105 105 - Another World

"Okay, it doesn't hurt to try, right?" Alex has finally made up his mind.

Although the development in the world of Marvel was already faster than he imagined, at some point this would limit the speed with which he could get GP, of course, he was still far from that and had no intention of developing a game industry in another world currently.

"My current focus is on dealing with the world of Marvel, the amount of trouble and tragedy that will happen here is unimaginable. This is my main world where all my players are and I feel it is part of my duty to protect these people to that they can keep playing my games. It would suck if Thanos managed to snap his finger and all of a sudden I lost half my players..." Alex finally understood.

Now no longer indecisive, he used the mouse to click on the option to open another portal.

Nothing changed.

Looking around confused, Alex thought of the cave he found that led him to the world of Marvel and understood that probably another cave like that had arisen.

Curious, Alex left the house and went to Bee's room.

"Hey Bee, want to go for a walk? I'm going to an unknown world, it would be nice to have company." Alex said as he looked at Bee, who parked his car in the Oasis world and immediately logged out of the game.

"Yes! What world is this? Is this the world I came from?" Bee asked curiously.

Alex just shook his head. "I still don't know, it could either be the world you came from, or it could be another world I already know, or it could also be a world I've never heard of. It's basically an adventure with an unknown destination."

Hearing this, Bee got even more excited as he walked out of the room and looked at Alex expectantly.

"Are we going by GTR or Ferrari?" Bee said in an excited voice.

Alex thought for a moment and shook his head. "The two are very beautiful, you can decide."

Hearing that, Bee didn't think twice and changed his appearance to the GTR while transforming into car mode.

"I like the GTR better…" Bee said with a little embarrassment.

Alex chuckled and climbed into the driver's seat.

While they were still in the snowy forest at Alex's house, Bee kept the suspension very high, as if it were an off-road car while using thicker tires, which helped a lot with maneuverability in this type of terrain.

Heading towards the previous cave, Alex began to look around with the windows down while using elven breath to try to sense breaths of life from somewhere else, the same way he did to find this current cave.

When passing through Marvel's cave, Alex felt the breath of life coming from the cave normally and just ignored it, continuing to drive around, until he felt it again, coming from somewhere else.

Changing direction via the steering wheel, Alex continued driving slowly until he spotted another cave. He was sure that this cave had not been here before, and from the aura of life that radiated through this cave, he was sure that this was the portal to the other world.

"Come on Bee, try to make less noise as we don't know where we're going." Alex said cautiously as he closed the window and drove carefully.

Bee understood and drowned out the car's exhaust. From the extremely loud noise he used previously, to practically the nearly silent noise of a Tesla.

That sporty bodykit GTR driving without making any noise was very strange, but the two just ignored it and looked at the end of the tunnel curiously.

Finally reaching the Light, just like in the Marvel world, they came out in a forest.

"Do you feel anything, Bee?" Alex asked.

Bee took 5 seconds before answering. "This is not my world, I can't get in touch with any of the other Autobots…"

"Okay, so we have to be more careful." Alex commented as he drove slowly through the trees.

To help find something, Alex opened the windows again and tried to feel someone with elven breath, but only after 10 minutes he could feel something.

"I think I found something, Bee." Alex said in a low voice as he altered the direction he was driving to go where he felt it.

Strangely, as time passed, that feeling of life that the elven breath showed him was disappearing.

'Is he running away?' Alex wondered confused as he accelerated further.

"There's someone lying ahead, Alex, but he appears to be dead." Bee commented in a low voice over the car's sound system. "It looks like a human."

Curious, Alex looked up and saw what Bee was saying.

Lying on the ground, there were two dead people. The two had the same hair color, a very bright red, but what caught Alex's attention the most was something on the foreheads of these people.

'Is that a ninja headband?' Alex recognized that easily.

Coming closer, Alex saw that it really was a ninja headband, and in the center of the headband was a drawing of a spiral. "I think this is from the Uzumaki clan… So we come to the world of Naruto? But if they are from the Uzumaki clan, that means this is a timeline long before the main storyline begins."

Seeing those corpses on the ground, who had apparently died just a few hours ago, Alex felt the cruelty of this world. Even though Marvel's world was very dangerous, it was still a society with rules and laws, but if this really is Naruto's world, then it's much more dangerous here than I'm prepared for.

Despite having divine aim like DeadShot or the magical powers of Gray Fullbuster, this still isn't close enough to deal with monsters like Jinchuuriki or the village Kage who can practically erase a country in the blink of an eye, since all here are assassins trained to kill from childhood.

"Let's go Bee, I think we still need more preparation to interact with this world." Alex told Bee as he turned the wheel and headed back the way they came.

When Alex felt through the elven breathing that there were some living beings coming towards them, he accelerated even more while dodging the trees and going back as fast as possible.

Bee sensed the urgency in Alex's tone and cooperated with him.

Fortunately, for someone with as good a driving skill as Dominic Toretto, dodging those trees with a car as good as the Bee was relatively easy.

When they finally got back home Alex finally calmed down.

"What world was that, Alex?" Bee asked confused as she reverted to his robotic form.

"A very dangerous world, there children are trained to kill from the age of 6, and those who lack talent are treated like cattle by the powerful people, dying for the dumbest reasons and waging wars for the sake of greed." Alex commented.

"It looks like Cybertron…" Bee replied in a slightly sad voice.

"I'm sorry, Bee…" Alex realized he'd said something offensive and apologized.

"Don't worry, I wasn't sad about what you said, but about my people's situation, so I want to help them." Bee replied while shaking her head.

"Don't worry, when it's in my power I'll do what I can to help you and your people. I believe Tony will also be able to help in a few years, with his knowledge it's possible that some useful ideas will come up." Alex commented, making Bee feel more relaxed.

"Thanks, Alex."

Meanwhile, beside the corpses of the two Uzumaki clan members they found dead, two people emerged.

"Damn it, we didn't make it in time." One girl said in frustration and anger as she looked at the corpses of her relatives.

"Don't get so angry Maiko, as much as I hate to see it too, a war is approaching, we must keep our minds calm and analyze the situation in the best way, if we don't do that our clan could be exterminated." A man, also with red hair sighed.

"But Hisoka-Sensei, we didn't harm anyone, why do they want to destroy us so much?" Maiko said in frustration as she held back her tears.

Hisoka just shook his head. "Because we have something they don't have, and if they can't have it, they'd rather nobody have it. The years to come will be very troubled for us, we must get stronger to protect our family, remember that, Maiko."

"Yes, Hisoka-Sensei." Maiko said seriously.

While Maiko was distracted by the death of these ninja, Hisoka noticed the strange footprint marks on the ground.

"Wait here a moment." Hisoka said in a serious voice as he decided to follow the footprints on the ground, which looked like a carriage.

'Although it resembles a chariot, it's still not that close… maybe it's from some beast that was attracted by the scent?' Hisoka wondered as he followed this cautiously.

After a few minutes of running, Hisoka finally reached the end of the footprints. But strangely, these footprints disappeared near a mountain.

As a good Fuinjutsu master, Hisoka tried every way to look for something hidden here, but found nothing.

'Perhaps I am too worried?' Hisoka wondered as he looked around and tried to come up with a hypothesis of what could have happened. 'Or maybe they did it on purpose?'

He couldn't understand it, but after a while he gave up and decided to tell this to the patriarch.

But little did he know that where he was currently, a few minutes ago there was a large cave that acted as a portal to another world, but that would be a magic that they couldn't understand in such a short time.


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