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Alex Hunt was a smart man. By no means was he a genius, but he stood solidly in the above-average class of society. He thought that when he died, he would at least go with a bang. Sadly for him though, his death was as generic as they came. Struck to death by a truck driven by a drunk driver who wasn’t looking. ‘At least there’s a bang…’ He thought as his head banged on the concrete. He thought that that was it for him, but destiny had other plans. He was reborn. Reborn as a Symbiote in a version of Earth that was definitely not the MCU. And with a system to boot. He didn’t know what he was going to do. But his first priority was to survive in this chaotic world that he’d just found himself in. One that’s far more chaotic than the MCU but similar at the same time. ============================================= Why am I writing this? I wanted to read a good Venom fanfic, couldn’t find it. Hence, I had to do it myself. There will be R-18 and it won’t be the conventional kind. It will be degenerate R-18 if you would call it that. Again… I cannot stress this enough… There’s quite a bit of extreme stuff in this book, so don’t complain in the comments about it. Will all of it be sex? Of course not, far from it actually. I’m trying to write a story with developed characters and a nice plot that I’m very ambitious about. It's not just R-18, there's going to be quite a bit of action too. The R-18 is a bonus. It will be pretty far from the realm of normality though (It’s venom. Of course it’s not normal sex… But the human element will be present.) Tags: [Non-human protagonist] (Surprise!) [Harem] (Again, surprise!) [Evil MC] (Maybe Chaotic Neutral...) [Gore] (Probably, the killing may get a little violent and brutal) And probably a lot more. I’m not sure if I will completely stick to these tags, but that’s the current plan. Might change as the story progresses. Oh, and also— Multiversal collapse. ============================================= I'm open to criticism so lay it on me if you have any genuine problem. Join my discord, you can give me suggestions and communicate with me regularly to get updates. https://discord.gg/c3kCBE32vn If you want to support me check out my Patréon. I post 15 advanced chapters of the book on my Patrèon along with some exclusive R-18 scenes. Check it out! www.patreon.com/addyctive ============================================= Also, none of the art is mine. I got it from Reddit. If the creator sees this and wants credit or wants me to take it down, just let me know. This is purely a work of fan fiction. Please support the official release and know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the characters.

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Symbiote 0225: Life-Threatening Mistake

When Laura finally woke up, Kamala was successfully able to feign sleep, even though it was an extremely difficult action when she realized that Laura was not only sniffing her hair but also touching her body all over. Unlike her, Laura seemed to have much more freedom with the presence of the suit.

No matter how much she suppressed it, Laura continued rubbing her body until getting a weak whimper out of Kamala. Only when Laura was satisfied did the suit recede into individual suits as Laura got out of bed and 'woke Kamala up' with a shake.

As the blushing girl opened her eyes, Laura spoke, "Get up, it's time to go out for training."

What followed was a harrowing period of so many days for Kamala that she lost track of the number. Waking up in the morning while tangled up with Laura in an intimate nude embrace. Training with her where they go out to fight abominations. When they came back home, they didn't have the energy to do anything other than sleep.

The only good thing was that food was never an issue even though the two girls were in a complete wasteland. Whatever Apex was feeding them seemed to be an all-encompassing nutrient solution that could take up any taste. Although Kamala did miss the texture of eating real food, the current situation wasn't too bad.

However, soon enough, that routine changed when one of the stronger Abominations decided to grace them with its presence in the middle of a fight against a weaker one.

"Let's retreat, Kamala," Laura said, stabbing her claw through the arm of the abomination that she and Kamala were fighting.

"What are you talking about?" The girl in question asked, "We can totally take it." She didn't get the hint and grabbed the abomination's other arm before exclaiming, "Embiggen." Just as Laura pulled her claw out of the abomination's arm, Kamala's hand wrapped around its body, leaving merely its head exposed as it continued to futilely struggle.

"We have to get going," Laura said, "We can't waste time on this guy. Let's go!" She didn't bother stabbing the abomination and pulled Kamala by their tether, causing the girl to lose her balance as her hand became small, freeing the abomination.

Despite being as dense as she was, Kamala understood that there was probably a bigger threat that Laura was trying to bring them away from. She didn't resist and started running along with Laura after throwing a punch at the abomination that was the size of its entire body. It was thrown away, making sure it couldn't follow or catch up to the two women.

Unfortunately, that abomination wasn't the one they needed to worry about. It was the one who fell down from the sky right in front of them, making them skid in their path so as not to collide with it. Instantly, both women noticed the distinctly more muscular and larger figure of the ‹Buff Grunt Class› abomination. They shared a look of tacit understanding and Laura charged at the abomination while Kamala extended her arms to immobilize the stronger variant of the zombie that they were fighting.

Sadly, the strength difference between the two parties was just far too much for them to be a match against it. Even the original Laura of Earth-Z, who was already much stronger than either of them, with the real Alex who could enhance her by multiple factors, wasn't a match for these abominations for a long while, let alone these two girls who had an inferior symbiote that Alex gave them. He wasn't even focusing on them since having dropped them in this wasteland. He had merely assigned a few automated directives to the suit and left the two girls there to fend for themselves. He could directly communicate with them and enhance them like the others with his collars if he wanted, but at the moment, he was busy with all sorts of other things and didn't treat them as a priority.

