Marvel: Abysmal Spider-Man

(Imagine a Peter Parker with Garou from one punch man's build and then some, depressed and almost insane, brought back from the dead with no Aunt May to keep him grounded.) Sixteen-year-old Peter Parker's life was a mess. His successfully failed attempt at giving himself superpowers turned him into a giant mindless feral lizard and his death battle with the very vigilante that inspired his actions, the one who he once admired(Spider-Women) was the least of his problems. After being left for dead and actually dying, something brought him back, changing him to the point where he doesn't even know how much of him is him and how much is the cosmic being that's now a part of him. This novel is written by an amateur in their spare time, and as such will contain Grammar mistakes Spelling mistakes Syntax mistakes Disclaimer: This fanfiction is a work of fiction inspired by existing characters, settings, and/or concepts from [original source material]. It is created by fans for entertainment purposes only and is not intended for commercial use. All rights to the original characters, settings, and/or concepts belong to their respective creators and/or copyright holders. I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com and scribblehub.com too.

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Battle Of New York Part 3

-Manhattan New York-


Miles was not having a good day. Whatever the shit was going on was nuts.

First, that crazy lunatic Parker shaved some glowing crystal in their chest which was its own headache altogether and now, it was raining aliens.


He had heard of raining cats and dogs but this was just ridiculous.


There was a literal hole in the sky and fucking aliens, ALIENS were attacking the city. God, he wished he wore Tink's upgrades right now. The equipment was still in the testing phase, but he knew quite well what they were capable of. That shit was the reason he was confident that the prowlers would own the streets after the attack on King Pin became public knowledge.


He tried to get in contact with Tink, but coms were down, interference caused by the giant flying metal snake that kept flying around the area.


Now that plan was blown to shit, just like the flaming yellow taxi heading his way.



The hospital they were in was missing its top half thanks to one of those big ass metal snake aliens flying around. The horde it left behind shot at anything that moved.


'Fucking Parker' He cursed before dodging a couple plasma bolts.


More explosions rocked the streets as swarms of armored aliens shot past the city skyline. His uncle Aaron shot past him in a blitz of speed that Miles couldn't keep track of. The plasma bolts did not damage him other than a light singe on his skin.

Large blocks of concrete, debris, and metal objects followed him as shot toward the alien horde; all the objects were covered in a crimson-red aura as they flowed around him. Uncle Aaron motioned with his hand, and they shot forward at ridiculous speeds carving large holes into the aliens.

That was another thing that Miles found concerning as he took cover behind the receptionist's desk, his uncle's current situation was somewhat disturbing.

When that large metal snake-like alien crashed into the hospital, his uncle got caught in the ensuing mayhem, crushed under a pile of debris. Miles was surprisingly unharmed by the destruction, the only injuries he had were mild bruises and scratches from the falling rocks.

His uncle, however, was pinned to the floor with a metal rod protruding out of his left chest cavity and left hip. It was a gruesome sight to behold when he regained his barring from the shock of the explosion, yet what followed was both unsettling and astonishing.

Uncle Aaron pushed himself up on his feet like his spine wasn't shattered, his wounds healed as he nonchalantly pulled out the protruding metal rods. His uncle stared back at him with a flabbergasted expression as the surrounding debris covered in his blood began to float, slowly they flowed around his uncle like asteroids orbiting a planet. 

They neither had the time nor the opportunity to talk about what the hell that was on account of the alien horde that dropped from the sky after the bigger one left, but they were both sure it had something to do with the fucker Parker.

It was that damn glowing crystal he shoved in their chest. Insurance he called, whatever it was one thing was for certain, this shit really did even the playing field with those superheroes and mutant freaks out there.

It was still concerning though because they knew little to nothing about Parker or his abilities.

Miles blinked back into focus and was surprised as a little kid dressed in a blue fluffy bunny suit hopped across the destroyed corridor without a care in the world. She had a bunny-themed head and looked like she was dancing around the plasma bolts. Her hands waved in the air as moved about the mayhem.

'What the hell?'.

"Miles!" his uncle's voice rang out through the hospital-turned extra-terrestrial battlefield. Miles blinked in surprise at the thought of a little girl, dressed in a blue fluffy bunny suit, hopping across the destroyed corridor without a care in the world didn't quite fit this picture.

But his body moved fluidly despite his internal musings. 

The Prowler in training effortlessly flipped over an attacking alien, skillfully wrapping his zipline around its throat. Using his momentum, he hurled the alien into another group, a magnetized explosive attached to its back...

