196 195 - Sold Out!

Mia and Mio patiently explained to people the basic features of the cell phone, such as the options for taking photos and being able to save special moments forever…

Kaito was quick to realize that this would be great for spying, collecting information and evidence.

They also explained about video calls, voice calls, which was a huge surprise for these people, especially those who had ninja relatives, since with cell phones, even if their relatives were on a mission for months, they could still communicate and find out how they were doing!

In addition to the basic information, Mio and Mia also explained about the Pokemon world to these people, explaining that they could enter another world, capture creatures, and bring these summoned creatures to the real world!

To explain this even more easily, they used an example that Oasis learned during the interview of the two Chunin that Kaito assigned to Alex.

They said that the Pokemon world was like a summoning world, and after people found a partner in the Pokemon world, they could summon the Pokemon they captured into the real world, even if they weren't ninja!

To have different appeals, Mia showed the cutest Pokemon, such as Pikachu, Eve, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, while Mio showed the most imposing Pokemon, such as Charizard, Gengar, Dragonite.

With these examples, both female and male audiences fell in love with Pokemon!

Even more so when Mia showed the cute Skills that Pokemon could do and Mio showed the powerful Skills that Pokemon could do, they realized that if they wanted a Pokemon just to be a cute companion or a battle partner, they would find that in Pokemon. !

To finish the explanation about Pokemon, they announced that the summoning to the Pokemon world would officially start in 3 days and only people with a cell phone would be able to access the Pokemon world.

That alone would be enough to convince all these people to buy a cell phone immediately, but there was still more.

"You don't have to worry about having nowhere to go, as the land of Oasis is available for you to visit and discover!" Mio said with a smile.

"In Oasis you will be able to find a library with thousands of books, with fiction, romance, war books, all types of history themes at a very low price!" Mia said as she showed off an almost endless library of books, shocking viewers.

Even Kaito was shocked by this library, as he knew that in the world they lived in, knowledge was power, so for Oasis to make so many books available to anyone was an extremely shocking thing!

"Or you can go to one of the many restaurants and try foods from many different worlds!" Mio said as she opened the door to a restaurant full of people eating and showing the delicious dishes prepared for people. "Also for a very low price."

"If you're tired of the city, you can come and relax at a guesthouse by the beach, with a water park, thermal baths, massages and everything good!" Mia said as she showed a resort.

"And of course, if you just want to be alone and relax, each person gets free access to a customizable, private apartment where you can host whoever you want, decorate however you want, and stay as long as you want!" Mio said while showing the apartment and the different possible designs that Players has already made.

With each thing the two showed at Oasis, the more the Uzumaki were shocked and wanted to experience it as soon as possible.

So after showing the main things, the two finally said the price of the cell phone.

"And of course, with so many features, a cell phone can't be cheap, since the production cost of it isn't cheap either. But we tried to get the fairest price and got an incredible value of 15,000 Ryo!!" Mio said, shocking people as they were prepared for this to cost at least a few hundred thousand Ryo!

"What do you mean 15 thousand Ryo is expensive? That's practically free! Please give me four cell phones!" A man was quick to ask Mio for a cell phone.

Looking at the man, Mio smiled as she pointed to the two Chunin attendants who 'coincidentally' were handing three cell phones to Kaito at this exact moment while he paid them the 45 thousand Ryo it cost.

"These are our two attendants who will assist you in the purchasing process. If you have any questions, you can ask us or them." Mia smiled as she explained.

Seeing their patriarch also buying cell phones at this time, people became even more excited, as this really seemed to be true and quickly four lines formed.

A queue for each Chunin to buy cell phones and a queue for Mio and one for Mia to ask questions about the cell phones.

Even though the questions were repeated or were very basic questions, Mio and Mia were very kind and patient, answering all the questions the customers asked, which gained these people's respect and appreciation for these two Uzumaki they had never met.

The question they had to answer most was where they lived, and to the customers' surprise, they both said they lived at Oasis!

Knowing that there were Uzumakis like them in Oasis, people felt even safer about going to this new world and experiencing all these new things.

When customers who bought cell phones left the store and showed their friends the cheap cell phones they bought, these friends ran to the store and bought their cell phones too, making the store line so crowded that Alex had to intervene by unlocking a function which the Uzumaki loved.



Surprised, Hana Uzumaki took out the new cell phone she had just received as a gift from her husband and saw that a notification had appeared on the screen.

Not knowing very well how to use this cell phone, she was a little nervous until a finger icon appeared on the screen showing that she could use her finger to touch this notification.

A little unsure, she clicked on the notification and a "virtual letter" appeared for her.

[A new function has been unlocked on your phone! You can buy new cell phones for your friends on Oasis and it will be delivered to your address within 2 days!]

Seeing this, Hana was very surprised, as her friends had been queuing for several hours and apparently they were expected to have to queue even longer to be able to buy a cell phone.

So without thinking twice, Hana ran to the store and told her friends that she could buy the cell phone for them as long as they gave her the money.

Thinking a little better, Hana had a really good idea!

"Yes, I can buy the cell phone for you at Oasis for just 20,000 Ryo!" Hana said smiling excitedly thinking about how much money she could earn like this, until she heard another notification on her cell phone.

Opening the notification, Hana froze.

[The price of cell phones is 15,000 Ryo, if it is discovered that users are selling the cell phones for prices higher than the original price, these users will be banned from using any service on the cell phones.]

When she saw this, Hana didn't know how, but she knew that someone had heard what she said and quickly regretted it.

She had already seen how magical cell phones were and didn't want to lose the right to use them, so she quickly changed what she said to her friend.

"Look, I was just told that the price at Oasis is actually 15 thousand Ryo! I was confused!" She said, smiling nervously, hoping they would hear that she was back to normal pricing and not ban her.

Scenes like this were happening all over the Uzumaki village, in just one day all 4 thousand cell phones that Alex had bought from System were sold, both in the physical store and through e-commerce, even though the Uzumaki didn't even know they had done it yet. e-commerce.

Even though the profit from the cell phones was only 1 GP, that afternoon Alex had gained 4 thousand GP, and the potential gain he had from the Uzumaki spending money virtually was just beginning!



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