Alex was an ordinary person with the dream of one day being transmigrated to a magical world. But what he didn't expect is that he would be transmigrated to a world much more than that, a world he knew very well, but instead of being given a system that would empower him, he was given a system that allowed him to make games, and the more people played, the more powers he would get. Tony Stark: Son of a bitch, I can do in real life everything this Watch Dogs guy does, but why can't I stop playing? Hulk: HULK HATES DARK SOULS!!! HULK SMASH DARK SOUS ARRRHHHHGGG!!! Nick Fury: If any agent can't complete the Hitman game by next week, that agent will be fired from the Shield! A world of superheroes, but who controls everything is "only" a game developer. ----- Discord server: https://discord.gg/ky35Kv7GHr Author Note: I loved the "Game Creator on Marvel", but the release wasn't enough for me, so I decided to just write one for myself.

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104 - Update

When Alex finally planned how he was going to develop the mod for Minecraft he turned the computer back on, he was startled by the screen that appeared.

As this computer was magical, Alex was used to turning the computer off when he wasn't home and turning it back on when he got back, or even turning it off when he went to sleep, mainly because of the monitor light that disturbed his sleep while he was lying down. .

So this was one of the times this happened, but when he turned on the computer this time, instead of having to wait just 2 seconds for the computer to turn on, it had already been 15 seconds and the computer was still charging.

Paying attention to what was written on the screen, Alex was shocked.

[Update in progress…]

"Update?!" Alex was surprised, he didn't know that the computer could update. With the features it had he already felt that this was more than enough for him, but who knew the computer would update at some point?!

"I wonder what can come of functionality? I can already make games, I can already release the games in the world, I can already get powers with the GP I earn for the games… I can't think of anything else that can come of functionality…" Alex said confused as he swiveled around in his chair.

Curious, Alex got up from the computer and went to see how Bee was doing, if everything was fine with the game server, but arriving in Bee's big room, Alex saw that everything was working fine, Bee was even racing with other players in Oasis, with everything working perfectly.

Deciding to try something else, Alex held out his hand and a magic circle appeared there, which meant he was still able to control magic without any problems.

"I think it's a good thing." Alex at least was more relaxed about it because none of it was deducted from the system.

Returning home, Alex saw that the update loading bar was already finishing, so he sat down and waited patiently.




When the update bar was finally complete, Alex smiled excitedly and looked at the desktop looking for any changes, and there it was!

In addition to the icons he was used to like the program to make games and the program to view game statistics, an icon he had never seen appeared.


Seeing the name of this app, Alex had a mental idea of ​​what it could be, but didn't dare guess.

Opening the application he saw that his assumption was right.

[Marvel Universe]


In the application there were only two options for him to click on, and of those options, one of them was the world he was in while the other was just a bunch of questions without any description.

Clicking on [Marvel Universe], Alex saw a window with some information.

[Marvel Universe: A world from the Marvel Comics Universe, a mix between people from comics, movies, series and cartoons. Among the millions of versions that exist of this universe, this is the Earth-888 version.]

Alex was surprised by this, he knew few Marvel Universes, and among those Universes he knows, Universe 888 was never one of them, so he really had no idea what he could find here.

Curious to know what this World with several question marks was, Alex clicked.

[?????: An unknown Universe. It is still not known which reality this is part of. It can be a world known to the host through comics, drawings, anime, movies, books, webnovels, or any other form of art, or it can also happen to be a world unknown to the host. By clicking on this option, a portal will appear where the host can connect their home to that world at any time.]

Upon reading this description Alex was surprised, from what he understood, this can not only lead to other Marvel Universes, but also to other universes like DC, Anime or even books!

"Should I click that option?" Alex wondered a little unsure.

He didn't know what could happen, or what he might find.

"If I click on that, I can open up another untapped player market. Even though the Marvel universe is a pretty big place, while I still haven't figured out how to take games to other planets, I'm limited to just 7 billion people, and considering that Fortnite is close to hitting 1 billion players, I'm already pretty close to the limit that I can receive here…" Alex started to weigh whether this would be worth it. "Of course, it's not like I'm getting low on points. If I release a game for $20 and sell that to 1 billion people, that would already earn me 100 million GP, ​​which is already an astronomical amount, but considering the investment what I'll have to do to get there and the time it will take to reach it, it's not a bad idea to open a portal to another universe..."

The main thing that made Alex think about it was Minecraft, that despite Fortnite already having almost 1 billion players, Minecraft had not yet reached 150 million, that being the big difference between a free game and a paid game.

But he was still in doubt, whether it would be better to click to open a new universe now, or whether it would be a better idea to do this in the future.

Fortnite was starting to pay off for now, so he didn't need to be afraid of not having enough GP for now, but while the points needed to develop Oasis were very high, when that was ready it would speed up the development of other things a lot.

"There are such expensive things in the GP shop… like time dilation…" Alex thought about the things he wanted, but he knew it would take a long time to buy and he was in doubt, not knowing how he would decide.

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