found that she is also a mutant, she then taught Emma how use her power with evil intention and subtly manipulating her.

Later, Emma found out that she is doing wicked things behind her back and confronted her, the result of their fight is Emma Frost destroying Astrid Bloom's mind and ended up in a comatose state.

Astrid Bloom is the same age with Emma now, Andy didn't care if this girl is a villain as long as her behaviour can still be corrected and be loyal to the group.

The boy is Armando Muñoz 8 years old this year, after searching for him for years, Bolivar Trask eventually found him a month ago in some black neighborhood in California.

Andy is also full of joy when he received the good news and visited him for a while.

At first, Andy wanted him to become an experimental subject but Bolivar Trask said it's not needed because even though the symbiote can only exist for one day, it's enough for him to experiment.

Luckily, the symbiote has shapeshifting ability of Raven and can replicate all DNA cell even the mutant x gene collected by them. So instead of Armando lying on the experimental table, he was replaced by the symbiote replicating his mutant x gene.

"Alright.... you five kids quickly activate the chrysalis." Andy said expectantly, the four of these kids is all telepathic power while Armando Muñoz has the most anticipated ability for him.

"Like i said, i'm not a kid." Adrienne insisted and pouted.

"Uhuh, sister is right, we are not kids." Emma also echoed with her sister.

"Ok, ok... Fine, you are not kids." Andy can only compromised to them, saying to a kids they are just kids is offending them and evoke their rebeliousness.

"Hmmp, it's good that you know." Adrienne said in tsundere manner. on the inside, she is getting shy, now that he admit that she is not kid, maybe they can become a couple now.

After the farce, the five of them stand on the center and let the symbiote covered them into cocoon.

"You can go for now, i will let the family contact you later." Andy told to Bolivar Trask.

"Yes sir." Bolivar Trask bowed then trotted to go out of the room.

Andy hummed cheerfully, he manifested a couch and let Aisha sat on his lap.

Aisha can only rolled her eyes at his shamelesness, although the two of them still didn't share a bed at night, she already acquiesced in his adavncement. What can she do? her life is controlled by him, as long he doesn't force her, she will accept his courtship.