161 161 - Deals

When they heard what Notch said, these representatives were really furious.

No one ever asked them to pay for their cars to appear in the games, as it was always their cars that brought attention to the games, not the other way around.

The first to complain was Oliver Smith, who had already spoken at this meeting other times.

"I'm sorry Mr. Notch, but I don't think I understand, do you want us to pay to play your game?" He asked with a slightly indignant voice as he controlled himself not to get up and leave.

He was the representative of Aston Martin, one of the most prestigious brands in the world, walking alongside giants like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Macerati, he was never treated that way.

Even though Notch was possibly the most influential man in the world right now, that didn't give him the right to treat them with such arrogance.

Hearing Oliver's question, Notch just laughed and looked at the other representatives as he asked. "That's exactly what I asked, are you also as outraged as he is?"

Initially they intended to try to hide their indignation and listen to Notch's explanation, but with Notch's question, practically all the representatives nodded slightly, trying to understand what Notch meant.

But Notch's eyes caught a person who did not agree with the others, and to Notch's surprise, this person did not represent any small brand, but rather the glorious Italian Ferrari.

Wondering why, Notch looked at the Italian and asked. "Mr. Bianchi, can you share why you don't agree with the other gentlemen in this room?"

Lorenzo Bianchi, the Ferrari representative, sighed a little as he responded. "Mr. Notch, I believe you know that the company executives are not very happy with the modifications you made to your car, right?"

Notch just smiled and nodded, he knew how crazy Ferrari executives went when they saw a modified model, especially like the car he used as Notch when he went to buy Twitch, which was a Ferrari 458 completely modified with the Bodykit from Liberty Walk.

But he didn't worry about that, the only thing that the anger of the Ferrari executives could do would be to prevent him from buying other cars there, but has he ever needed to buy a car from Ferrari at some point?

Bee would disagree with that very easily.

Seeing that Notch didn't care about this, Lorenzo Bianchi sighed once again and looked at the other representatives as he responded. "Although executives were angry about the modifications Mr. Notch made to his car, it is an undeniable fact that orders for the Model 458 increased by about 700% in the month that Mr. Notch was photographed driving one, mainly the color yellow, which has now replaced red as the most requested color, representing 82% of cars ordered."

With Lorenzo's explanation, the other representatives were shocked, especially the luxury car brands, who knew how difficult it was to stand out among other brands, to make a certain car model sell 7x more than the previous month, for a brand already as renowned as Ferrari, it was almost impossible.

Usually their participation in video games was just so that their brands would not be forgotten by the public and would always remain in their minds as the ultimate luxury brand that they could achieve in life.

But now, with Ferrari's results, they realized that just one scene of Notch driving a car increased sales of that model by 700%, what changes would make their cars participate in a game that billions of people would play?

As a result, the mentality of these representatives quickly changed.

And Notch smiled as he looked at Oliver Smith while asking. "Do you still have any doubts about my requirement, Mr. Smith?"

After a few minutes, Notch walked out of the meeting room with a satisfied smile and several NPCs took his place to deal with each of the representatives individually.

These NPCs were all controlled by Oasis using various knowledge that the AI ​​learned from the internet to achieve the best results that Alex expected.

Before leaving, he had already guaranteed everything he wanted, both convincing the brands that he was the only one doing them a favor by letting them participate in his game, and the brands allowing him to modify the cars with Bodykits, as well as the damage in cars were more severe, something they didn't allow in other games because they didn't like Players seeing the appearance of their crashed cars.

With all this confirmed, Alex told Oasis to use NPCs to talk to BodyKit developers around the world and set up meetings at Hub 00 to convince them to develop Bodykits with their brands for the game's cars.

Notch's idea was not to pay anything to these companies, but he would make an option available in the game so that people could buy these Bodykits for their cars in real life through the game, where Alex would take a 20% commission for purchases through this platform.

This was also an option that Notch agreed with car manufacturers, which would be a way for Players to buy the cars they liked in the game to use in real life.

This would not only increase the sales of these bodykit companies, but it would also bring extra income to Notch, increase car sales, and make it easier for Players to have the cars of their dreams in real life.

The cars that Players purchased in the game would only be for use within the game, when they went to Oasis, Players would have to pay a fee proportional to the price of the car in real life, of course, this fee would be a maximum of 10% of the value of the car, where Alex would keep 5% and the car manufacturer would keep the other 5%.

This way, Players could have the car permanently in the virtual world, which would increase sales of the car virtually, as well as bring income to Alex and the car manufacturers at no cost, since it was just a virtual car that didn't need any parts to assemble.

After all these discussions and agreements, the companies quickly took to their social media pages to announce that they had signed an agreement with Mojang and that they were very excited about the results that these projects would bring.

While Mojang only changed the decoration of the dealerships around Oasis indicating that a new game was coming.

When the Players saw this, Hype started to form again.


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