33 Chapter 31: Delivery, 1205 BCE

It was a sunny day, the sky was clear and the clouds were nonexistent. Me, Thena, and the little girl called Helen were travelling through the roads of Greece using the wagon that we 'borrowed' from one of the people back at Athens. The two horses looked healthy, so we're probably good.

I was on the steer, with Thena and Helen in the back of the wagon, they were quiet, but Helen was holding close to Thena, finding comfort in her embrace. The journey so far is quite awkward to be honest, no one talked, I haven't said anything to Thena or Helen, and I'm the only 'man' in this journey, which is quite uncomfortable. Thankfully though, Helen is sleeping.

"So… how's it going with you?" I asked awkwardly to Thena.

"Now you talk huh?" she chuckled. "I am fine, a bit boring in the city, but I managed…"

"That's good…" I nodded slowly. "It feels so long since I've talked to you, it feels like centuries ago since I've said goodbye to you…"

"One thousand seven hundred and ninety five years, but who's counting?" she shrugged.

I chuckled. "Exactly…" I paused for a bit, before speaking again. "I'm curious, what is Ajak's reaction like when I do what I did?"

"Oh she's mad." she giggled majestically. "You should see her reaction, her personality just turned 180 degrees."

"Must be fun to watch it." I also chuckled.

"It is, Sersi is also upset, although she's more on the depressed side rather than the furious side."

"Well, I didn't get punished by Arishem, so I guess it doesn't count right?"

"Ajak said that Arishem gave the warning to her, not to you directly." she shrugged.

"Really?" I raised my eyebrow. "Arishem's really shy isn't he? He doesn't want to even talk to me directly."

"Don't joke like that." she shook her head amusingly. "He could hear you, you know."

"Sure, sure." I laughed, but I held myself back to not wake Helen.

Thena then looked at Helen, she caressed her hair to make her more comfortable. "You know this girl?"

I shook my head. "No, not directly. Her father's a 'friend' of mine."

"Friend? You have a friend?" she said amusingly.

I snorted. "Everyone says that she's the daughter of Zeus, but really, she's just a child born out of infidelity."

"And you followed through with the lie?" She asked.

"I mean, kind of? I don't want to tell the king, she and her mother would've probably been killed, but instead I just scared her, threatening that Hera will hunt her until her death…"

"I don't know if I should pat you in the back or not…" Thena murmured. She then gazed at Helen once again, who was sleeping peacefully in her arms. "But perhaps you are partly right in your decision."

"Well, my deeds are acknowledged by the goddess of war, how grateful I am." I rolled my eyes.

She just chuckled, then she paused for a bit, admiring the clear skies of Greece.

"You've changed." said Thena suddenly.

"Pardon?" I questioned.

"I saw you trying to help this little girl back in Athens…" she murmured. "If it were you in the past, you would've probably left this girl."

I chuckled. "To be honest, I just want to claim the law of surprise and be done with it."

"Law of Surprise?"

"I made it up." I shrugged. "It's a law that if I save someone, that someone should give me the thing that he has but still unknown to him or her."

"That's confusing." she commented.

"Simple really." I shrugged.

It is now night time. The stars filled the dark skies, owls cooed in the forest, wolves howled, and fire was crackling in the middle of our camp. Helen was now wide awake, as well as me and Thena. We are sitting around the campfire to warm ourselves up, well, it's more like warming Helen up.

Meanwhile, the girl kept staring at me rather intensely, it was quite uncomfortable really.

"Need something?" I questioned.

Instead of answering, the girl hid behind Thena, what a strange girl…

"Don't be like that." scolded Thena softly. "He's the one who saved you, you should thank him."

Helen then slowly walked towards me, and murmured. "T-Thank you…"

I just smiled. "You're welcome." I ruffled the girl's hair, making her embarrassed.

"How old are you Helen?" I questioned nicely.

"E-Eleven…" she stuttered, but her voice seemed louder.

"That bastard… she's only Eleven and you want to make her your bride?" I murmured. I then made space beside me and patted on the spot. "Want to sit with me?"

She seemed hesitant at first, but she eventually sat down beside me. That's nice I guess… I saw Thena smiled at the interaction between me and Helen.

After that, the surroundings turned quiet again. It was a comfortable silence this time, but I could feel Helen's gaze towards me, staring at me rather intently.

"If you want to ask something, you should say it Helen, don't just stare at him." said Thena, which made Helen embarrassed.

She nodded meekly, and asked me. "A-Are you the Immortal one that my father always talked about?"

Oh, she knows about me? "How do you come to that conclusion?" I questioned nonchalantly.

"W-Well, father said that the Immortal one had powers…. And he lives forever… a-and he can summon living gold using his hands… and he took… m-monster's lives and punished them…"

I smiled. "Then I guess I am the Immortal one your father's talking about."

She then turned pale. "T-Then… are you going to eat me?"

"What?" I looked confused.

"F-Father also said that- that princesses that came out of the castle without permission will be e-eaten by the Immortal one…"

I facepalmed hard right now. "Well, that's not true. I'm not going to eat little girls just because of that."

I could hear Thena's giggle in front of me, I sighed, that king made up weird stories…

"S-So you're not going to eat me?"

"Of course not…"

I could hear her sighed in relief. "Then… could you show me the living gold father has been talking about?"

I eyed Thena, she just nodded. "Okay." I shrugged.

I summoned a cat construct in front of Helen. She was scared at first, but ultimately, her curiosity got to her.

She touched the construct's head, and the construct cat rolled out to her. She looked happy though, so I guess that's a plus.

"C-Can I keep it?" She questioned me.

I shook my head. "No, you can't."

"B-But why?" she asked again, her eyes glistening with tears, like she wanted to cry.

"My 'living gold' is not alive, Helen, you can't make it as a pet." I patted her.

She looked disappointed as she sat down again, hugging the cat construct tightly.

"But she can keep it for the rest of the journey right?" Thena questioned me, her face amused.

"Thena, you're not helping right now." I sighed.

"Really? Can I keep it until we are home?" Helen then stood up again, her eyes full of hope.

I massaged my forehead. "Fine…"

The girl then jumped in happiness as she carried the cat, making the cat jump with her.

"Alright, Helen, you should go to the tent to sleep, it's almost midnight." Thena said to the girl.


"No buts, it's midnight, we have a long way to go tomorrow." said Thena.

"Okay…" said Helen. She walked to the tent and entered it, seemingly sleeping again.

"Look at you, you're like a father just now." Thena teased.

"Well, what do you want me to do? Scare the child?" I scoffed.

Thena giggled, and the rest of the night was peaceful as me and Thena stared at the crackling fire in front of us.

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