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[HYDRA Base] It should have been just another routine day for the guards at the base. Since the base was made in a location hidden from everyone including SHIELD. But instead of being calm, they were nervous and scared out of their. Gripping their guns tightly, they kept looking up, as if expecting something to fall from the sky. Than their fears became reality. *Boom* A radiant golden light plummeted from above, crashing into the heart of the base with great force. As the guards surrounded the area to aim their weapons at the epicenter, their eyes widened in disbelief. Standing amidst the dissipating glow was a boy with striking white hair. "It's the WHITE REAPER!" A guard's panicked cry shattered the uneasy calm, triggering chaos that would engulf them all. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MC : Died as a mercenary in his previous life to get transmigrated as a 15 year old kid in a HYDRA base undergoing experiments (The same one as Wanda and Pietro) and he got some unique power including a Gacha like power. World : Marvel (MCU + X-men movies + marvel comics) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If you want to read ahead or just want to support me. Here's my patreon link. patreon.com/user?u=80975639 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [A/N] → I'm using the 'English is not my first language' card here. So you can treasure hunt mistakes in the fanfic for timepass. → It is a harem novel, well what else can you expect from a marvel fic.The number is not fixed, later will do a poll in patreon. →MC doesn't have a system so there's no mission or anything. The fic is mainly organisation building type and mc's personal growth as character. →No rape, No NTR, No yaoi →Chapter length : 1200-1400 , there will be longer chapters sometime and there are extra chapter ehich can be either too short or long, I can't guarantee.

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Extra 01 : Choosing their name.

[Ural mountain]

The house in the clearing, once silent, was now bustling with activity after more than a year. The children, who had once borne blank expressions, now radiated playful joy. Initially awkward around each other, their shared experiences had transformed them into a real family. They had even taken Noah's surname as their own.

During this time, they had all trained diligently, achieving strengths impossible for normal humans. While they continued their training in Breathing techniques, Noah introduced them to another skill: Haki. To his surprise, some of them began awakening abilities of their own, despite Noah's expectation that they would need a more stressful environment. After pondering this, Noah concluded it must be due to one of his unknown abilities.

Wanda had awakened Chaos Magic and Probability Manipulation. Pietro had gained incredible speed. Sergey, the oldest after Noah, could transform his body into iron with his Iron Body ability. Among the oldest girls after Wanda, Alice had developed Acid Generation, while Reylie had Memory Manipulation, which could enhance or alter memories—except Noah's, due to his unique resistance.

The most surprising ability belonged to Hiroshi: Thoughtography. He could project images from his mind into reality, in both pictures and 3D forms.

Although some hadn't awakened their abilities yet, there was optimism they might do so in time. With their existing abilities, they were already remarkably strong.

Currently, a solemn meeting was underway among the family, the atmosphere thick with seriousness. No one spoke except to breathe. Finally, Pietro broke the silence.

"We should call ourselves 'The Otherworldly Superheroes.' It signifies our strength and our handsome faces." He struck poses and tried on various outfits with his super speed, prompting Wanda to use Chaos Magic to trap him in a bubble mid-air.

"Stop it, bro," she said. "The name should represent all of us, so it needs to be more elegant."

The meeting, it turned out, was to decide on a name for their group, as Noah planned to raid a HYDRA base the next day.

"How about 'Revengers'?" suggested one.

"Nah, too edgy," countered another.

"What about 'Avengers'?" came another suggestion.

"We'd get a copyright claim immediately," someone pointed out.

"Why?" asked another, puzzled.

"No reason, it's just already taken," was the reply.

"Okay, then how about 'The Boys'?" suggested Gennady, quickly corrected when reminded that the group included girls too.

"Oh, I can't think of anything," lamented another.

"That's your default state, right?" quipped someone else.

"Who said that?" retorted the one who couldn't think of a name.

"Alright, calm down everyone," Reylie interjected. "How about 'Eclipse'? It signifies the period when the moon covers the sun, indicating our impact everywhere we go."

Relieved that they finally settled on a name amidst their playful banter, Noah let out a sigh. Then Wanda asked a question to Noah.

"Noah, can you mark anything else besides us? Like a wall or the ground?"


"Well, wouldn't it be mysterious if you destroyed their base and left our symbol behind? Since the marks on our bodies don't disappear even if we're injured, they won't be able to remove the mark."

"Yeah, that sounds awesome! Can you do it, Noah?"

"Okay, let me try." Noah walked to a clearing with the children following him. Truth be told, he was also excited about the idea of leaving their symbol. Using his power on the ground, the new symbol decided by everyone began to form—a grinning demon with a half-moon at its shoulder. Noah added their group name below it.

"Okay, it works, but it's not permanent. It will stay for a month, but the benefit is that even if the ground is dug up or covered, the mark will always reappear on top."

"That's perfect! we will the best organization."

"Yeah you're damn right"

"Here for out bright future, Everyone raise your hands."

"Let's cheer for our group, which will be renown throughout the universe!"

"Cheers to ECLIPSE!"


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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