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Why did Apocalypse die naked on the street? Why did Iron Man scream miserably in the middle of the night? Why does Wakanda repeatedly fall into the wrong hands? Why is Asgard frequently targeted by thefts? Why couldn't Thanos snap his fingers, and who was behind it? What lies behind the Avengers' worried faces? Is it the distortion of human nature or the decline of morality? Stay tuned to this book as we follow the protagonist into their inner world... . . . . . . . . Not my story. Translation If you want to support me you. My pat*eon Id is--> pat*eon.com/Lord_Immortal_0170 Or you feel like tipping me for my hardwork you can do so on Ko*fi --> ko-fi.com/lord_immortal_0170

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Meta-Human Accord

"Moreover, these people completely disregard the consequences!"

"Mr. Zane, how would you address these individuals?"

After speaking, the refined man calmed his excited breath, stared directly into Zane's eyes, but was forced to look away by the faint majesty in Zane's eyes.

There it is, the last resort. Zane saw the excessively excited look on the refined man's face and felt no ripple in his heart, even feeling a bit amused.

"No need for these nonsense words. What is the real purpose of the U.S. government?"

Zane asked with interest, curious about how far these politicians could go in overestimating themselves.

After hearing Zane's words, the refined man regained his composure.

He shook his head and continued his performance.

"You're wrong, Mr. Zane."

"It's not just our U.S. government. Now, governments all over the world can no longer ignore the existence of someone like you."

"In the past, individuals like you were not subject to any supervision or restraint, but now superhumans like you have been completely exposed to the public."

"Governments around the world have had to propose measures to be accountable to the people."

"After discussions among elites from various countries, we have proposed a solution."

With that, the refined man took out a thick book from his briefcase, the cover of which read "Meta-Human Accord."

Those who knew would recognize it as an accord, while those who didn't might mistake it for a new book by some author.

It's hard for those so-called elites to have come up with this accord overnight. They even managed to write a 'book' in one night; it's a loss for the people of the world if they don't write novels!

Zane curiously took the so-called "Meta-Human Accord" from the refined man's hand and flipped through it.

Seeing Zane cooperating, a hint of satisfaction appeared on the refined man's face, and he hurriedly began to explain:

"This accord has the support of 117 countries. It stipulates that meta-humans will no longer be private organizations."

"All actions of meta-humans from tonight onward will be supervised by a special group set up by the United Nations."

"And you and your abilities will be registered in the international database."

"After that, all meta-humans can only act with the approval of the special group."

"Mr. Zane, please sign this agreement and become a legal superhero."

With that, the refined man took out a luxurious gold pen from the pocket of his jacket and handed it to Zane.

Zane, who was still interested in flipping through the "Meta-Human Accord," casually took the refined man's pen.

To be honest, Zane didn't feel a hint of annoyance now; instead, he felt like laughing. He didn't know how those elites from various countries came up with this agreement.

This is not an agreement at all. In Zane's eyes, it's a collection of jokes, with every sentence on it showing the ignorance of these arrogant ants.

For example, one clause reads:

Clause 349: All meta-humans must report their approximate activities to the special group each month. Failure to report will result in sanctions by other meta-humans.

My goodness! These people even came up with rules to divide meta-humans internally. And they unreasonably see themselves as the 'parents' of meta-humans who can end their lives at will.

Zane felt his stomach ache from laughing.

"Nice pen." After taking the pen, Zane casually praised.

"Thank you. This was given to me by the president when I graduated from Yale University," the refined man said with a hint of pride.

Actually, this is something worth bragging about for ordinary people for a lifetime, but it's meaningless to Zane.

Even Zane felt that the refined man was mocking him, which made him more angry than this piece of nonsense agreement.

What? Are you proud of having a high education degree?

Zane casually activated a trace of death power to cover the beautiful gold pen. How could ordinary objects withstand divine power?

The pen seemed to melt and crumbled into specks of gold dust that drifted down from Zane's fingertips.

In the reflection of the sunlight, it looked like a golden ribbon, extremely beautiful.

Seeing his beloved pen ruined by Zane, a hint of heartache flashed across the refined man's face, and the fake smile that usually hung on his face disappeared without a sound.

The two bodyguards behind him also subtly put their hands on their gun holsters.

As long as Zane showed a hint of hostility, they would not hesitate to kill him. This was discussed before they came.

Moreover, the guns in the holsters were specially made, using the material that Zane currently lacks the most, vibranium.

After a ridiculous expert analysis, bullets made of vibranium could definitely penetrate Zane's defense and kill him.

But it seemed like Zane didn't notice their little movements at all, continuing to read the "collection of jokes" in his hands.

"I guess I'm not the first one, am I? Who has signed this thing so far?"

Zane asked casually.

The refined man thought Zane might have a change of heart after hearing that.

"Last night, Spider-Man, Doctor Banner, Professor X, and Iron Man have all signed the agreement."

"Now, only you, Mr. Zane, and Magneto are left!"

"Oh!" Zane was surprised.

Little Spider Peter, Banner, and Professor X they signed it but Zane wasn't surprised at all.

They probably couldn't wait to have this agreement, becoming legal superheroes.

But Tony signing it was enough to surprise Zane. Logically speaking, at this time, Tony was still in the status of 'big brother of the sky and second to me.' How could he sign this thing?

It seems that Pepper's death hit him hard; he spent one night going through nearly 10 years of the character's emotional journey.

;Does this count as me ripening him myself?' Zane thought to himself.

"And what if I don't sign this thing? How will you deal with me?"

Zane closed the "collection of jokes" in his hand, smiling evilly at the refined man.

"The United States is a country of laws. We won't do anything to you, and the word 'deal with' is too harsh."

The refined man smiled hypocritically, then took out another document from his briefcase and placed it on the table in front of Zane.

"But, Mr. Zane, it seems that many competitors of your Skynet Technologies have disappeared for no reason. What are your thoughts on this?"

The refined man said meaningfully.

And Zane also put down the "Meta-Human Accord" in his hand and picked up the document.

The document listed the people who were suppressed by Skynet Technologies before and later disappeared for no reason, numbering nearly 100.

Although there was no evidence, all the information pointed to Skynet Technologies.

The refined man's meaning couldn't be clearer.

If Zane doesn't sign this contract, his Skynet Technologies will face endless suppression from the government.

There are many ways for a country to deal with a company.

For example, every now and then, they can come up with some reasons to stop your business, investigate your products from time to time, find fault with them, and cancel military orders with you.

In the long run, it will definitely destroy Skynet Technologies.

But they didn't think that Zane would care about these.

To Zane, Skynet Technologies was just something he created on a whim. Even if he gave it to a homeless man on the street who looked pleasing to the eye, Zane wouldn't hesitate.

Zane sees Skynet Technologies as a shackle on himself. It's a shackle that restrains himself and Earth!


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