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Marvel: Horus, God of Evolution


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Young Horus was unexpectedly murdered by a satellite while walking home from his last gaming competition. To his unsurprising self, he is met with laughing when he comes to after burning to death. The god he meets is his ROB. Though, this ROB is too keen on laughing at how he died to a satellite. “Eh, who the f*ck is laughing? Come here, my hands are feeling itchy!” Giving him 3 wishes and a chance to choose world of his choosing, Horus reincarnates in to the body of Horus, God of the War, Sky, Sun, and Evolution. Read as Horus traverses his way through time and meets some of his favorite characters in the Marvel continuity. *** MC will start off with the Gods of Egypt movie due to there being no substantial marvel background data. (It’ll be altered quite a bit) Then, he will encounter Seth (Set) that will spark the marvel comics/MCU events for Horus’s background. The first Arc will be MC growing up and becoming a symbol to the people of Egypt/Wakanda. MC will spend 1/3 of the book conquering the MCU (it’s the weakest.) Eventually, he will start expanding the multiverse. I may keep it mainly on Earth 616 tho.


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