The teenage assassin/thief in training was already carefully positioned behind another rocky debris when the explosion went off. His uncle dropped down next to him, and the concrete floated up in front of them to form a barricade to shield them as joined him.

"Head in the game man. You're alright?" Uncle Arron asked.

"Yeah man, I just thought…" Miles glances back at the place he saw the girl in the bunny suit only to find nothing there but the gruesomely torn-up bodies of dead aliens.

"It's nothing, this shit is just crazy." Miles let out a breath as he spoke. He reflexively passed his uncle a mask face mask as he spoke.

"I know Miles, we ain't ever deal with anything like this before." His uncle turned to get a glimpse at the advancing aliens as he clipped the face mask into place.

"You ready for this?" Uncle Arron asked as he brought his right hand up for a fist bump, unspoken words were exchanged as both uncle and nephew locked eyes for a passing second.

"Born ready," Miles replied as he stilled himself, calmed his nerves, and readied himself. 'Prowlers don't quit' His thought repeated the mantra his words.

"I can't reach anyone, we gotta get to Mom, the fastest route is 7th Avenue, after that head to Tink's workshop is our safest bet," Mile informed Aaron as he loaded a few shock and air pulse cartages in his power gauntlet. The gloves hummed to life, crackling with an electric purple glow.

Whatever this just happened, whatever was going on with his uncle, with the aliens, and with Parker, they'd deal with it, but first they'd have to survive this shit and save those that mattered.

"Alright, let's go before the big guys get back. In three…"

As his uncle counted down Miles could have sworn, he saw the silhouette of a blue bunny hovering right in front of him, vanishing as he blinked accompanied by the faint whisper too low for others to hear that spoke in a childish whine.

"Aww! Shucks! Another Fake. Parker's gotta be around here somewhere. Oh well, onward into battle. Na na na na na na Batman! Batman, Batman, Batman…, " 

He didn't know whatever the hell that was but he sure as hell knew who to blame for it.

'Fucking Parker.' Miles cursed as Aaron gave the single and all-hell-broke loss. 'And what the fuck even is a Batman?!' 


-Else where with Peter-

Ten minutes into the fight between Peter (Bloodborne), the Hulk, Thor and Enchantress.


Peter dropped onto a car before flipping it over as he flipped back. The Hulk smashed into the car with explosive power. The force of the explosion pushed Peter back mid-air allowing Thor to meet him with his hummer in hand, the flames parted as Thor shot past the burning Hulk.

Thor swung his mighty hammer down on Peter who brought all four of his Kagune up to block. The hit sent Peter barreling towards the road.

Thor didn't let up, lifting his hummer as he followed the teen, he summoned streaks of lighting towards his hummer before launching it at Peter.

Peter, twisted to position himself to land on his feet, a pointless action as his Kagune planted themselves into the pavement holding him up, resampling as spider limbs. Peter activated Imagine Breaker, focusing its effects on his hands. He punched the streaks of lightning as they struck, the sound of shattered glass ringing out as the lightning fizzled into nothing.


Thor felt a pull as he recovered from the surprise of having his lighting easily dismissed. Peter's bandages rapped around Thor's out-retched hand pulling the blond god towards Peter who struck him with the combined force of all four of his Kagune.

Thor blocked the attack but was launched back regardless.

"ROOOAAAAAR!" Peter had little room to breathe as Hulk was already launching himself in hand with the burning cars held as a battering ram. Peter jumped out of the way and Hulk made a new-sized hole on the road with the front end of the burning vehicle.

The green giant shot after Peter without pause, attempting to hit Peter with his makeshift weapon but Peter was faster. 

The teen meets Hulk in the air, using the car as a footpath to reach the Hulk's face. He drew his fist back with both Imagine Braker and Will of Saitama active only for his instincts and his peripheral vision to catch onto income danger.

Thor's hammer flew towards Peter at breakneck speed. He switched his target from Hulk Fact to Thor's Hummer. The result was a volatile explosion of lighting, magic energy, and force that separated Peter, the Hulk, and Thor's hummer in differing directions.

The glass shattered all around from the surrounding buildings as debris was sent flying. It was like a raging tempest went off in that instant and quickly dissipated when the contract was over.


Peter first imbued with the Imagine breaker and enhanced by the Will of Saitama had an unpredictable effect when it came into contact with Mjolnir. The hummer rejected Peter's fist with everything it had. The godly nature of the hummer and its relationship with the innate magical properties that make it; the Ancient Metal Uru of the First Moon and the Odin force-powered spells cause something strange to occur when it encountered Peter, the old tempest within began to stir. It was something neither Peter nor Thor would understand until the near future.

