347 Chapter 344 | Red Room, Black Widow.

Hydra, as the villain of the Marvel Universe, was an evergreen tree and a professional 'blame taking' organization.

Adhering to the basic principle of doing things behind the scenes and never keeping one's peace.

Even if their leader, Red Skull, had gone on a vacation to an alien planet.

Even if the alliance of the Axis Powers collapsed and Berlin was defeated.

Even if there was Superman to deter the world ...

But no matter how serious the situation was, the remnants were led by Baron Strucker.

They were still trying to overcome the difficulties and strive to complete the mission of becoming the villains.

This conscientious and diligent work attitude was simply touching.

At this time, Baron Strucker didn't know that a big red word, 'Danger,' had appeared on Hydra's head.

He didn't even know that some Superman was planning to attack him personally.

He was ambitious, wanting to draw nourishment from the Red Bear that stood on the snowy plains and developed in silence.

With the strength of this superpower, a new Hydra empire would be established.

"This country is like a giant with two legs of different lengths. It will fall down one day sooner or later."

Baron Strucker held his monocle and looked at the Red Square outside the window.

"All we have to do is wait. Wait for the collapse of the red empire, and then revive our great empire on its corpse."

Hydra, under his leadership, reached a cooperative relationship with Leviathan, their former nemesis.

The latter was also a long-established and ancient organization, named after the Biblical symbol of the evil sea monster.

After the changes in the times, the power changed.

Leviathan's original goals had been blurred and transformed into a tool in the hands of ambitious and conniving individuals.

They had early roots in Tsarist Russia, and the assassinations of Peter III and Ivan the Great were all linked to Leviathan.

This was probably the reason why both organizations used sea monsters as their icons.

Between Leviathan and Hydra, there was a big disagreement.

Both sides liked to hide behind their countries and play political games to influence the world by manipulating the top echelons.

In World War II, Hydra chose the Axis of Evil, Germany, and that mustached Fuhrer.

On the other hand, Leviathan put all their chips on the Allied front and took a fancy to the Soviet Union, which had done so well in the 'Great Patriotic War' and was incredibly resilient.

Leviathan proved to be slightly better than Hydra in terms of investment insight.

With the disappearance of Red Skull, Hydra's main forces collapsed.

Later on, General Sankt in Berlin made three Aryan Supermen in an attempt to recover from the defeat of the Axis.

But it was still useless. The real Superman wasn't on their side.

The fate of a country depended on the efforts of individuals, as well as on the progress of history.

After the loss of Hydra, the loss of the Fuhrer, and the loss of the Aryan Supermen, Germany was doomed to fail.

After all, this wasn't the world of 'The Man in the High Castle'.

"Leviathan's people don't think so. They hope that the Soviet Union will smash America into the dust and become the world's only superpower."

In a well-heated room, the first-generation Baron Zemo sneered.

In response to Superman, Leviathan secretly pushed the Soviet Union to start a body modification program.

For example, the 'Red Guardian' was a project started to reproduce the super-soldier, Captain America.

On the surface, it was to get a warrior as powerful as Captain America.

But Zemo knew that every country wanted to have its own 'Superman'.

The only information that could be confirmed so far was that before Superman appeared, he participated in the US military's Super Soldier program and was injected with a serum developed by Dr. Abraham Erskine.

As for why there was such a big gap between Captain America and Superman...

The outside world could only blame the different effects of the serum on individuals and … some variations in the details.

"Superman's existence in this world is a miracle!"

Baron Strucker said so as he thought of Superman, who appeared in Paris like a god.

"And miracles are often impossible to replicate."

Zemo nodded in agreement, with a trace of gloom in his eyes.

There was no doubt that Superman was the Sword of Damocles, hanging over the heads of every country.

No one knew when it would fall, just as no one knew when Superman would break through the ceiling and appear in front of them.

"Baron, after my long observation of Superman," Zemo's voice sounded a little annoyed through the mask, "He's completely different from Captain America."

"Captain America, Steve Rogers, has some strong beliefs, like the flag, like freedom, and morality."

"But Superman, although many people call him a 'beacon of light', he does not belong to any particular side, judging from his past actions."

The first-generation Zemo was the backbone of Hydra's remnant party and also Baron Strucker's confidant.

He was mainly responsible for intelligence work and often fought with the agents from S.H.I.E.L.D. in a battle of wits and espionage.

Superman, Captain America, Howard Stark ... They were the focus of Hydra's attention.

Zemo was like an avid fan and had seen all of Superman's videos and public speeches.

Combined with his post-World War II exploits, he tentatively concluded that Luke Cavill, the Pentagon's youngest Lieutenant General, seemed more like an opportunist.

