Alex was an ordinary person with the dream of one day being transmigrated to a magical world. But what he didn't expect is that he would be transmigrated to a world much more than that, a world he knew very well, but instead of being given a system that would empower him, he was given a system that allowed him to make games, and the more people played, the more powers he would get. Tony Stark: Son of a bitch, I can do in real life everything this Watch Dogs guy does, but why can't I stop playing? Hulk: HULK HATES DARK SOULS!!! HULK SMASH DARK SOUS ARRRHHHHGGG!!! Nick Fury: If any agent can't complete the Hitman game by next week, that agent will be fired from the Shield! A world of superheroes, but who controls everything is "only" a game developer. ----- Discord server: https://discord.gg/ky35Kv7GHr Author Note: I loved the "Game Creator on Marvel", but the release wasn't enough for me, so I decided to just write one for myself.

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136 - Date

"I don't know what to say about your luck…" Alex laughed as he shook his head and looked at the beautiful Night Elf jumping with happiness next to him as she shook a book written [Blink].

The beautiful Night Elf quickly opened the book and read the skill description. When she finished reading the last word, the book turned into particles of light and disappeared, causing a new skill to appear on her menu skill list.

"Blink!" Anna said excitedly.

As soon as she said Blink, her body disappeared from where it was and she appeared again 10 yards ahead.

Looking around and recognizing where she was, Anna was confused.

"What was wrong? The ability said I could teleport up to 20 yards away, but I could only teleport 10?" She asked Alex without understanding what happened.

Seeing this, Alex laughed. "That's common, you know about the proficiency level, right?"

Anna nodded.

"When you learn a skill from your class, this proficiency comes with a value close to 100, which you can train and improve this up to, say, 200 proficiency, I can't say if there is a maximum." He said and looked at her, seeing if she was following.

Seeing her nod again, Alex continued. "When you learn a skill from another class, as it is not something you are used to doing because it is a different class, this value should be around 50, instead of the 100 that comes from a skill from your own class, so you You'll have to study this skill more and train it more so that the skill reaches the 100 that Mages can use naturally or even pass it and make you better than Mages."

Hearing this Anna finally understood.

"I understand!! So I'm going to use Blink a lot to use this in the best way possible!" Anna said as she excitedly looked at the skill's Cooldown wanting to use it again to learn it as quickly as possible.

"Just be sure to pay close attention while using this, as the better you understand the skill, the faster you'll improve." Alex gave a tip that few players have noticed so far.

Hearing this Anna just nodded.

If it were at the beginning she might even be a little surprised that Alex knew so much about something like that, but over time she got used to his knowledge and just thought that he was probably a Hardcore Player who studied the game all the time in that he wasn't playing.

"Hey Babe, are you free tonight?" Alex asked as he came closer to her and hugged her slim waist.

Anna was surprised and looked at Alex with shining eyes. "Yes, where do you want to go?!"

Unlike the gothic and withdrawn personality she had before, being able to interact with people by touching them in addition to the affection that Alex gave her during the last few months had a great impact on her personality.

Only the style of clothes she wore hadn't changed much, since she both liked that style of clothes, and knowing that Alex thought she looked hot in that style encouraged her even more to keep her wardrobe the same.

"I learned a new magic and I wanted to show you, how about I bring you to my house so we can test it?" Alex asked with a smile.

Hearing this, Anna was initially quite curious, as she had never been to her house and didn't know what it was like, but when she thought that he had learned a new spell and was calling her so they could apparently be alone at home, the Her cheeks quickly turned red.

"Should it be just the two of us?" She asked a little shyly as she hid her head on his chest.

"Yep, just the two of us, all night." Alex said as he hugged her.

Hearing this, Anna's heart sped up even more.

She'd wanted to do this kind of thing with Alex for a while, and if he was confident in trying out this new magic of his, there was a chance it would actually work.

Not only could she kiss and do other things with him physically, it could even improve her life in the real world even more.

"So… I'm going to leave the game now to get ready, pick me up in 3 hours, okay?" She said excitedly and shyly, not really knowing how to react.

Alex saw her reaction and smiled as he walked over to her and placed a kiss on her mouth. "Okay Babe, I'll pick you up in 3 hours."

Anna turned even redder and quickly logged out of the game, without even waiting for the 20 seconds of safety, leaving her character sitting on the floor lifeless.

Alex looked at the disconnected character and laughed as he stood alert to the side to protect her character for another 20 seconds until she finally disappeared.

With that he also disconnected from the game and went home to get ready.

He had already rescued the common Skill [Spell Lock] and would first test it on Anna, if it really worked he would rescue the 2.0 version, if it didn't work he would leave it to rescue it in the future and use the current GP with other things.

Since Alex wanted to make this night special, he dressed up in a different set of clothes than he normally wore.

Instead of the TechWear-style outfit he normally wore, this time Alex chose a more formal outfit and wore a black dress shirt, as well as black pants and white sneakers.

On his wrist was a beautiful watch that mixed technology and sophistication, looking much more luxurious than the various Patek Philippe watches that were recognized for luxury and sophistication.

Both the clothes and the watch were redeemed by GP in the System, costing just over 100 GP, since besides being beautiful, these things were useless.

Alex even thought about buying some of these watches to sell in the real world and spend the money in the game at some point, but the System issued a warning that only the Players' money would be converted into GP, so he gave up on the idea and just kept the watch. For yourself.

With two and a half hours notice, Alex asked Bee to change the appearance of the GTR he normally used to meet Anna, to a car he had seen in his previous world, which did not yet exist in this world.

To make it easier for Bee to understand, Alex entered the Oasis and used the template creation tool to model the car perfectly as he remembered it.

Within seconds a car was between Alex and Bee in Oasis.

"How about Bee, do you think you can transform into this car?" Alex asked smiling.

Bee was surprised while looking at this car. "Is that a Ferrari?"

"Yep, this is a Ferrari that hasn't been released yet, to be more precise, Ferrari's first SUV. I thought that using a car like this would be more comfortable for Anna than a low and cramped sports car. Since it's a Ferrari, this still It will be sporty, beautiful, fast and, as it is an SUV, comfortable." Alex explained.

Bee nodded in understanding and began scanning the car. "Of course I can do it, Alex, despite the appearance being very different, the cars on this planet are still not that far behind compared to me."

When Alex saw Bee disconnecting from Oasis, he also quickly disconnected and when he left the house he saw, in front of his house, parked was Ferrari's first SUV, a Purosangue Yellow Ferrari.

Excited, Alex smiled as he got into the car and started driving towards his apartment in Bayville.

He had bought this apartment a while ago, in case he wanted a place to be alone with Anna, this apartment finally came in handy!


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