19 Strange Encounters Part 2 PSYKE - Enter: Wraith

-Content Warning-

Read this at your own risk cause it gets really dark. For those sensitive souls out there, remember this is only a work of fiction.

-Content Warning-

(September Friday 1:23 AM)

What turns someone towards cruelty? Is it inherent to human nature, or does something else shape it? Are humans born with it, carrying a trace from the very beginning? Does the world they grow up in leave its mark, helping it along with its twisted truths?

In harsh and unforgiving surroundings, does cruelty become a sort of default? And in serene, affluent settings, does having everything handed to them push some to revel in cruelty just for the thrill?

Does cruelty run in the blood? If parents are bad, would their kids be worse, does it pass down like an unwelcome inheritance?

How is it that humans, with all our complexity, can wield cruelty as if it were an art? And why do we refine this revolting art as if it were a weapon?

Why do people some people proudly boast about the extremes they can reach, wearing their capacity for cruelty like a dubious badge of honor? What motivates this celebration of malevolence? 

What is it about people, in general, that allows for the glorification of these disgusting actions? 

Yuriko Watanabe didn't know, and quite frankly she didn't care. Right now she wanted to kill someone.

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you. My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you. My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 3749, I will survive this and I will kill you. ' She repeated that thought like a mantra in her head, her sole saving grace. 

A desperate plea for her sanity.

She wondered if they were coming for her…

She made some mistakes in her life, but the one choice she thought she'd never regret was doing the right thing. 

Her grandfather inspired her to do the right thing and gave her a dream to work for, a torch to bear.

Her father picked it up before her and she chased him after him with reckless abandon.

She chased that dream until she became one, a police officer. A third-generation officer to boot, a promising young recruit.

Life wouldn't ever be so kind as to have it good for that long. 

On the day of her graduation, her father was arrested for bribery. 


 She wondered if anyone even knew she was missing…

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'


And it was utter bullshit. Her father was the example she set for herself, the shadow she chased. The most law-abiding citizen you'd ever have the pleasure of meeting. He put his trash in the correct color-coded trash cans and did it for years because it was the law. 

Well, he thought it was.

Her mind flashed with images of her time with her father, from their first stake out when she was six up to the moment she got accepted into the police academy.

Why would he take bribes from someone as notorious as the

Maggia Family?

It was wrong. It was unfair.


She wanted to live…she needed to live….Maybe finally visit


'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'


But such is life. She learned that when she lost her partner in the Battle of Harlem. If things like that THING existed, why would life be fair?

Yet she chose to do the right thing. That was why she stayed back for her partner when all the other officers ran, to try to free him from the car that fell on him until he stopped breathing. 

That was why she shot at the thing to give the other super freak who saved them a fighting chance, and what a change that was.

An unforgivable sight. What she experienced that day engraved itself into her psyche.

The image of a torn broken boy, his voice gave away his age, standing in the middle of the busted streets of Harlem with that defiant glee full smirk, fighting a battle he knew he was gonna lose.

That deranged chuckle.

Half dead and dying slowly, his arm shattered up to his limb after an attack she wasn't sure even he was aware he was capable of if that delirious laugh was any indication.

Bleeding and battered all over, he stood up to a creature that was almost five times his size with a smile on his face. 

Who would forget that?

He was insane. Straight up fucking insane. She was sure at that time that there was no cure on God's green earth for his mental disease. 

Whatever that was, it was its own level of crazy. 

And yet the memory persisted now more than ever. A boy that was fighting to the death, fighting with death as an undeniable certainty regardless of his superpowers with one foot already across the threshold, and when death came for him… What was it he said…

"That was the point you dumb fucking cunt" And he flipped it off.

That boy was insane, she knew that something was just wrong with the way he fought on with his reckless disregard for his own mortality. It was almost like he wanted to die.


Could she have shown that same defiant spirit when she….

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'


As a human being, she was sure there was something fundamentally wrong with that, it wasn't normal, then again, nothing about what happened that night was 'normal'.

She didn't know why those moments kept slipping in, even now as the memories of what happened after surfaced.

Her thoughts still repeated the mantra as she relieved that memory. 

When that thing was finished pummeling him into a crater after tossing a fire truck at him, she hid herself and prayed it would just forget about her. 

Someone else up there must have been listening in and answered her cause by god whatever fell from the sky and landed on the other side of the street was no fucking angel. 

But she thanked the gods, Christianity be damned, as she dug back into her Asian roots.

