130 130 - New Type of Quest?!

The closer they got to the house, the more scared Ned and Peter became.

Hulk was acting as usual, as if nothing could shake him, Peter was getting really a little scared as he got closer and closer to each house, and Ned, was extremely scared, looking around constantly looking for anything strange.

When they finally got close to the house, Hulk looked around and saw nothing strange.

"Why did this house burn?" Hulk asked himself in confusion as he looked around.

Suddenly, a voice was heard from inside the house.

"Who's there? Are you dad?"

That was a little girl's voice, very sweet but confused.

When Hulk heard this he didn't think much and immediately went in the direction of the voice.

Ned was a little curious and also followed, but Ned was shaking in place with fear.

"A dark place, a little girl's voice, that's clearly a demon!" Ned said in horror as he took a few steps back.

But he bumped into his Imp who was looking at him with a slightly angry expression.

Realizing that he had unintentionally offended his Imp, Ned apologized and summoned the courage to get closer to where the voice was coming from.

"Hulk is here, not your father." Hulk responded to the little girl's voice as he got close.

Peter was a little surprised and cautious when he saw the girl's appearance, but he still remained normal.

"What is your name?" Peter asked.

"Helgi. But my father says I shouldn't talk to strangers. Are you a stranger?" The girl replied.

Hearing the girl's question, Peter was momentarily confused and didn't know what to answer.

To the girl, he was probably a stranger, but if he just said that the girl might not say anything else to them.

But Hulk soon responded.

"Peter is not a stranger, Peter is a friend of Hulk, Hulk is a friend of Peter, no one is a stranger here."

Hulk's explanation, despite being very simplistic, managed to satisfy the little girl who became much more comfortable talking to them.

At that moment Ned finally arrived at the room where they were talking, but when he saw the girl's appearance, Ned's heart almost stopped.

"G-g-gh-ghost!!!!!!!!" All the fear that Ned had overcome came back, and it came back much more potent!

"Where?!" Helgi screamed in fright as she looked around and hid behind Hulk.

Seeing her reaction, Peter quickly understood that this girl might not even know that she had become a ghost.

Looking at her appearance, the girl was a small Orc girl, but unlike the normal green skin of Orcs, this girl had translucent, almost invisible skin, which probably made it very difficult to see her during the day, but at night it was almost as if she glowed in the dark.

"Don't worry Helgi, there aren't any ghosts." Peter was quick to calm the situation as he slowly approached Helgi and signaled Ned to calm down.

[Damn, why are you so fearful Ned?! Such a cute girl and you are scared?]

[I think Ned has seen too many horror movies and is now traumatized by girls' voices lol]

[I never thought I would find the ghost of an Orc child cute… congratulations ESW]

[Hey, it seems like there's more content hidden behind this girl's story, it's like the world is really alive!]

[Yes! I saw a streamer who had found a bottle with a map inside, after searching a lot, the streamer arrived at the location marked on the map and found a chest with several copper coins! It's like the world existed even without the Players, and we were just another person there.]

[Considering the amount of people playing, this is more like 'we were just another billion people there. LOL]

[One billion?! Has the game already reached 1 billion Players?]

[Yes, didn't you see? Mojang posted on the Forum thanking the 1 Billion subscribers and gave a special cover to all the first 1 billion Players.]

[Lie! I was waiting to see if the game was really good before paying, so now I missed the cover?]





With Alex buying Twitch and his games being so successful, keeping the chat as it was before would be completely unfeasible, as being able to read a message in a chat where millions of people are sending messages at the same time would be impossible, so Alex put a artificial intelligence with Big Data so that the livestream Chat was something like a Twitter Feed, where for each viewer they would only see the comments that were most likely to engage them, whether positively or negatively, with viewers sometimes joking and other times fighting .

With this change, many people came to the chat just to chat and find new friends, which was great for Alex, Twitch and the Streamers, since with the greater number of users, more companies wanted to pay to run advertisements there, which which meant more money for everyone.

But even though it was easier to read the chat now, Ned still couldn't think about reading the chat, as he was having to heavily control his breathing so he wouldn't freak out at this little ghost girl in front of him.

"Did you happen to see my father?" Helgi asked a little unsure after Peter and Hulk calmed her down. "He was the one who made my favorite doll, but he disappeared…"

Looking around, Peter doesn't see anything that looks like someone has come here recently, so instead of answering he asks. "What happened to your house?"

Helgi was a little apprehensive, but explained. "The smoke woke me up. It was hot and I was scared, so I hid. Then it got cold and dark. I'm not scared anymore. But I'm alone. Can you play with me?"

"We can play with you, but do you know who set your house on fire?" Peter asked as he bent down to eye level with her.

"Hehe, Helgi knows, but Helgi will only tell you if you can find Helgi." Helgi smiled as she jumped from side to side.

As the sun began to rise, Helgi felt a little sleepy and looked at the three of them. "Today Helgi is sleepy, so come when it gets dark again and we can play!"

"It's okay Helgi, when it gets dark we'll come back." Peter smiled as he waved his arm at her.

"Hulk will also come." Hulk also nodded.

Only Ned said nothing, despite trying to open his mouth several times and being too scared to say anything.

When Helgi finally left, Ned was able to act normally and the first thing he did was complain.

"Damn, why are the ghosts in this game so realistic?!"

Peter and Hulk just shook their heads and went to the closest town they could find on the map, thinking about getting some information about Helgi's house and maybe even getting a Quest out of it.

While they were developing this Quest, viewers were fascinated by this mystery story that was emerging.

They thought they would only find battle scenes in this game, or at most some military strategy scenes, but who knew that there were even murder investigation missions in small villages?!

As this information spread, more and more players began to actively look for these more interesting missions, while people who had never played the game were tempted to pay a monthly fee and see if they would like the game that seemed so interesting.


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