344 Chapter 341 | Role-Playing, Implicit Words.

After about 20 minutes of meeting and chatting, Luke had a deeper understanding of the young Charles in front of him.

His conversation and manners were all trying to imitate adults.

With a serious tone, meticulous hair, bow tie, and suit.

It reminded Luke of 'Young Sheldon' -- an annoying person with severe cleanliness and an equally intelligent mind.

Young Charles' image highly overlapped with the other.

"Mr. Principal, the main reason why I want to be a member of this academy is that I need to find peers and my respect for you."

When Luke asked about the reasons for enrolling in school, Charles seemed to have written a draft before and seriously replied, "I found myself different when I was eight years old."

"One night, I was a little scared because of the movie I saw at night, 'Zorro'."

"The dark shadows, like bat-like monsters, scared me."

Luke's mouth twitched. 'This story seems familiar.'

In the universe, next door where the painting style was kept dark, every time the movie 'Zorro' was mentioned...

There would be a dark alley, a gunman, a string of fallen pearls, and … an orphan who lost his parents.

This classic scene would be repeated several times every once in a while.

If Erskine influenced Steve Rogers' life, and that cave in the Middle East changed Tony Stark...

That alley in Gotham was probably Batman's lifelong nightmare.

"I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep, so I pushed the door of my bedroom and stood in the hallway."

"Then I heard my parents arguing -- it was amazing how I could hear their conversation so clearly through a wall and a thick door."

"It's not just the conversation! It's also the words they kept bottled up and didn't voice out."

"I was like a radio that was out of control, receiving all the information from the outside world."

"All those confusing sounds, dark and scary thoughts, filled my head."

"After that, I had a very high fever for two days."

Charles's little face showed that he was having some flashbacks.

His natural ability, awakening quietly, appeared.

"You haven't told anyone else?"

Luke crossed his arms and held his chin up.

The tone of his voice was normal, but sometimes he would unconsciously sigh as if he was holding back something.

Charles, who had a keen observation ability, discovered this.

But he didn't take it to heart and continued, "No, Mr. Principal."

"This is my secret. I was afraid to say anything to anyone for fear of being admitted to a hospital or being subjected to some terrible treatment."

Charles's eyes couldn't help but show a touch of fear.

Although he was much more mature than his peers, after all, he was only a child.

In the face of unexpected surprises and an unpredictable future, he would still be frightened.

So, he chose to hide it.

"You did the right thing, Charles."

Luke nodded and agreed.

With both hands covering his face, it slightly twitched for a few moments.

His expressions also became odd, as if they were suffering from some kind of stimulation.

He underestimated the White Queen, and the other party's flexible tongue, which could tie cherry stems into knots, was beyond the reach of ordinary people.

His joystick was like the pottery touched by the heroine in the movie 'Ghost'.

The slippery feel, high-speed friction, spinning....

If Luke didn't have great perseverance, he wouldn't be able to endure such extreme 'torture'.

"I once thought that I was the only one in the world who was so different and could listen to the voices of others and read their thoughts."

Charles spoke a little emotionally, without taking into account that there was something wrong with the Principal, and turned to look at his sister, who was in a daze and wandering off in her own mind.

"Fortunately, when I met Raven, I realized that I wasn't unique, and I also had compatriots similar to me."

"Since then, I have paid special attention to the news about mutants."

"Until I heard your speech, Mr. Principal. I was deeply moved by your interpretation of freedom, equality, and human rights."

Charles's little face was full of sincerity, his eyes shining with glittering light, an emotion called 'admiration'.

"So, you were brave enough to confess your mutant identity to your parents and become the first student in this academy ... You're a good kid, Charles."

Luke was silent for a few seconds, leaned forward, and smiled, "You're very talented and have outstanding abilities. You will have a bright future."

"However, before you can tap into your potential, you must first look at yourself and accept yourself."

"Charles, you don't have to be nervous about your identity for fear of being looked at differently by others."

"The mutant gift is not some terrible curse or a painful disease -- at least not for you."

