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221 - Hiruzen's Plan

"You want me to go with a team of ninja from the Senju Clan to help the Uzumaki defend their village and bring a new Jinchuuriki to Konoha?" Tsunade asked confused and angry. "And at no time did you think to tell me that the Uzumaki village would be attacked?"

"Tsunade, you were already so focused on the ongoing war that I didn't want to burden you any more..." Hiruzen said, pretending to be worried about her.

But Tsunade didn't believe it, she had already seen how intelligent this teacher of hers was and how he knew how to deal with people.

"I'm glad you decided to tell me this now, I'm going to separate a group of Senju ninjas to go to the Uzumaki village to help them deal with this." Tsunade said with a sigh as she prepared to leave.

With a sigh, Tsunade knew that her teacher was up to something, but she couldn't really understand it and wasn't in the mood to think about it too much.

Especially when she thought about her grandmother and the possibility that the village of a part of her family could be destroyed...

I don't even know if I should tell my grandmother... She thought in frustration, not wanting to worry Mito Uzumaki even more, but considering that she would have to bring several people from the Senju to the Uzumaki, she would have to tell her grandmother, who was the current matriarch of the family.

As Tsunade went to tell her grandmother, Hiruzen tried to hide the sinister smile on his face.

With this move, not only can I secure Daimyo Alex's friendship, but I may also be able to further diminish the Senju's power and influence in the village...' he thought. He thought while praising himself for his intelligence.

With the Senju losing their political power in the village and the Uchiha becoming more and more marginalized due to the hatred of the people, it will only be a matter of time before my Sarutobi Clan becomes the main clan in the village...

Apart from him, only his advisors noticed this plan, but they weren't against it since they would also benefit greatly from the Senju's loss of political power.

Only Emi remained in the room, unaware of what was happening. As a good ninja from Konoha, she only believed that her village was perfect and that the Hokage was a good man who cared for the village's partners.

"Emi, you will be the leader of the Senju group in the Uzumaki land." Hiruzen said with a serious voice.

"Yes, Lord Hokage!" She replied with a serious and excited voice.

"Tomorrow, you'll go back to Uzumaki land, but in the meantime, I want you to show us everything that this mobile phone can do and all the functions that you think are useful for the village." Hiruzen said seriously because he really wanted to know about the mobile phone and how it worked.

"Yes, Lord Hokage!" Emi replied in the affirmative but suddenly, she thought of something. "But Lord Hokage, the cell phone is connected to one person, if I go with the Senju group, the village will have no way to communicate with anyone in the Uzumaki land except for the traditional means."

Hearing this, Hiruzen realized that this would be a problem. His idea had been to keep Emi's cell phone and let her go back to the Uzumaki to buy more cell phones for them, but if this was true, then this would be a problem.

"How is this connected to the user?" Hiruzen asked puzzled.

"I don't know either... I can lend you the cell phone and you can use it while I'm here, but according to Mia, the Oasis representative, this is an anti-theft measure for the cell phone. If I'm not here while someone else is using the phone, it won't work," Emi explained. Emi explained.

She had no idea how it worked, but it was a really good idea because if someone knew about it and tried to steal it, they'd lose a lot of money. But if everyone knew that there was no point in stealing cell phones, then no one would try, because they wouldn't get anything out of it.

"That's a problem..." Hiruzen commented.

"Let her stay here with us, Hiruzen, Tsunade already knows the way to the Uzumaki village. With the cell phone, we can warn the other two Anbu in the Uzumaki village about the Senju squad that's going and their destination, so everything can be prepared even without Emi's presence to explain it to them there." Homura said a little excitedly, indicating that he had just thought of it.

When Hiruzen and Koharu realized that what he had said made sense, they were surprised because this phone was really as useful as he had thought.

This function alone showed how useful it was, not to mention the other various functions they hadn't tested yet!

"Very well, we'll do as Councilor Homura said. You will stay with us and serve as our spokesperson and communicator between the squadron in Uzumaki Land, Emi." Hiruzen explained.

"Yes, Lord Hokage!" Emi replied positively.

"Since communication is so easy, inform your captain, Ren Sarutobi, of our plan and tell him to prepare for the squadron that will arrive in a few days and to inform the Uzumaki so that they can be more relaxed with us." Hiruzen said. And thinking of something, he added. "Or better yet, tell Ren to arrange a meeting with the Uzukage for me, because with the cell phone, I will be able to discuss this with him practically in person!"

Realizing that the cell phone would be very useful for diplomacy as well, Hiruzen was very happy to realize that he could centralize even more power in his hand without needing representatives to decide things in negotiations like this.

In the future, with the cell phone, he could attend any meeting from the safety of his village, and receive credit for whatever he achieved as compensation for the village!

When Hiruzen thought about these possibilities and how much he could earn with these cell phones, he became even more excited about having a cell phone and equipping all the ninjas under his command with cell phones.

While Hiruzen was fantasizing about the control he would have over the village and Tsunade was talking to her grandmother about what they were going to do in the next few days, Kaito Uzumaki was counting the profits from the cell phone shop and adding up the money they had saved and decided that he would finally buy the Pokemon for his Anbu.

But suddenly, a worried Anbu came to his office and warned him.

"Lord Kaito, Princess Kushina is accompanied by a Charmander!" The ninja said.

When Kaito heard this, he didn't think anything was wrong. Everyone plays Pokemon, so it's normal for everyone in the Pokemon world to have a Pokemon, right?

But on second thought, the ninja wouldn't have come to warn him so urgently if it wasn't something serious, and for it to be something serious, there was only one alternative.

"Kushina has her Pokemon in the real world?" He shouted in shock.

Startled, the ninja nodded nervously, which made Kaito angry.

He knew his daughter and he knew very well what she was capable of...

"Take me to where she is, I need to see this for myself." He said with a cold voice.


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