She thanked the gods for that monster was on their side. What followed was a moment she would never forget. She found her partner coughing up blood and whizzing in pain. The to creatures kept each other busy so she decided to try her luck at freeing him.

It happened while she was trying to force the car over with an iron pole she fashioned from one of the destroyed street lamps.


 She wanted something sweet to eat…pop tarts… or donuts from that….where was it again…

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'


The car was moved up ever so slightly, the hit was overbearing, and the sound of her partner groaning in pain rang in her ears, her heart was going a mile a minute as she considered turning to check the two fighting it out behind heard. 

Her hands were shaking and fear was the last thing on her mind, she forced it out of her through sheer will to help her focus on the task at hand. 

Straining herself as she pulled with all he might.

Before long the metal creaked, then the car was thrown to the side and she was sure it wasn't her. 

Standing over her was that other freak, the suicidal one, arm still missing, a visible hole in his chest, covered in blood and viscera from all manner of organic matter. 

The skin from half his face was gone, she could see the fucking empty socket and the skull as clear as day.

She had no words to describe that moment. Hell, what followed was something she couldn't even understand. 

He leaned down and picked up her partner as she sat there in muted shock, she watched as his flash crept out in real-time, muscles writhing like worms slithering across bone, tendons netted back in place, a new arm laterally grew out of his old one, skin grew over it all at the end. 

He was as good as new.

Something settled in her when she saw that, a primal fear as old as time. 

She just couldn't place it. 

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'



"Hey, you good over there, no injuries of any kind? Can you take him to safety" The fucking DEAD MAN asked her as he proceeded to CUT himself and USED HIS FUCKING BLOOD to seal her PARTNER'S BLEEDING fucking WOUNDS.

" Yes?" she said it out of reflex no longer trusting her voice.

'I didn't sign up for this she shit' were her most proponent thoughts at that time.

" You died" she stated. 

"Yep," He responded nonchalantly. 


The sound of roars and explosions got both their attention, followed by helicopter gunfire. 

" Listen lady, officer, I get that you're going through a lot right now, trust me I am too, I need you to take him and run." He told her that with a strained smile, a failed attempt to look reassuring. 

His voice sounded even younger up close. She guessed sixteen to nineteen.

If she didn't know any better she would have said he looked excited. His lightly lightly glowing eyes which she figured was a trick of the flame didn't help his case either.

The flame also illuminated parts of his face, features she noticed as plane as day, even hidden behind the viscera of blood and organs but not enough to identify him. 

"You're just a kid?" she told him." Your fucking kid"

"I'm aware of that, HEY FOCUS! Can you take him away from here, 'cause I really gotta go, YES OR NO!" He slapped her lightly, and it still stung like a bitch. 

" What the fuck is that for?" She flinched, reflexly throwing a punch that he easily caught.

" I was trying to wake you up?" his tone pissed her off. 

"I am fucking awake"

"Really could have fooled me" 

"Well fuck you then, god that fucking hurt" She rubbed her bruised Cheeks lightly.

"Good, now you're awake so take him and run as far from here as you can 'cause I gotta score to settle with mister good looking over….their…wait what! OH My god… there's two of 'em now, it's an infestation." the bloody lunatic chuckled at his own joke as he cracked his knuckles

"No, that's not right, uh, It's an infestation of two, nailed it." 

"Wait you're going BACK, ARE YOU CRAZY?."

The teen raised an eyebrow at her, the intent was clear. 

'Obviously.' He didn't have to speak to for her to know what he was thinking.

" What the fuck is wrong with you, your, your just a kid, you just fucking died, I honestly don't have the sense in my understand how all this is possible but I know what I know, and kids like you shouldn't be doing things like this, I don't care if you can't die, you can't just go back over there, do even feel pain?" She didn't understand what was going on, and she didn't even try to, leave that to the thinking people, but she sure as hell wasn't going to let what happened here change her values.

She had always tried to do the right thing and this was wrong, this was all wrong.

Everything about this kid was just wrong.

" You say that like it's supposed to mean something to me, and yes I do, but my pain has literally nothing to do with you, you sure you OK there lady " the kid, no teen answered her in that same irritating tone.

It left her at a loss for words, his nonchalant attitude, his blatant disregard for his own safety, whatever he was.

" Why are you doing this?" She couldn't help but ask him. 

And he answered in four simple words. 