The three took a moment or respite, and an eerie silence followed, none of the surrounding Chitauri came close to the battle in fear or by order of the enchantress.

Peter coughed out blood as he stood up. Disoriented and in pain, the hummer shook his entire being, this was the first time his Imagine Breaker had come in contact with a divine construct. He felt pain and irritation assault his right arm. His attempts to pinpoint where led to the realization that he no longer had a right arm. It was an empty stump from the upper elbow downward, his shattered bones and torn muscles were clearly visible.

Before he could move green magical runic circle surrounded him, magical constructs made from light shot out of the circles towards him, binding him in place.

The enchantress appeared in a flash of green with a charming smile. "

A crash followed Hulk as he tore his own of the building he was launched into. He took a pause before falling behind the blond Asgardian sorceress.

"You've done well monster, now come, let us be done with this," Enchantress spoke alluringly as she walked towards Peter. "Calm yourself, child, I won't hurt you."

"Oh I know you won't, but I might want to hurt you."

Peter coughed out a light chuckle with blood, his expression displaying a sardonic smile behind his partially shattered mask, the Enchantress's bindings were already being dissipated by Imagine Breakers passive effects however the side effects of the continued usage of Imagine Breaker and Will of Saitama was becoming more apparent as the fight went on. Peter was adapting, he knew that, but not fast enough to keep up with the Hulk and Thor.

They could hit with enough strength to demolish a building and still had enough strength for more, when Peter did, it took more effort, damaged him to a degree, and more time to recover from the drawbacks. He was strong, just not strong enough, not yet, not as strong as he could be.

His potential strength and the strength his body could continuously output for an extended period under duress were not mutually exclusive. 

At this rate, he would lose. He was hurt all over right, whatever the hell that Hummer did made his bones feel like a mix of jelly and biscuits. His muscles burned and his mind came up with an idea. One he has never tried before. The one ability his never tested.

Cypher still had little to go on regarding these aliens, but it did discover that they had some relation to S.H.I.E.L.D. He was also keeping track of notable hotspots within the city that were putting up a fight against the alien invasion. Cypher simulations suggested luring these guys toward the mutants for some backup. Or killing himself for a reset of his injuries.

That thought irritated Peter a bit, he wanted to win this fight without dying for once. Sadly, he neither had the strength nor the endurance for such an outcome. At least not against a self-proclaimed god and whatever the being who called itself Hulk.

Peter waited for the enchantress to get closer as he thought over Blue Cypher's suggestion, but he decided to go with the third option, his own.

Thor made his way to join Hulk and Enchantress. He recalled his Mjolnir catching it seamlessly; he took a step forward before pausing in shock as he gazed at his hummer. He quickly turned back towards the teen still bound by the smoking green light constructs as Amora got just within striking distance.

"Amora wait!" Thor called out but he was too late, Peter had already activated Imagine Breaker.

Peter shattered the bindings with the sound of glass breaking and shot towards the Enchantress in a burst of speed. Surprisingly enough, it was the Hulk that stopped his stride with a wild punch which Peter met blow for blow. He went up for a kick, but the Hulk caught his ankle, it did little to stop Peter's attack, he twisted his ankle in Hulk's hands breaking his bones, tendons, and flesh before kicking Hulk in the chin as he activated Will of Saitama.

His leg went numb as the Hulk was launched back with a resounding shockwave that thundered in the air, he shot past Thor who moved in defense of Amora. It was too late, Peter Kagune did for him what his legs were no longer capable of and he shot towards Amora with his mouth agape, taking a large bite out of the enchantress's shoulder, just missing her throat.

The Asgardian let out a horrified scream as her magic failed her. Lucky for her Thor got to her in time to strike the teen away with his hummer in a mighty blow of thunder and light holding nothing back.

The strike took out two of Peter's Kagune, hitting him right in the face shattering his jaw, and launched the teen back into the streets.

"He bit me?" Amora whispered as she shook in shock and fury, her magic trying but failing to heal her as Thor held her close. "What moral would dare to lay a hand on a goddess!?"

"Amora, are you alright?" Thor asked, concerned clear in his voice as he got close. He quickly wrapped his cape to cover her wound.

"Calm yourself, my love, the danger has passed, he is no more. But that child is as you said, special, different." Thor spoke soothingly as he tied the wound, adding minor healing enchantments to the cloth as adding it to the wound seemed futile.

"It matters not how special he is, he has wounded me, Thor!"

"He has managed to put a scratch on my Hummer. Consider yourself luck that a wound is all you received from him." Thor spoke solemnly and suddenly the Enchantress face lost all color.


