Marvel: I am selling Artifacts all over the Universe! (Hiatus) Book

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Marvel: I am selling Artifacts all over the Universe! (Hiatus)


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Raiden traveled to the Marvel world and opened an artifact shop. As long as he sells more equipment, he can build powerful artifacts to strengthen himself. Hulk: Hulk likes these pants very much, they are warm in winter and cool in summer, they are so comfortable! Thank you, Raiden! Hawkeye: I finally bought the Sun Shooting Bow! Thanos you bastard die under my arrows! Thor: Hela let's fight again! Using Thor's Hammer produced by Raiden, this time I will defeat you! Loki: Although this shiny mage robe is very nice, I like these two daggers more. Odin: Loki, Thor, you two prodigal sons, actually emptied all the treasures of Asgard! Ancient One: Can you tell me why I can't use magic here? Raiden: Oh, it's because the glass ball next to me is a forbidden magic ball... This book is also known as: I can change the setting of everything ==== :-Author: Soul Recall-: :-Translator: Seeker-: :-Editor: Seeker-: ps: Cover not mine. Found it on google. If it's your art and wants me to take it down, just message me. ------- ........


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