Marvel : Godly Lottery System

Why did Apocalypse die naked on the street? Why did Iron Man scream miserably in the middle of the night? Why does Wakanda repeatedly fall into the wrong hands? Why is Asgard frequently targeted by thefts? Why couldn't Thanos snap his fingers, and who was behind it? What lies behind the Avengers' worried faces? Is it the distortion of human nature or the decline of morality? Stay tuned to this book as we follow the protagonist into their inner world... . . . . . . . . Not my story. Translation If you want to support me you. My pat*eon Id is--> pat*eon.com/Lord_Immortal_0170 Or you feel like tipping me for my hardwork you can do so on Ko*fi --> ko-fi.com/lord_immortal_0170

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Zane took out the gun, walked behind one of the men, and with a loud bang, the head of the person who had been laughing a moment ago exploded like a smashed watermelon. Though Zane had never used a gun before, aiming directly at his head made it impossible to miss. Zane's execution skills were impeccable.

In the instant the gun went off, the remaining five were splattered with blood, and their champagne glasses were tainted red. They were momentarily stunned, unable to believe that the person who had just been talking and laughing with them was now dead.

Immediately, they cowered under the table. They observed the entire room and found no one else besides them. The questions of how the person died remotely, why the glass of the building wasn't shattered by a sniper rifle, were no longer within their consideration.

Now, they just wanted to stay alive. Seeing the huge assets about to fall into their hands, they couldn't bear to die. The dead person was also left unattended, as having one less person to split the money was actually quite convenient.

The bodyguards outside heard the gunshots and rushed in, but upon surveying the surroundings and finding no enemies, and no bullet holes in the building's glass, they were bewildered. There was suddenly one less employer, and they were a bit confused.

They could only surround the remaining five individuals and slowly evacuate from this dangerous area. At this moment, the one who fired the gun, Zane, stood right in front of them, holding his breath to maintain [God's Absence]

It was only now that he truly realized the terrifying aspect of this skill. If it weren't for the necessity to hold his breath to activate the skill, this ability would not be merely A-ranked; it would undoubtedly be upgraded to S-ranked. This skill was undoubtedly an assassin's divine technique.

Shooting someone in front of people, and no one can even notice you. They can only feel helpless as they hear the sound of gunfire and look around in confusion, dying without knowing why. At this moment, Zane was like a cat playing with a mouse, lifting the gun in front of everyone once again, taking aim at the remaining five individuals.

Although Zane had done many things after entering this floor, only 50 seconds had passed. Zane still had 40 seconds to act before retreating.

Fearing that the night would be long and full of terrors, Zane decided not to toy with them any longer. Even though they were in a state of panic and fear, Zane believed that their expressions were satisfying.

Along with 5 gunshots, Zane swiftly took care of the remaining 5 individuals. Calmly leaving amidst the tense figures of the 10-plus bodyguards, Zane sighed in relief only after entering the elevator and lifting the [God's Absence]

Upon returning home, the system's notification sound finally arrived.

[Congratulations, Master, the mission is completed.]

[You've earned a C-level lottery chance.]

[Would you like to proceed with the draw?]

"Not now, let's do it tomorrow."

[Alright, Master.]

Zane sighed deeply, sitting on the bed, staring blankly at his hands. They were clean, with neatly trimmed nails. However, just half an hour ago, these hands took the lives of 6 beasts. Zane's emotions were complex, and he had no mood for the lottery. At the moment, he just wanted to be alone.

Fear? Not really.

Excitement? No.

Satisfaction? Not exactly.

Zane closed his eyes in silent contemplation, trying to analyze his current emotions. Eventually, he realized that he felt almost nothing. That was the complexity of his feelings – a natural indifference towards the existence of life. Even the slight joy he felt was due to the 6 resurrection chances granted by the passive skill [Death River.]

The next morning at 10 a.m., Zane emerged from his door with bloodshot eyes and a tired yawn.

Last night, he had pondered over philosophical questions, sleeping late. Fortunately, he managed to resolve it and didn't dwell on the matter.

'So what if I'm a murderous maniac? Damn it, love me or hate me.' That was Zane's answer.He initially planned to sleep in, but the doorbell interrupted his rest.

"Who is it?" Zane stood at the door, angrily asking.

"Police, investigating some matters. Please open the door, Mr. Zane, and cooperate with the investigation." Hearing it was the police outside, Zane's initially groggy awareness instantly cleared.

He then smiled slightly, thinking, 'Why did they take so long? The efficiency of the police is truly impressive, wasting taxpayers' money.'

Although Zane internally ridiculed them, he still opened the door promptly. The moment the door opened, Zane returned to his initial confused appearance.

The police officers who came asked Zane questions like where he was last night and what he did. They also conveyed the news of the deaths of those 6 individuals. Zane cooperated, feigning a shocked expression. After checking the house and finding no evidence, the two police officers left.

Zane watched them depart, and in the moment of turning back, he disdainfully glanced at his own mouth. Yesterday, he used "Thousand Faces" to change his appearance and left through the backyard surveillance blind spot, activating the [God's Absence] before leaving.

There were no eyewitnesses, and he had erased all traces. Zane proudly asserted that detective novels from his previous world weren't read in vain.

If the police could still uncover the truth with this setup, there would be no need for superheroes to save the world. Just call 300 cops, and they could probably overpower Thanos.

As Zane prepared to go back for a bit more sleep, the doorbell rang again...

Zane was puzzled. Who else could be looking for him now?

Although curious, Zane stood up and opened the door.

Before him, there was a refined young man in a wheelchair, and beside him was someone with big glasses, looking somewhat awkward.

"Hello, is this the residence?" The young man in the wheelchair politely asked.

"Yes, who are you?" Seeing these two people with a strangely familiar feeling, Zane suddenly felt something was amiss.

"Sorry, forgot to introduce myself. I'm Charles Francis Xavier. This is Hank. We've come to recruit students."


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