powers of Mc till now

Name: Joshua

Race: Elysian( Formerly known as mutants.

x- Gene : 2 x-gene extremely rare case. both are omega level. one Gene is partially activated though

powers :

Extreme Biokinesis: capable of controlling the biological structure of any organic matter including his own body.

Heal: He can heal you even from the brink of death.

augmenting Elysian( Mutant) abilities: he can boost The abilities of individuals and activate the X gene. he can also restore the X gene.

curing and creating the disease: painful boils and welts to appear, manipulating the life-forces of others, creating tumors, he can cleanse the body of drugs and cure the viruses like the legacy virus.

regeneration: Cellular level regeneration.

Immortality: Joshua is practically Immortal. he can resurrect himself even from an atom of his body.

extreme control over body: he has extreme control over his body.

detect abnormality: Joshua can detect any abnormalities in any DNA.

Super strength: Around 200 tons minimum. and his strength is always increasing.

super speed: he is at least Mach 5 fast.

Elysium Control: Joshua can create a metal which he can fully control. FOR MORE INFO ON THIS NEW MATTER READ THE CHAPTERS.

Able to get other mutant powers: Joshua can get other mutants' powers by injecting their blood. but this makes his DNA unstable so he has to wait for a long time till he can get another power.

Able to grant other people powers: Joshua can Grant other people powers.

Access to Genome: Joshua has access to his DNA genome through which he can get various powers like Breathing fire, Sonic attacks, x-ray vision, and many more but all of them are powers regenerated from his body's biology, not from any bullshit reason. like during breathing Fire his blood boils literally thus the breath that comes out from his mouth is so intense that the very air catches fire.

extreme self-manipulation: Joshua can control his body molecules to some degree and it grants him SHAPESHIFTING powers.

highest intellect Genius: Joshua has the highest Iq in the world even more than Tony Stark

Limitless Stamina: Joshua has limitless stamina and even he doesn't know-how

psuedo Telepathy: Joshua has psuedo telepathy like he cam only read what you are thinking at the moment by decoding your nuero logical discharge

charm: Over 9999

Hanma Transformation: don't need to tell you this I think.

* He Also has various other over the notch abilities like endurance, durability, agility, reflexes, resilience, dexterity, intelligence, and senses.


1. he knows too much thus can't act without any care.

2. magic the biggest weakness

3. realty wrappers

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