16 Introductions (2/3) **

Alex formed a deeper bond with her as he enhanced her hormone production and metabolism while enhancing her sensitivity.

Natasha's body was filled with hidden internal injuries that weren't possible to heal without superhuman healing so Alex also laid the groundwork to start healing those injuries.

[Mhm~] There was a flinch in her thoughts. Her mouth was suppressed so there was no noise in the bathroom.

It was the sudden secretion of dopamine which was making her really horny. The tight-fitting suit that was making her body all sensitive wasn't helping her situation.

But she still didn't make a peep. She was someone with far more willpower than most people.

[Should we seal the deal, Natasha?] Alex asked her as he formed his full body in front of the suspended Natasha and took out his cock.

He exposed her crotch to the air and rubbed his cock over her snatch.

[Whhat~?] Her thoughts were a little slurred. She was only able to hold back by gritting her teeth and not thinking anything.

[We will be sealing the deal with sex.] He told her nonchalantly as he rubbed his cock over her extremely sensitive pussy lips.


[It's important.] He told her with a serious tone.

[But… Anh~]

[You don't want to be fucked by an alien?] He teased her while still rubbing his cock over her pussy, increasing her arousal more and more.

At this point, Natasha just wanted to be filled. She was feeling so, so empty. She wanted a cock to ram into her depths. She was only holding herself back through sheer determination.

[I'll take my human form while we do this, okay? You can think of me as your very intimate partner who also strengthens you.] He told her.

He knew that he could easily fuck her without her agreement and be done with it, but that would result in losing her trust. She would never be able to fully trust him. And he didn't want that.

She still held on and was hesitant.

Alex made the mask that was suppressing all of her senses release her eyes and nose. She was already having a very difficult time with the loss of breath.

And then she was able to see him. Alex was standing in front of her, fully naked with his Norse god-like body fully on display.

Natasha was floating in front of him with her limbs spread apart and completely under his control.

Alex held her waist as he rubbed his cock over her pussy while bringing his face close to hers.

He hadn't removed the suppression on her mouth and ears as he didn't want her to make any noise and the ear suppressors were just there because he wanted them to be.

[Will you trust me?] He looked into her eyes with a look that would've made any girl swoon over him and caressed the side of her face.

For the first time in a long time, Natasha revealed a rare vulnerable look and nodded. She closed her eyes, not wanting to think of anything else.

[That's my girl.] He ran his fingers through her lovely fiery hair and pushed his cock inside her.

[Ahn~] She moaned as she felt his cock enter her as his other hand grabbed her butt.

Alex kept going and completely buried his cock deep inside her snatch.

[Ahh~ Alex…] She called out to him as she felt his cock completely fill her. It was so large that she felt that it would tear her in half.

Natasha felt like her mind was melting from the pleasure that she was feeling here.

Alex was enjoying fucking this woman silly as he played with her tits as the black suit started disappearing from her body, leaving her completely naked.

He put his mouth over one of her breasts and played with the other using his hand. He would nibble, pinch, flick and tease her breasts as he rammed his cock into her.

Natasha was completely under Alex's control while being suspended in the air at the perfect spot to be penetrated by Alex who had his way with her.

[Ahh~ Awex~] Even her thoughts were incoherent as she screamed and felt like she was getting overwhelmed by the pleasure.

[Cumming~] Within seconds, she started cumming, hard.

Alex kept going as she squirted all over his dick.

He decided to go even further as he decided to try something new with Natasha.

[Ahhn~] She was feeling overwhelming pleasure as Alex kept going even though she'd already come.

[Huh~?] There was a confused moan as she felt something poking her back door.

[Alex~?] She understood what he was about to do and felt that it might be too much for her.

She already felt like she was bursting with his monster cock inside her. If he decided to fuck her anally too, then she was scared about what would happen to her. But at the same time anticipatory.

[You're amazing Natasha… Honestly, your insides feel heavenly.] He complimented her as he teased her anal cavity with another identical 9-inch phallus.

