139 139 - Interrogation

"So… how did you manage to ignore my powers?" Anna asked as she stuffed some of the pork ribs she was eating into her mouth.

Alex, who was sitting next to her on the bed, finished swallowing the piece of meat he was eating and responded. "I managed to create a spell that blocks a person's use of other spells."

Hearing this, Anna's eyes lit up. "How long does this last?!"

Alex sighed and replied. "Unfortunately it only lasts 1 minute, so I have to use this skill for between 50 and 60 seconds on you so that your powers are deactivated."

Hearing this, Anna was a little disappointed, but she was still happy that at least around Alex she would be able to be like a normal person.

"Does this have any limitations?" She asked worriedly as she ate another piece of the meat.

Alex shook his head. "Not much, the amount of Mana this uses is a bit high, but with my high Mana regeneration rate I could use this infinitely."

The smile on Anna's face was radiant as she ate the meat even more eagerly.

This meat was the romantic dinner that Alex had made for them, but as it was interrupted for a long time, they had to heat the food again, and as Anna was very tired and a little sore, as it was her first time , Alex took a stand and took it so they could eat it in the room, lying on the bed.

It would be a really cute scene if the two weren't naked at that moment, but they were both enjoying it a lot.

Both Anna looking at Alex's lightly muscled chest, and Alex looking at her white breasts.

Seeing that the two were looking at each other's bodies, they laughed and had to control themselves not to start another round.

As Anna was very weak, she decided that she would sleep at Alex's house with him, which for him was no problem.

They just had to be careful not to touch each other while they were sleeping, since during sleep Alex couldn't use [CounterSpell] on Anna, which made it a bit dangerous.

But as they were already so tired and the bed was very big, the two made a small barrier of blankets in the middle of the bed and managed to sleep well without touching each other.

When Alex woke up and saw that beautiful view of Anna's bare ass pointed at him, he didn't think twice and used [CounterSpell] on her and gave a small bite to that beautiful ass, making her let out a slight scared moan and thrust her ass towards him. again.

Seeing how she was acting, Alex just smiled and started again.

When Alex dropped Anna off at the X mansion for the afternoon, Anna was quickly surrounded by the other curious girls when she entered her room.

"Tell me how it was, Anna?!" Kitty said excitedly.

"What did you do?!" Amara also asked excitedly.

Jean also came over curiously, but didn't ask anything, just looked at Anna expectantly.

Hearing the girls' question, Anna was a little shy but told the basics of what they did.

"He invited me to his apartment and made a candlelit dinner for us, it was very beautiful, especially the candle path he made that led to the table."

Hearing this, the girls became even more excited, imagining what this would be like.

Excitedly, they started asking about everything, even about why he had a different car, which Anna was able to answer without any problems.

Until Kitty asked a question.

"And you did that?"

Hearing Kitty's question, the girls became quiet and Anna froze.

Seeing Anna's reaction, they already knew the answers, but seeing her nod, it made them all shocked.

"You guys did that… with his ice magic?" Amara asked this time.

Even Jean was a little shy to hear this kind of thing, but she was very curious since she had never experienced anything like this.

But to the girls' surprise, Anna shook her head. "No, he studied a magic that can cancel my powers."

Hearing this, Kitty was shocked and tried to reach out to touch Anna's neck, but Anna soon held Kitty's hand with her gloves and shook her head. "That magic of his only works when I'm with him, so now I can't be touched anymore."

A little disappointed, Kitty decided to ask about what was making her very curious.

"So you did… skin to skin?!" Kitty asked as she felt her face get very hot.

Even Amora and Jean were very shy about Kitty's question, feeling that it was a very personal question, but they couldn't deny that they also wanted to know the answer.

Anna's white skin turned redder than Kitty's, but she managed to nod her head positively.

Seeing Anna's response, the girls screamed excitedly and embarrassedly, not even knowing what to say.

Anna only had the courage to answer this kind of thing because they were her only friends and they were in her room, if it weren't for that she would never say something like that.

"And was it good?" Amora finally asked.

This time Anna not only shook her head but also spoke in a low voice. "It was the best feeling I've ever felt in my life."

Hearing this, the girls' imaginations began to run wild, imagining what Alex could have done so well to make Anna feel this reaction.

And with the girls' imagination going so far, the one who suffered from this was Jean, who didn't have very good control over her powers, started listening to Kitty and Amara's imagination, which made her a little embarrassed, but what It embarrassed her even more, it was a bit of Anna's mind that she overheard without meaning to.

And what she accidentally heard from Anna's mind was enough to make her even feel a little breathless as she widened her eyes in surprise.

Realizing that she almost let the other girls realize that she couldn't control her powers well and could hear their minds, Jean looked to the side and started trying to think about other things.

But she couldn't forget Anna's mental description of the sensation she felt with Alex's cock entering her and how pleasurable it was.

'Would this magic that Alex did to deactivate Anna's powers also work on me?' Jean asked herself a little anxiously.

Although it is somewhat useful to be able to know what people were thinking from time to time, at times like this it was quite unpleasant.

Especially now, when she was dying of shame because she was thinking about the feeling her friend had with her boyfriend's dick inside her.


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