431 Chapter 429 | Falling Down, Radiation Bursts.

"This is the battlefield you have chosen?"

The Void seemed to understand something. His mental fluctuation strafed out, and he looked at Superman near the sun.

They arrived at this huge star body one after another.

The powerful magnetic field released by it slowed down Superman and the Void's actions.

It was as if they had chains on their body. Each swing no longer had any sense of ease.

"But you should know, this magnetic field and gravitational field are nothing to me."

The Void thought that Superman wanted to use the sun to limit his movements so as to find a chance to turn over.

"Besides, under the same conditions, you will only be more affected than me."

Luke smiled. He didn't say what he really thought, just like a villain.

No matter how much the Void thought so, maybe the readers could guess it. He just wanted to 'recharge'.

In the face of a powerful enemy with the power of millions of stars, the energy in his body was almost squeezed clean.

Fortunately, there was a young and energetic yellow sun, which released heat, radiation, and light. It slowly healed Superman's body.

"Then give it a try. Let's see who has the last laugh."

Luke threw a provocative look, trying to anger the Void.

The trick that worked well for the Sentry would be useless if it were used on a personality like the Void.

"Oh, how could an elephant be angry with an ant?"

The Void said, indicating that Luke's trick was useless.

The latter's eyes flashed. He didn't say anything more.

For the battle so far, his physical strength, health, and blood... These all were pushed to the limit.

This was the first time Luke had felt like this since his debut.

He experienced the first thrilling battle that squeezed him, pushed him so close to defeat and death.

'It's exciting!'

When he thought of that, he grinned and revealed a slight smile.

'Surprisingly, up to now, the sense of despair hasn't broken my psychological defenses.'

The Void was silent, feeling the toughness of the opponent, then accelerating his feet, he rushed at Superman.

The sharp limbs on his back flung wildly, like the claws and teeth of a ferocious beast, wanting to tear Luke's body in half.

Luke's right hand reached out, bringing up a bright silver light.

The Tenth Metal slashed across, and the unparalleled blade sliced off all the limbs and tentacles that were mixed with negative sentiments!


The Void, who had been thinking rationally, cold and indifferent, roared in anger as if he had been greatly injured, and his spirit fluctuated.

"Are you defeated?"

Luke didn't forget to ridicule. The Tenth Metal continued to extend, looking like a lance sweeping across the scene, hitting the injured Void at the waist.

The latter, like a meteorite, fell into the dark depths of space.

"Death! I must kill you!"

The result of angering the Void was an even more furious attack.

Those sharp limbs were the embodiment of the emotions from the negative personality.

Luke's attack was equivalent to stabbing the human nerve with a sharp knife, causing severe pain.

Facing the Void's incoming blast, Superman swung the Tenth Metal.

Extremely sharp silver tracks spread all over the figure in a flash, leaving no space.

The face of the fierce Void was a little pale with frustration. After entering the complete form, he resembled a dense white dwarf star that couldn't be harmed by normal means.

But in Luke's right hand, the bright and shiny silver liquid, in his own perception, belonged to the extremely dangerous type of object.

'What the hell is that?'

He had doubts in his heart.

Luke didn't want to take out the Tenth Metal that he had kept tucked away in his pocket, but the momentum of this battle was too explosive. Who knew if the multiverse bosses would notice?

Exposing things from other universes wasn't a good thing.

According to the Void's defense and density, he was theoretically impossible to be killed or hurt by any conventional weapons.

Even the legendary artifact, the Gungnir, Stormbreaker, or Mjolnir...

Facing the Void would still have a difficult time.

The only thing that could come in handy was probably the Tenth Metal from the studio next door.

"Do you think this can stop me from killing you!?"

A hint of rage flashed across the Void's face as he let the violent silver ray of light pierce his chest.

Along with the severe pain and damage, the tall body burst out with the violent energy of a collapsing star, swallowing the silver ray.


The space collapsed!

"You're a tough guy!"

Luke looked distressed and quickly withdrew the Tenth Metal.

Taking a few deep breaths, the stellar energy flowing through his body started to bubble up, providing even more power.

After the Void's body exploded, it took less than half a minute to reform.

This had gone beyond the scope of self-healing ability. It was controlling molecular movement!

How would he defeat a formidable enemy that couldn't be killed?

Luke felt the answer in his heart.

He rushed at the Void with his feet.

The new body, which had been reorganized, seemed to anticipate Superman's actions.

The blood-red flames almost condensed into solid form and erupted in all directions!

With the horrible high temperature, the energy torrent formed by radiation instantly overwhelmed Luke.

But instead of retreating, he kept going.

With the cost of half his body disappearing and melting, the Void was firmly clamped in a chokehold.

"Have you ever embraced the sun?"

Luke's hoarse voice, accompanied by the turbulent airflow, reached the Void's ears.

The two men plunged downward, aiming at the star that had been burning for over 4 billion years.

"You're crazy! Crazier than me!"

When the two of them crashed into the sun's atmosphere, the Void finally let out a panicked shout.

The 6,000-degree Celsius heat continuously evaporated flesh and blood of the two men.

It was like being in a boiling furnace, letting the solar storm and solar flares bombard their bodies.

This was a terrifying zone that even the bio-force field couldn't resist. Any energy, any existence, would be dried up and vaporized by the heat released from the star's natural power!

"We will all die!"

The Void desperately struggled to get rid of Superman's hold on him, but the other party's strong arms tightly strangled his neck and pushed him to the core of the sun.

In just a few moments, the two of them passed through over 100,000 kilometers of atmosphere and rushed into the core.

The 15-million-degree Celsius temperature was too terrifying to accommodate any life.

The twisted black shadow within the Void, like melting snow, was rapidly incinerated.

And Superman wasn't much better. Although he could absorb the energy of stars, when the external environment was enough to kill him, and the absorption was far less than the input, he would also be vaporized by the star, completely vaporized.

To become a Golden Superman, the prerequisite was to evolve to the level of a Superman Prime.

Otherwise, he wouldn't even qualify to enter a sun's core and be empowered.


Luke's drained face showed a hint of a smile.

In the eyes of the Void, his smile seemed like the laughter of a madman, incomprehensible and frightening.

"Let's die together!"

The black eyes flashed with determination, and the Void understood very well that by the time they were completely inside the core of the sun, they wouldn't last even a minute.

In front of him was an incandescent space, where the terrifying heat of 10 million degrees burned everything into gas.

"Millions of Stars!"

In the face of Superman's teasing eyes, the Void invoked an unimaginable and terrifying power within his body.


Like a sensational gamma-ray burst, which occurred in the core of the sun...

The burning, brightly lit stellar object shook violently, ejecting high-temperature energy that melted everything.

A violent storm ensued, which didn't die down until much later.

It seemed that everything was over.

From that blue planet, two of the most powerful beings ended together.

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