Just as the abomination landed in front of them, Kamala's arm wrapped around its legs to trip it before it could balance itself, and the other wrapped around its torso to keep its arms at bay. Laura extended her claws and jumped at its head in hopes of stabbing its eyes. She was successful, but only in enraging the abomination. The head wasn't a weak spot for the weaker class abominations, let alone this one. Within moments, it freed itself from Ms. Marvel's arm that was wrapped around its torso, tossing the petite woman in the distance before its hands grabbed onto Laura's claws and pulled them out of its skull.

Laura tried her best to keep it at bay, attacking it with her foot claws, but it was of no use. Her claws were pulled out of the abomination's head and it slammed her into the ground while keeping a tight grip on her claws. Laura's reaction came within a split second. Ignoring the pain that made her internals churn from being slammed into the ground, she detracted her claws and jumped back from it just as a punch landed on the ground where she previously was.

'We have to get away …' Laura realized, "Apex, pull Kamala to me." Laura instructed before bolting in a direction. At this point, the tether that connected the two women had been stretched by a huge margin since Kamala was thrown very far away. She the tether pulled her back toward Laura, the girl in question made a run for it.

What followed was a hopeless escape as the abomination kept catching up with them and reaching them no matter what they did. It was too fast for them to truly lose it. Eventually, both girls had completely fainted, Kamala, full of bruises and broken bones, and Laura, in a similar state or even worse state. Her healing factor tried its best to heal her but the abomination was already upon them once again. At this point, the two were completely unable to resist.

Just as the abomination threw a punch at Laura's head, the black suit that had her entire body covered extended up to block the abomination's arm.

"Seriously, can't these two listen to the suit's instructions? All they need to do is kill the abominations in their strength class and train. What's so hard about that?" Alex's complaining voice came out as he easily overpowered the abomination and devoured it, "I'll add in another fail-safe …" He decided and a wave of chaos energy passed all over the suits that covered both Kamala and Laura, making red lines appear all along the surface like a circuit that wrapped around them. "At least with this, I won't need to interfere again in case they end up in a similar situation."

After adding in the chaos energy circuit as a fail-safe, Alex disappeared, leaving the two fainted women on the ground as the suit adjusted around them and changed its color to match that of the ground around them. The rudimentary camouflage would be sufficient to escape if any stray abomination encountered them.

Eventually, Laura did wake up, having completely healed up as her suit made sure to feed her sufficient nutrients to supplement her healing factor. Kamala, however still needed some time. While she had enhanced healing, it was nowhere close to Laura's. She was still unconscious even as Laura got up, giving Kamala an annoyed look, "She needs to start listening to me …" Laura decided before putting the injured girl over her shoulder and walking back to their bunker.

Kamala's eyes opened as a groan escaped her lips, a splitting headache assaulting her, making her squint her eyes as a familiar dim light entered her pupils. She was in the bunker. Her eyes widened at the realization and she met eyes with Laura, "We're alive!" She exclaimed before jumping at Laura and hugging her tightly. Or at least that's what she wanted to do. As she met Laura's eyes, she wanted to hug her in glee, but her arms and legs were restrained while having been spread apart as she was attached to the wall.

"Laura," Kamala said, her eyes filling with apprehension, "what is all this? Let me go." She struggled but Laura's expressionless face spooked her a little and made her decide to use her powers to free herself. Unfortunately for her, just as she tried to activate her powers, she got the response that they were deactivated, 'I was injured,' She realized with a gulp, recalling the horrible injuries that she had sustained. Whenever she healed from such kinds of injuries, her other powers would be disabled for some time.

Laura didn't say anything sitting on a chair beside the wall that Kamala was attached to, waiting for the girl to calm down in her restraints. When it finally happened, Laura opened her mouth, "You never listen, Kamala," She said. "After multiple close calls, you finally ended up getting us in trouble."

"How–how did we get back here?" Kamala asked, her voice trembling as she tried to keep herself calm.

"Apex," Laura answered. That was when Kamala noticed the red lines all over Laura's body as the usual sleek black suit seemed to have gained a new appearance. It made her recall a circuit board as she trailed her gaze along the lines that circled Laura's breasts, streaked down her torso, and went in between her legs while also extending down her thighs to her legs. "Kamala!" Laura's exclaim startled the girl.

"Yes, ma'am!" She said, her eyes looking straight at Laura.

"Will you listen to me from now on," Laura asked, "and not be stubborn?"

Kamala nodded, "I don't know why the suit only talks to you, but I understand. I will listen to your orders." As Laura directed a sharp gaze at Kamala, the girl realized her mistake, "Ma'am …" She said awkwardly as a blush appeared on her face.

Laura nodded as Kamala felt the restraints around her limbs loosening and allowing her to be free from the wall that she was stuck to. Just as the tips of her toes landed on the ground, Laura wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her down, making her yelp. Moments after being freed of her restraints, she was restrained once again, and this time, she felt much more exposed and embarrassed. She had been put across Laura's lap with both her hands and legs tied to the ground and keeping her immobilized.

Laura didn't say a word and rested her palm on Kamala's butt, making the restrained girl intimately aware of what was about to happen.


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