[I don't think~ Ahn~] She tried to tell him about her apprehension.

[Don't think. Just enjoy the experience…] He didn't let her say anything else as the phallus started invading her ass.

Even while suspended in the air, her back arched as the cock started invading her ass.

[Ahnnn~] She was feeling too many sensations and her eyes had already rolled back as she could only accept the overwhelming pleasure that Alex was dishing out.

Alex finally pushed it completely in and at this point Natasha was filled completely to the brim in both her holes.

He deepened the connection with her even more as tiny tendrils seemed to extend from his cock and invaded Natasha's uterus. He used the chance to examine the state of her uterus to see how her sterilization works while deepening the bond. It would allow him to heal her with ease later on.

Alex kept going at his pace for quite a while as he teased and explored her body completely, making her body feel so much pleasure that she wouldn't ever be able to live without him.

In front of his invasion of her body, all Natasha could do was twitch and moan incoherently.

By the time Alex was done, she had cum tens of times and Alex had been sustaining her body and mind so that she doesn't break.

[I'm going to fill you up, my partner…] He whispered to her.

Before she could realize the significance of his words, Alex came and started filling up both of her cavities with an ungodly amount of cum.

The force that the cum shot out with, made her orgasm once again.

When Alex pulled out, a large amount of his cum fell on the floor from both of her holes.

When he finally pulled out of her, she gave a sigh of relief inwardly and started drifting off to sleep.

Even with inhuman levels of endurance and willpower, this experience was too much for her to bear and she ended up knocked out.

The tendrils that had been suspending her in the air lowered her as Alex caught her in his arms.

'She's amazing…' He thought as he sat with her in his lap, forming a comfortable chair.

She curled up like a kitten in his embrace while she rested as Alex finally started making changes to her body.

He'd also classified the bonds that he made with the girls into levels.

‹Level 0›:: Initial bond. Allows minimal influence to host biology. Can be established without the knowledge of the host. Current Recipient: Wanda Maximoff

‹Level 1›:: Shallow Bond. Allows for influencing the hormonal levels of the host and basic biological manipulation. Current Recipient: Gwen Stacy (Earth-65 Ghost-Spider)

‹Level 2›:: Physique Bond. Allows for higher influence on the host's biology and allows greater augmentation and induction of permanent enhancements to the host. Current Recipient: Natasha Romanoff, Gwendolyn Stacy

He hadn't explored a higher level yet so there was no need to think of that, for now.

He also added this new section to the system's status interface.

{ «Status- Host #3»

«Name: Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)»

«Bonding Rate: 8%»

«Bonding Level: 2»

«Powers: Peak Human Physique (300 kg)— Melee Mastery— Espionage Mastery»


He also saw that her physique had increased after the enhancements that he'd made to her body during their bonding session.

The bonding rate had reached 8% and it would only be a while before Natasha also started providing him 0.1 EP/Day.

'Now though, it's time to learn from her…' He was going to wake her up.

He was sitting on a comfy couch that he'd formed from a part of his body and had the naked Natasha curled up in his lap.

"Natasha… Wake up." He shook her awake symbolically. It had no meaning as he did it just for fun. He could wake her up without doing anything.

At the same time though, he rejuvenated her mind as he made her feel completely rested. That was what had her flutter her eyes open.

Natasha, for the first time in a really long time, felt like she'd gone into a peaceful and truly deep sleep.

She felt completely rejuvenated and at peace as she opened her eyes.

What greeted her was the smiling face of a man, it was Alex.

"Morning Natasha…" He greeted her.

"Alex…" As if recalling everything, she looked at him with a complicated look.

"Don't think weird things. We're bonded, and for life at that. Now I'll merge back with you." He told her as he placed her on the couch and disappeared into her body.

Seeing the man that had just turned into a mass of black tendrils, Natasha was feeling weird, and at the same time, was curious about what more he had in store for her.


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