"You mean Superman can be pulled in by Hydra?"

Baron Strucker frowned.

'If Superman joins Hydra, what should I do?'


"There's no way to pull him in, and Hydra has no bargaining chips that could move him."

Zemo shook his head. The other party had reached his peak in terms of power and prestige.

"I think that there are some old-fashioned but practical ways to do this."

"Superman… isn't a god after all. He would still have feelings."

Baron Strucker seemed to understand what Zemo meant, and his expression turned a bit odd.

"Honey trap? Isn't it too outdated?"

The bald baron who led Hydra's remnant party found it hard to believe that the high and mighty Superman would be interested in women.

"We can have a try. I can't find any opening in Superman except for the gossip and scandal in his personal life."

Zemo said helplessly.

If one couldn't solve the problem by violent means, then one could only adopt a soft approach.

Baron Strucker was skeptical. He wasn't good with women himself.

Apart from power and ambition to fill his empty heart, everything else was dispensable.

Thinking that people were like him, baron-baldhead subconsciously believed that Superman should also be a puritanical ruler.

Wouldn't it be more attractive to rule the world and build great achievements than to roll in the sheets?

These days, there weren't many people who had pure ambitions like Baron Strucker.

With so many female agents in Leviathan's Red Room, it might be a good idea to find a better 'Sparrow.'

Zemo suggested.

Baron Strucker was indecisive. He thought for a few minutes and nodded in agreement.

Although he wasn't optimistic about Zemo's plan, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Anyway, Hydra and Leviathan reached a cooperation, the former shared the research data of the super-soldier serum, and the latter provided shelter.

"I'll talk to Taras to pick a suitable candidate."

Baron Strucker spoke in a deep voice.

Taras was the leader of the Red Room and one of the most reputable master spy.

The KGB, known as the 'National Security Council of the Soviet Union', was established and organized by him.

Later, Taras retired behind the scenes and took over the Red Room, a spy training institution attached to Leviathan.

Every 'Black Widow' has been mentored and trained by him.

"Taras would be happy to take on this challenge."

Zemo chuckled.

"Red Room's Black Widow is so well known that even Captain America almost got caught up in the game."

"Maybe they could really cheat Superman and complete the task."



In a red building located in the mountains, a bearded middle-aged man with tough facial features and a mustache put down his phone.

"Against Superman?"

He slightly frowned and took out a file from the drawer to his right.

His fingers flipped through the pages as if looking for something.

Every page was personal information, with a photo of a young girl attached to each page.

They had immature faces and innocent eyes.

The Soviet Union became one of the winners of World War II, but at the cost of more than 26 million lives.

The war broke countless families.

Many children had become orphans.

Every year, the Red Room would select some children and train them to become spies and agents.

Among them, there were men and women.

The males would be given the codenamed 'Raven,' and the females would be given the codename 'Sparrow'.

What they did most often was to act as spies and conduct espionage.

Most of them adopted the 'honey trap' to lure their targets and make them unknowingly disclose high-level secrets.

At the same time, they would blackmail, buy or turn people against each other with some 'pornographic evidence'.

"Those Hydra fools, they think they can gain Superman's trust by sending a woman there?"

Thinking of what Baron Strucker said on the phone, the master spy named 'Taras' showed a disdainful smile at the amateurs.

For the kind of low-level spying above, just give it to the KGB.

What the Red Room could accomplish was the more difficult infiltration, concealment, and assassination.


Taras's fingers stopped flipping through the files and gazed at a blonde girl.

This was the first 'Black Widow" of the Red Room, a world-class ballet dancer, and a respected artist -- this was only her superficial identity.

Secretly, she was actually the number one spy in the Red Room, a socialite trained by Taras.

Specializing in the upper echelons of the Soviet Union, as well as celebrities outside, she held the secrets of many dignitaries.

Relying on the 'Black Widow,' Leviathan completed the infiltration into the Soviet Union and stole power.

"She has appeared in public too many times."

Taras thought for a moment and shook his head.

Familiar faces were too inconvenient for him to use in a plan, and a romantic encounter between a ballet dancer and Superman wasn't attractive enough.

He kept turning.

"Egorova ..."

Taras saw a girl in a red dress with a stunning look.

"I need someone a little younger, preferably a newcomer."

The Egorova in the photo belonged to the glamorous type, which could arouse the hormones of any male creature, but it couldn't completely arouse a man's desire to protect.

He kept scrolling and went to the last page.

Talas raised his mouth and whispered, "Romanova…."

In the photo, there was a young girl with long red hair, both young and attractive, like a budding flower.

"That's her."



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