"Impossible, I am aware, there are few on the mortal plane who could do harm to Mjolnir. I fear our mistake was thinking this child a mortal." They continued, in advertently finishing Amora's statement.

Suddenly the cracking of bones could be heard as both Thor and Enchantress turned to lay their eyes on Peter's body.

Black miasma embraced his form like, in care, the silhouette of something ancient took form behind over the corps as it healed before dissipating into black mist-like particles. The child-torn body began to rebuild most grotesquely; blood and injury vanished into black miasmic mist as millions of spiders made from flesh and blood crawled out from this damaged body before black miasma healed at all and soon the child was up his previously broken mask was replaced by one made from his one blood as a group of tiny spiders crawled over his space and solidified in the shape of a mask.

"You…" Thor breathed out in shock and fascination. "What manner of creature are you?"

The teen gazed back with a calm expression, hidden behind the crimson Oni mask made from his own blood. His eyes held a mix of blue, yellow, and red, glowing with renewed vigor.

"Me? Oh, I'm nothing you've ever met before. But I'm something you'll never forget, I'll make sure of it. Welcome to Earth. There are no Gods on this miserable mudball and if they were, They'd be called Humanity." Peter answered simply.

 {Fools Gambit Active:

Primary Objective: Win

Conditions: Incapacitate Thor, Free Hulk, Stop alien invasion, deal with obstructions to primary as the situation dictates

Secondary Object: Kill the Blond Witch Bitch

Other Objective: Protect civilians}

{Slot 1 Active: The Thief Who Stole His Fate_Evolution Complete_ Active_

Slot 7 Active: The Abysmal Spider_Evolution Complet_ Active}

"Round two punk" Peter stated in a monotonous voice with an almost unnaturally serene expression.

-Chapter End-

(Ability recap

Active: Fools Gambit 

 This ability allows him to put on the mask in a sense and provide input for a command. Once the command is accepted everything else will be blocked out, his emotions, his thoughts, his personality, pain, everything will be put aside to complete that one goal. His actions will be task-oriented, all actions taken are optimized for the single-minded pursuit to complete the given command.)

Name: Aaron (Prowler)

Sin of Sloth

Branch: Inertia

Primary Power: Inertia Manipulation via Blood Contact


Momentum Control: Anything that comes into contact with Inertia's blood can have its momentum increased or decreased. For example, if his blood touches a speeding car, he can make it come to an immediate halt or accelerate it.

Force Redirection: Inertia can redirect the forces acting on objects that his blood touches. He can make bullets curve around him, change the trajectory of thrown objects, or deflect incoming attacks effortlessly.

Inertia Transfer: Inertia can transfer momentum from one object to another through his blood. If his blood touches a falling boulder, he can stop it and transfer its kinetic energy to a nearby enemy, knocking it back with the same force.

Kinetic Shield: Inertia can create protective barriers by crystallizing his blood, which absorbs and dissipates kinetic energy from impacts, making him nearly invulnerable to physical attacks.

Enhanced Agility and Reflexes: By manipulating his own inertia, Inertia can perform incredible acrobatic feats, dodge attacks with ease, and move with lightning speed.

Tough Skin: Inertia's skin is tough enough to shrug off bullets and other physical attacks, providing him with significant protection in combat.

Controlled Cellular Regeneration: Inertia can heal rapidly by controlling the regeneration of its cells. This allows him to recover from injuries quickly, maintaining peak physical condition.

Enhanced Physique: Inertia possesses superhuman strength, endurance, and durability. His enhanced physique allows him to perform feats of strength and stamina far beyond that of an average human.

Additional Blood Manipulation Abilities:

Blood Crystallization: Inertia can crystallize his blood, turning it into solid, sharp structures that can be used as weapons or defensive barriers.

Blood Coagulation: Inertia can coagulate his blood on command, allowing him to form solid shapes or stop bleeding instantly.

Blood Weaponization: Inertia can weaponize his blood, creating various weapons such as blades, projectiles, or traps that he can manipulate with precision.

Gravity Cancellation: Inertia can cancel out the gravitational pull on objects his blood touches. This allows him to make objects weightless, enabling them to float or be moved effortlessly.

Friction Nullification: Inertia can eliminate friction on objects his blood touches, making surfaces completely smooth and reducing resistance. This ability allows objects to glide effortlessly and can also make enemies lose their footing.

Self-Application: Inertia can apply the abilities of gravity cancellation and friction nullification to himself. This enables him to defy gravity, levitate, and move with extreme speed and fluidity, unhindered by resistance.

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