20 School?

"The red eyes appear when Naraku takes over"

"Naraku?" Tony raised an eyebrow

"Yes, Naraku is my friend!"

Tony looked at Limulu who didn't want to explain who Naraku was and sighed.

"Can you tell me why you become emotionless when 'Naraku' takes over?"

"Ah, that was because at that time Naraku didn't really control my body, but now when she comes out it's actually her."

Tony roughly understood, however he still wanted to meet this Naraku.

"Can I meet her?"

".ok" Limulu took a second to respond, before her eyes turned red.

"H-hi?" Naraku was nervous, she never communicated with people

"Hello, can I know why you are in Limulu's body?" Tony asked a standard question however..

"Ah, that's because I- Oh Limulu doesn't want me to say" Naraku was confused at Limulu's actions but still went with them.

"." Tony just stared at Naraku.

"Um, can I go now?" Naraku really didn't want to talk anymore.

"Ok" Tony realizing that asking anymore might annoy Limulu sighed and agreed.


Back at Limulu's Villa

[That was really nerve racking]

'…Really? I thought he didn't ask much?'

[It seemed like a lot]

'Oh yes, can you see this?'


'This!' Limulu used her hands to make a rectangle in mid air.

[No I don't see anything]

'I guessed as much, after all you would've noticed it sooner if you could see it.'

[See what?]

'The system'

[No Idea what that is]

'Then don't worry about it'

Limulu looked at the screen and started scrolling through body's hoping to do something like Rimuru had done to Veldora.

Finally she found a manikin that allows someone to enter it and freely shape it.

'I found you a body'


'Yup! Just go into this' Limulu bought the manikin, summed it and put her hand onto it.

As Naraku went into the manikin it slowly changed, it grew black hair, got smaller and started to have its body structure and face changed.

"Wow it really worked!" Naraku exclaimed.

"That's great!" Limulu was genuinely happy for Naraku.

"Ah, what's my identity?"

"How about my sister?" Limulu decided on a " reasonable" identity.

"I'll go call Tony" Limulu pulled out the spare phone in the drawer and called Tony.

"Little Limulu?" Tony wondered why Limulu called him.

" . Don't call me little!" Limulu forgot about why she called him for a second

"I'll pay attention little Limulu, also why did you call?" Tony smiled happily.

"Ah, I got Naraku a body, I want you to make her an identity. Preferably my sister"

"Hmm, It will be a bit hard but if I can change your identity it will be doable" Tony thought of a good idea.

"Ok, but don't change it too much please" Limulu was a little worried.

"Don't worry Little Limulu, I always do a good job! I'll get started on it so I'll hang up first" Tony hung up before Limulu could say anything else.

"." He is totally going to mess something up isn't he?


"Sir, there are guests visiting." Mars's voice sounded.

"Just call me Limulu" She felt odd being called sir, she obviously is a man why does she feel odd about it?

Both Limulu and Naraku forgot about the suggestions placed by Naraku in Limulu's mind. Most of the suggestions were simply to help them assimilate.

"Mars, can you please bring the camera from the front door up?" Limulu wanted to know who it was.

Mars soon brought up the camera, which when Limulu looked at it she was speechless.

The person at the door was none other than the famous Black Widow.

"Mars, help me find out how many SHIELD agents are ambushing the villa"

"Yes Limulu-sama"

Under the control of Mars all the cameras in the surrounding kilometer were activated.

Mars even sent some mosquito-sized drones out to look.

"Limulu-sama, there are no suspicious people near the villa!"

Just Natalia?

Did SHIELD change their strategy or did they think Black Widow could handle her alone?

Knowing that SHIELD wasn't likely to attack her she invited Natalia in.

After all, Limulu doesn't have many bad feelings towards SHIELD, at most some annoyance at the fact that hydra is in it.

The moment Natalia saw Limulu she felt her heart melt.

The long blue hair, petite figure, cute face and beady golden pupils all made her think of the word Cute!

Even though Natalia had seen the picture, it was completely different meeting her in person.

Nick Fury had given the higher ranking agents access to Limulu's documents.

He even added a note which said to keep a friendly attitude if any agents meet her.

After all, Nick Fury is fine with aliens as long as they don't threaten the security of the world.

It's even better if they can be allies with SHIELD!

Natalia pushed up her glasses and smiled, "Sorry for disturbing you. My name is Ivy Timothy, and I'm the social work director of this community. Yesterday, I received a report from the residents of the community that there are school-age children in this community that did go to school. So I came here to find out the situation."

When Natalia was handing over a certificate representing her as the community director, Naraku walked in.

"Who is this?" Naraku peeked her head out from the kitchen.

Limulu's face changed slightly.

Natalia was stunned, wasn't there only supposed to be Limulu here?

Natalia quickly regained her composure and pushed up her glasses while saying "It seems that there are two school age children who need to go to school"

"What's school?" Naraku asked.

Before Limulu could speak Natalia said "School is a place where children can receive education and make friends"

"Friends?" Hearing the word friends, Naraku's eyes brightened.

"Ahem, Ms.Timothy may I know what you're here for?" Limulu quickly changed the topic.

"According to law every American citizen needs to go to school." Natalia finished handing Limulu her certificate representing her as the community director.

"What dose she mean Limulu?" Naraku was confused.

"Naraku can you go to the living room and sit while I talk to this big sister?" Limulu really couldn't relate Naraku with the name Evil God at all. Especially after getting along with her.

She put that away and looked at the certificate Natalia gave her, Limulu sighed. As expected of SHIELD this fake certificate is really professional.

But what the hell is this talk about getting her to go to school?

Is SHIELD seriously asking her to go to elementary school? Limulu felt that the world was full of malice.

In her previous life, he had almost finished college, now she is being asked to go back to primary school with a group of bear children!?

Seeing Limulu's micro-expressions, Natalia pushed up her glasses and revealed a meaningful smile.

Reading facial expressions is naturally a must-have skill for an agent.

So based on Limulu's micro-expressions she confirmed there was something wrong with Limulu. Her fake certificate was made to be identical to the point where even if the Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education came he might not be able to find the difference.

But Limulu? She just glanced at it and showed a speechless expression.

This is worth thinking about!

Some agent's might be scared to do this mission as it is direct contact with an unknown alien however, Natalia was perfectly prepared, she had a pill that is specially used for anesthetics in her tooth.

There are also high-tech patches dedicated to telepathy behind her ears. As long as there is external mental power that enters her brain these patches will heat up to remind her.

But so far the patches are working fine.

So that means that Limulu didn't use mind-reading skills on her at all!

So how did Limulu know her identity?

Natalia became more and more curious about Limulu.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" Natalia asked Limulu

"Please come in" Limulu generously invited Natalia to enter because if she didn't she might be stared at by SHIELD every day.

Knowing my identity you invited me in? Do you have plans or are you simply brave?

"Naraku can you prepare some water?"


Natalia was speechless, water, really?

"I'm not thirsty"

"Naraku just bring two for me and you!" Limulu shouted while being happy because she knew that Natalia would probably not drink it even if Naraku prepared it.

"So can you tell me your real purpose? The famous Black Widow?"

Natalia's body felt tense.

"You know more than I thought, can you tell me how you know my identity?"

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