"Why…Because I can" He snorted at her like it was the most obvious answer in the world.

" And I really don't care right now about your two cents about what a can and can't do. So, Right Now I am gonna go over there and settle my score with my murderer, amma trusts you to be a dear and run along with your friend who been bleeding out over there..Kapish…Kapish" With his peace said he blasted onto the rooftops as the monstrous roar resounded through the streets.


" Damn Crazy Lunatic… Fuck… WAIT…THE GREEN ONE'S ON OUR SIDE! HEY…ARE YOU…damn it…sigh… " a pain-stricken groan got her attention.

" Ho shit Kelly...Geez man... I am so sorry..." 

That was the last she saw him, the next time would be on the news. 

Turns out that Suicidal Psycho won in the end.

-Flash Back End- 


Somehow that stuck with her, that idea that someone could do something so insane, so abnormal simply because they could.

And if he could do it why could everyone else? So she went back to her life as normal, putting that incident as far away from her mind as any normal person. 

Her partner managed to recover and everything was going well.

For three weeks this is. Until life decided to through her a curve ball.


She was so hungry…

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'


One sting operation gone wrong was all it took. Wrong time, wrong place with the wrong fucking people.

She got caught going under as a hooker. It was only supposed to be for a day, now it was a week. 

She was caught, and they identified her by name, someone in there knew who she was, the reason, her familial relation to James Watanabe. 

Apparently, her dad put a lot of their people away, the same people he got arrested for taking bribes from. It landed her straight here for execution, her appointed killer Teddy Costa.

Some crazy retard related to the Maggia crime family. She would have welcomed death, she was supposed to die a week ago.


She was so fucking thirsty…She could really use a pick-me-up right about now…

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'


That twisted guy had a habit he was quite fond of, he told her enough about it over the last few days that she thought her ears would bleed over.

He liked to play with his prey.

Mainly in what he considered very 'Fun' ways. In many 'Creative' ways as he called it.


She was getting tired…

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'


So here she was trapped in a room, four by four, stale walls, leaking ceilings with a single source of light, no windows, a single bed, and a chair. 


She wanted to taste something anything…

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'


That retard started with her Achilles tendon, a clean cut on both legs, she held in her scream as best she could at that time, she wouldn't give me that satisfaction. 

He carefully bandaged them and then continued from there. It didn't stop, soon it wasn't just cuts anymore and not long after that it wasn't just the torture tools. 

That sick fuck had some sickly twisted fetishes. But she wouldn't give him the satisfaction, she never uttered a single word that wasn't the mantra she repeated in her thoughts.


She wanted to see and feel the sun…

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'


Not a scream, no a whimper, she wouldn't let him win she told herself.

Yet the twisted fuck enjoyed that, she hasn't eaten in days, yet she didn't ask for food, she hasn't drunk water in days yet she refuse to ask for it. 

 Teddy Costa had this game, where he would eat all his meals in front of her, then offer her the same meal each and every day. 

Yet each and every day he got the same answer.

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.' She wanted something to eat so bad….

It pissed him off so much that she once laughed in his face.

What followed wasn't something she could remember.

Her tears were dried out, her skin had more purple than pale pink, and she looked thinner than ever, almost as if she was just skin on bone. She had bandages all over her form, and the cock sucker made extra sure not to bleed her out. The only place he didn't touch was her face. 

'Liked 'em pretty' he said.

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.' She clenched her fist tightly with the water strength she had, her teeth grinding.

No matter what he said, they both knew she was gonna die today, she couldn't keep it up anymore. She didn't have the strength to keep on fighting. 

That bastard always left a loaded gun by her bed with a single bullet, another one of his games. 

'Either kill him or kill herself' he said, like it was a fair game, like he'd ever give her that chance. 

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'

She wondered why thoughts of that night in Harlem kept coming back to her. The reason was right there at the tip of her tongue.

She blinked in surprise when shots rang out throughout the compound. She didn't even know where he was.

"What the fuck is that!! What the fuck are you!!" she heard 'his' voice shout. 

She moved her hand with every ounce of strength she had left in her body to pick up the gun she had by her bed. Her broken fingers weren't helping, three on each side.

Except for the thumbs and pointer, a result of another one of his games.

It got louder, banging could be heard, then the sound of twisting flesh, breaking a bone, something she had become all too familiar with. 

She wrapped the gun and positioned her pointer and thumb to ready a shot. Thankfully he always cocked the pin for her.

