47 B-Level Skill Draw

Because the river was conductive, it wouldn't be pleasant for Electro if he touched it. It might not be lethal, but it could paralyze him for a while.

Little did Zane know, Electro, who could initially transform into electricity, suddenly found that he couldn't elementalize himself anymore. Now Electro was completely panicked and frantically struggled, repeatedly attempting to transform into electricity but being restricted by the energy covering the chains.

Only energy could lock down energy, and the energy on Zane's chains came from the Space Stone, fundamentally outclassing Electro-Man's electricity in multiple dimensions. If he could escape, there would be a miracle.

Zane sat on the throne, calmly watching Electro's desperate struggles, treating him like a clown.


In the end, accompanied by Electro's unwilling and miserable scream, dozens of giant swords, poised to strike, jetted out, stabbing him like a cork. The electric current leaked from Electro's body followed the sewage on the ground, electrocuting the people who had turned into soaked chickens due to the river water, one by one. Although not lethal, it was still uncomfortable.

Only Peter, with his girlfriend, agilely extended his hand and jumped to a high place early, avoiding this disaster.

Subsequently, the giant swords stuck in Electro's body exploded, completely ending his life. The shockwaves from the explosion, along with the electric energy released after Electro's death, shattered all the glass of the Osborn Tower.

Watching the glass shards falling like a downpour, Zane hesitated, looking at the bewildered crowd below. In the end, he used the [King's Treasury] to turn these glass pieces into dust.

(The glass of the building is made of tempered glass, and breaking it won't harm people. Please don't mind this point.)

In the end, Zane was still influenced a bit by the noble character of Ancient One. Before, he wouldn't have helped these people, but now Zane took action, limited to what he could easily do. If it harmed his interests, Zane would definitely only say, "Goodbye."

Zane did not retrieve the chains that bound Electro and the dozens of giant swords that hit him. It was too annoying. Zane had already decided that when he got home, he would clean everything in the King's Treasury, or he might shoot out a lump of mud next time.

"Still not considerate enough. Why did I pretend to use river water? Isn't mineral water better even though it is expensive?" Zane thought in his heart.

As for why Zane's thoughts kept drifting away while fighting Electro, it's not because Zane has become a careless guy, but because Zane didn't put Electro in his eyes at all. In terms of ability to restrain and mentality, Zane completely dominated him, and there was no possibility of losing at all. That's why Zane allowed his thoughts to wander.

The strong are called strong not just because they have power. They also need a powerful mind to control their power, and they need to have their firm beliefs in life. Any of the three missing is unacceptable.

Like Thanos, although his power is not self-conceited, his belief is to be the family planner of the universe, saying that he will kill half of life and sacrifice even his most beloved daughter for this goal. This belief is indestructible, although it is hated by people, Zane thinks this is a real strong person.

And Electro is at most a nouveau riche.

Zane's belief is not as great as Thanos, his belief is very simple, completely inconsistent with what a traverser should have, such as claiming to be king, ruling the world, or destroying the world and so on.

Zane's belief has always been simple, only one: to protect. Protect his own life and property, protect his loved ones, protect his life.

Whoever dares to reach out to do something to him Zane dares to go over and cut off his claws.

You see, it's very simple, but it's not that simple in the Marvel world...

Peter hugged his girlfriend and watched Zane's disappearing figure in the sky, and then looked at the disheveled people below. His heart was very complicated, so complicated that he didn't even know what he was thinking now.

When the lift finally recovered electricity in Osborn Tower, it was already two days later. The elevator was already blurred in Harry's mind, and two days without water, coupled with the torture of illness on his body, had brought him to the brink of collapse.

You know, a dark and closed environment will magnify a person's perception infinitely. In these two days, Harry could clearly feel every inch of change in his body, and he could clearly feel that his skin was already starting to decay. The endless waiting also made his mind fall into chaos, and now he hasn't gone crazy. The reason is that he has two beliefs supporting him.

One is to get the spider serum from the negative seventh floor to survive, and the other is to seek revenge on Peter Parker and those high-level executives of Osborn Industries.

Peter hugged his girlfriend and watched Zane's disappearing figure in the sky, and then looked at the disheveled people below. His heart was very complicated, so complicated that he didn't even know what he was thinking now.

When Zane and Lorna just arrived home, the system's notification sound rang.

[Congratulations, Master, task completed.]

[You have earned a B-level skill draw.

[May I ask if the Master wishes to proceed with the draw?"]

"Wait for a moment."

After arriving home, Zane and Lorna, without any coordination, rushed into two bathrooms, cleaning themselves thoroughly from inside out. It was evident that they were disgusted by that foul smell.

As for why they didn't shower together, Zane mentioned that he was afraid he couldn't control himself, and although Lorna was a bit expectant, her shy nature as a girl made it difficult for her to suggest that Zane shower with her.

This difference in concepts can be seen. Many boys and girls have intimate relationships by the age of 16. Yet, Zane, with some traditional beliefs, stubbornly believed that it's only proper to engage in intimate activities with Lorna at the age of 18; otherwise, he wouldn't have a clear conscience.

Perhaps Lorna understood Zane well, so she teased him a bit, making Zane burn with desire every time. He could only rely on kissing and caressing to release it, and the final act was something he wouldn't touch. This made Lorna more delighted, even a bit unrestrained. Zane endured pain and pleasure, swearing that on Lorna's 18th birthday, he would make sure she wouldn't get out of bed the next day.

After the shower, Zane hugged Lorna and went to sleep. After Lorna fell asleep, Zane opened his eyes and silently said:

"System, start the draw."


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