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37 - Hypixel Defense

"The east wall has been invaded, we need people to help defend!" A player came running to the town square.

Here, in the town square, several famous players were gathered. Most of these players are known through the Hunger Games Rankings or the Skyblock Rankings.

Among these players, all were wearing colored capes. But among these people there were some who had more prestige than others, and these were the people who wore black capes with purple accents, the cape of Ender Dragon.

"We're going to send Team 38 there, they just defended the west wall and got a lot of powerful items." Shuri said with a serious expression, as if she really was an experienced general of a large army, which contrasted a lot with her cute appearance.

When monsters started to invade, players didn't have equipment to fight these monsters, so they just punched until they killed the monsters. But luckily they found that killing monsters was dropping items like swords and armor, which made it much easier to kill more and more monsters.

Initially players were just attacking without any coordination, until NedTheKing started issuing some orders for more efficient ways to attack and players started listening to his tactics to improve the city's defense.

Unfortunately, Ned was just an ordinary student, so his tactics were limited to just the war strategy games he had played before, but soon other players with Ender Dragon cloaks came up next to him and they started arguing about tactics, even that a small chain of command has formed between the players.

If this were another game, players would hardly listen to other players and just act as they pleased, but this was Hypixel. Here they really saw and interacted with other people in person, a place where they could have a lot more fun than traveling to other countries, so nobody wanted to do something wrong and be the cause of the downfall of this magical city.

"All right, Team 38, please go to the west gate and help the teams there defend the wall, don't let any monsters invade!" Ned yelled to the 38 players, who soon ran to the west gate holding the stone swords they received from killing monsters.

The players soon discovered that the attack was being carried out in waves. The first wave gave players wooden swords, the second wave gave players stone swords, the third wave they didn't know yet.

"Those dragons haven't attacked yet..." A man with long black hair said with a thoughtful expression.

His nickname was [Teacher ].

"Yes, as with each attack wave the equipment is improving, maybe these dragons only attack after players have diamond swords." A woman replied.

Her nickname was [Natália ].

"Has anyone gotten a bow yet? Dealing with dragons without bows will be a suicidal task." A white-haired black woman commented.

Her nickname was [McQueen ].

"Not yet, so far the amount of skeletons in the waves was very low, none of them dropped a bow. But maybe in the next waves this could be higher." Ned replied.

"Reporting to the leaders, 200 more players have connected in the town square and want to help in the battle." A player arrived at the command center with an excited expression.

Because of this player's cape, people might think he was also part of the players' command team, as he wore an Ender Dragon cape, but this player only spent a few minutes in the command center and got really bored before he decide to go out and help the fight into their own hands.

This player's nickname was [PParker ].

Ned and Peter were at school when the Hypixel attack started, but when they found out what was going on, the two ran away because they were sick and managed to escape classes very easily. As both had very high grades, it was not difficult to convince the teacher to release them to go home.

"Very well, take them to the weapons warehouse and tell them to each get a wooden sword, if they get a stone sword they must return the wooden sword to the warehouse, and let them know about sword donations." Ned said with a smile to Peter.

"OK!" Peter responded excitedly before running back to Spawn and taking the players to the Warehouse.

Players had obtained many wooden swords in the first wave, and when they received stone swords from the second wave, the leaders decided to save the wooden swords for new players who wanted to do battle, while the surplus stone swords would be stored for the players to use after they die.

When they died the swords they used disappeared, so they always needed more weapons.

PParker took the new players to the warehouse and each received a wooden sword from the player named [Milaje02 ]. They were in charge of the warehouse as they were very smart and disciplined.

"Did Team 01 manage to kill the Boss?" Shuri asked Professor Xavier.

"I haven't heard from them yet, but I trust those players' sense of battle." Professor replied with a smile.

Team 01 was the X-Men team. Among them were Kurt, Scott, Jean, Anna, Kitty and Logan, who just wanted to fight and kill monsters. Xavier, Ororo and Hank were at the command line.


Fireworks sounded in the center of the city, which made players scream in excitement and start attacking the monsters even more excitedly.

When players killed the first wave Boss, fireworks sounded in celebration, so as it happened again this can only mean that Team 01 managed to kill the second Boss as well!

"I think we have our answer, Princess." Professor replied with a smile.

"Yeah, glad you got it." Shuri aka Princess responded happily.

Players soon finished killing the monsters as they regrouped in the center of town to hear their next orders.

After each wave the players had 15 minutes to rest and shower in real life if they needed to, so this was also the time they would gather to discuss new ideas.

At this point, while the players were talking seriously downtown, Alex was flying invisible through the city with a smile on his face, he was prepared to implement the second part of his plan.


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