Pain flooded he being from her stomach, she almost doped the gun.

The pain was something she was learning to get along with, but the blood that poured from her upper left chest was not. 

She'd been shot, the bullet came through the door. 

'My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you.'

She wheezed in bated breaths. 

'Just a little longer…'

She was going to die, but that's ok…Just not yet.

A silent scream filled the air and something was sent crashing into the door of her cell with a loud crack. 

" You know I thought I met the worst people around but you, you take the cake" There was that familiar irritating voice again from a memory she couldn't place.

She didn't care.

"I can't really kill humans you know, but you… you're not human… people like you are the exception...you don't deserve that right…something like that can no longer be counted… as.. one of us….Holy fuck…I know you…What the fuck did he do to you?…" Someone made their way to the door only to catch a pause when they caught sight of her.

Teddy Costa rolled over and leaned over wheezing in pain from an injury she couldn't see. He crawled over to her as if he just remembered that he kept a loaded gun there.

He used his assailant's momentary pause to his advantage.

He popped himself on the the bed with his right arm to reach for the gun but as soon as he did he came face to face with the barrel of the gun he so desperately wanted to reach.

He found himself staring into the vengeful eyes of one Yuriko Watanabe. 

"My name is Yuriko Watanabe an officer of the NYPD, Badge number 480316, I will survive this and I will kill you, Now die."

Her voice was a horse whisper of what it was, it didn't sound like something a human was capable of making. But her intent was clear. 

'I win, You Die'.


The gun dropped from her the instant that the shot was fired.

Her body was not far behind.

She slouched on the sticky cement, covered in blood that much she was sure and simply waited for it to end.

She was too tired to move. She didn't have the energy to open her eyes.

Someone picked her up and turned her over as gently as they could. 

It didn't hurt, not one bit. She placed her head softly on something warm, it felt soothing.

Was this what dying felt like? It was welcoming... She was ready for this…

" Hey" that same voice called out, It sounded so familiar she couldn't quite remember who or from where. Maybe she could just let this all go.

" Do you want to live" Yes, she didn't want to die, try as she might, she didn't want to die. It was the nature of a human to survive no matter the cost.

" I can help you do that" Please, she was so hungry, she was thirsty. She had a place she wanted to see. She had yet to clear her Dad's name.

"There's a price though" Anything, she pleaded. 

Almost as if the voice understood her it responded in kind. 

" To paraphrase the tall dark and beautiful someone I know that might be coming from you at this very moment. Be mine and I will let you live" She bobbed her head ever so slightly, where she had the energy to do that she would never in her life figure out...

"Huh, that was fast…Well if that's what you want...don't forget" 

Suddenly she felt something stab into her chest but she felt no pain. Then everything faded as information streamed into her psyche.

For a moment she met what she could only describe as death, and it looked remarkably similar to that deranged teenager she met that night on the streets of Harlem. 

 But the black miasma that surrounded him with the addition of the shroud of bandages that twisted in the air with life of their own and the golden eyes told her otherwise. 

A small part of her couldn't help but question if she made a deal with the devil. Because the devil looked...

The last thing she heard was his voice again. Even now it still irritated her, only it was different.

"Garfield, just kill them all"

-Chapter End-

Yuriko Watanabe

Sin of Lust

Branch: Excess (Enough is never enough)

Code Name: Wraith

Branch Power: Blood Whip/Blade (Speed Type)

- She can make blood whips from her blood which she could harden the whip's edges into bladed form and propel them at supersonic speeds allowing her to cut most objects with relative ease.

- she can also alter said whips into thread-like structures with enough control and practice

-She can use her whips to grab onto objects or surfaces allowing her to move with ease as her ring has as much blood as allows her 

Special Ability granted by her sin: 

Excess- Enough is never enough

-Everything about her is amplified, her strength, speed, emotions, intellect, the more she strives for it the more she pushes past her limits, the more they are amplified Ect...

Mental/Emotional Side-Effect

She has a religious maniac-like obsession with the holder of the original sin Shard Peter Parker due to her mistakenly disassociating him with the entity death and her suffering from transference syndrome, its combination with the branch of sin's innate nature of being loyal to the original sin, combined with the feeling of gratefulness for being saved from the brink of death by peter parker coupled with her unique ability lead the creation of a feedback loop in which her feeling of gratitude and loyalty make her feel more which are then amplified by her ability trait that functions around lust and obsession making her feel more of it and so on in an endless loop.

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