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204 - Pokemon Opening!

When it was five minutes before Pokemon opened, Uzumaki Village was practically empty.

Everyone was at home or at work, cell phones in hand, waiting for the timer to finally hit zero.

In Oasis, after the Pokemon trailer aired, several new buildings sprang up all over the lobby.

In total, the Uzumaki counted 8 buildings, each with a different theme, as if each were made of different elements, but what they all had in common was the half red and half white ball on top of each of these buildings.

When they got closer, they saw that the places were still closed, with a sign with a timer synchronized with the time Pokemon would be released.

Realizing the connection between these two things, when the 5 minutes were up, a large crowd of more than 4,000 people gathered in front of the 8 locations around Oasis.

Adults and children were all gathered in front of these locations, waiting for the clock to tick down, and when the timer finally reached 0, the glass doors automatically opened as if by magic, and the bravest people finally had the courage to enter and see what it was like inside.

Upon entering the place, the interior decoration was very similar to the exterior decoration, with each place having the theme of one of the Elements.

Upon entering each of these places, there was a polite woman with red hair, just like the Uzumaki, who would lead people to the portal of that place, where everyone could be teleported to any city in the Pokémon world.

At that moment, inside the fire-decorated building, Kushina bravely walked through the portal, ignoring the worried cries of her mother and father, and became the first person to enter the Pokémon World.

As she stepped through the portal, Kushina felt as if she were passing through a thin layer of water, and when she opened her eyes again, she was in a completely different place.

Looking around, Kushina found herself in a village much smaller than the one she lived in.

This small village had only a few dozen houses, all very cute and well-kept, which made the village very peaceful and comfortable.

As she walked around, Kushina saw a building with a Pokeball symbol on it, so she went straight there.

Arriving at the place, Kushina slowly opened the door and looked around, understanding that this place was something like a research center, as well as the place where the family's researchers were researching new seals.

"Hello?" Kushina asked aloud, a little uncertain.

"Wait a minute!" A slightly busy voice came from the back of the research center.

Deciding to be polite, Kushina nodded and just looked around.

On the walls of the research center, there were some photos of a man in his 40s or 50s hugging two children, one of the children was a little boy who looked a bit like him, and the other was a boy with black hair and a red and white cap.

"This is my grandson and his little friend." A voice came from behind Kushina, startling her and making her jump to the side, ready to fight.

When she saw who had spoken, Kushina became a little less alert.

"Sorry to startle you, there was a Crabby holding the tail of a Vulpix and I had to separate the two so a fight wouldn't break out, thank you." The man explained with a sympathetic smile.

"All right..." Kushina replied. "I'd like to know what I need to do to catch Pokemons."

Hearing her question, the man showed an expression of understanding and explained. "I believe you're a new trainer, so don't worry, you've come to the right place. In every city, there is a specialized place to take care of trainers, and this is one of them."

"I'm Professor Oak, what's your name?" he asked.

"Kushina Uzumaki." Kushina replied proudly.

"What a beautiful name! Welcome Kushina Uzumaki. Would you like to join the Pokemon Alliance?"

As soon as Professor Oak asked this, a message appeared in front of Kushina.

[Do you want to join the Pokemon Alliance?]

[At a price of 150 Ryo per month, you will have access to various benefits, such as A starter Pokemon from among the 3 starter Pokemons in Kanto, 6 free Pokeballs each month, Free and unlimited access to the Pokecenter (Pokemon Hospital) during the subscription period, Unlimited slots on your PC to transfer your Pokemons to the Pokemon Center in your hometown, where they can be stored, cared for, and fed (If the Pokemon's favorability drops to a critical level, the Pokemon will leave), and many other benefits! ]

Since she had already received Alex's hint about this, Kushina quickly clicked "Accept" and confirmed her subscription to the Pokemon Alliance.

When she confirmed this, a beautiful celebratory screen appeared in front of her, after which a bronze-colored Pokemon Alliance emblem appeared and stuck to her chest like a beautiful and elegant medal.

Seeing how beautiful that Pokemon Alliance symbol was, Kushina felt very good about paying the 150 Ryo.

"I see that you have become a member of the Pokemon Alliance, as you can see, your current medallion is at the Bronze level, every month that you renew your subscription, your medallion will be upgraded until it becomes a Silver medallion, which will have even more benefits." Professor Oak explained, making Kushina very happy.

Knowing that she could receive even more benefits if she continued to pay the monthly fee, she felt that it would be even more worthwhile, like an investment where the more she paid, the better her money would be spent.

"Since you're a member of the Pokémon Alliance, you'll be able to choose a Pokémon from the original three in Kanto. You can choose between Charmander, which is a fire-type, Squirtle, which is a water-type, or Bulbasaur, which is a plant-type. Each Pokemon has an advantage in one attribute and a disadvantage in another. Professor Oak explained as pictures of the three Pokemon appeared in the Pokeballs.

Looking at the three pictures, Kushina, who was already in love with the Charmander she saw in the real world, didn't think twice and chose the cute little dragon.

"I want Charmander!" She said in no uncertain terms.

Nodding his head, Professor Oak took the Pokeball that contained Charmander and gave it to Kushina, along with the other 5 free Pokeballs and the Pokedex, explaining how it worked.

Since Kushina had already had a Smartphone for 3 days, she quickly learned how to use the Pokedex and quickly tried to use it on the Charmander she had captured.

"Char!" Charmander emerged from the Pokeball and looked around curiously.

He looked at Professor Oak in confusion, and then at Kushina, who was holding his Pokeball in her hand, and looked at her suspiciously, but still took the first step and held out his hand to her.

Realizing what Charmander wanted, Kushina quickly reached out and held his hand as well.

"I'm Kushina and I'll be your trainer from now on." She said with an excited smile, controlling herself not to hug Charmander and scare him.

"Char!" Charmander sensed Kushina's sincerity and responded with a broad smile.

In the original Pokémon world, Pokémon were already very sensitive to human emotions, but sometimes they were very ignorant and innocent, so Alex changed that.

In the Ninja world, where children are trained to lie, infiltrate and assassinate, Alex didn't want the Pokemon to be tricked and brainwashed by malicious Ninjas, so he configured the Pokemon to be extremely sensitive to human emotions and able to tell the difference between sincerity and falsehood.

If their trainers weren't sincere with them, they would abandon them without a second thought.

Even if someone like Danzo tried to get a Pokemon, it would be impossible for him to officially buy one because no Pokemon would want to follow him, and if he got a Pokemon from another Ninja, he wouldn't be able to brainwash it and would probably be attacked by the little creature.

Alex had a lot of affection for Pokemon, and he was trying to do everything he could to stop people from treating these adorable creatures as weapons in this cruel world. Even if it meant less profit, he didn't mind.

Fortunately, Kushina wasn't someone with bad intentions, and the Charmander sensed that and took the affection between them a few steps further.


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