"It is a way to get rid of the ordinary and fly up to the sky. It is the key to open the door of evolution, allowing you to see the world from a different perspective."

Luke's mouth started his signature pep-talk, fully immersed in his role as a 'life coach'.

"But, Mr. Principal, human beings are afraid of the unknown."

Charles hesitated. He had been hiding his natural ability for fear of being discovered by others.

"If we come to the forefront and appear in the public eye, will it cause them to be wary and disgusted, leading to violent conflicts?"

It must be said that Charles was indeed a precocious child.

At his age, he was able to think about racial disputes and existential conflicts through the two camps of humans and mutants, which were already beyond his peers.

'The conservative, moderate nature is now evident. '

Luke smiled faintly and leaned forward, then slightly leaned back.

The tense face also relaxed a little.

Hiding one's ability to ensure harmony with humans and avoid violent conflicts ...

These were the guiding ideologies from Professor X.

But he didn't fully agree.

"You can't only see the downside of everything, Charles. We need to learn to look at the issues in a constructive way. Living space and ethnic disputes, these are all internal conflicts."

"If we want to resolve the problem, we have to shift our attention to external conflicts."

"Maybe in a few decades, our footprints won't be limited to the land, sea, and sky."

Luke said meaningfully. Every time something big happened, the minimum level was a cosmic level crisis.

The earth was a special planet, it was the origin of the ancient gods, and it was also secretly coveted by dimensional demons.

Every cosmic upheaval inevitably started with it or would eventually affect it.

Luke wasn't a passive person, and he liked to take the initiative.

Sooner or later, human beings would have to go out, then the problems of living space and racial disputes would gradually disappear and become a footnote in history.

At that time, the countries and people on this planet would need to face the three Galactic Empires, the Elders of the Universe, Thanos ...

They would soon understand their own insignificance and would know that internal conflict was meaningless.

"I see, Mr. Principal."

Charles seemed to have realized something and seriously nodded his head.

All internal contradictions could be diverted through external conflicts.

Compared with hostile alien races, mutants were insignificant.

But where were the aliens?

"The future will give you the answer."

Facing Charles's doubts, Luke mysteriously smiled.

But then, his smile froze.

Like a pumping machine, the strong suction force simply wrapped up one's soul.

"If there's nothing else, you can go out now."

Luke could articulate clearly and enunciate slowly.

Charles left the office with his sister. Before he closed the door, he looked at the Principal, who had his hands on the wide desk.

"Raven, did you see...? The Principal seems like he was in pain?"

Looking back on the conversation, Charles felt that Superman was suppressing something.

He was a telepath and had a very keen intuition in this respect.

"I'm hungry, Charles."

Raven said while covering her stomach and a naïve expression.

She didn't pay attention to the details at all. She just wanted to have an early snack.

"Hmm, maybe I was wrong."

Charles took his sister's hand and walked to the cafeteria.

And in the Principal's office, the White Queen, who 'wasn't there', wiped the corner of her mouth and glanced at Luke with mild amusement.

"Is this your first time?"

In her question, there was a certain kind of competitive sentiment.

"I tried it once with Malèna, but it was in an upscale restaurant."

Luke, answer honestly.

"Humph. Then we'll go to an upscale restaurant next time!"

The White Queen held her head high.

Although there was no thought of jealousy, she had a strong sense of ambition in this regard.

"Do you know that this will only benefit me?"

Luke loosened his tie. He wanted to have a serious meeting when he came.

However, the White Queen became a Principal for the first time, and she was excited about her career, so it was a little hard to calm her down.

"I can also give more benefits to you. What do you think about the 'female student who had to submit to the Principal for the sake of her exam results' ...?"

The White Queen spun around and tousled her blonde hair, making herself look more like a poor schoolgirl instead of a powerful Principal.

"Or, the 'arrogant and impolite female Principal and the strong and powerful security guard'."

Luke cleared his throat, picked up the cup on the table, and took a sip of water.

Although he was unwilling to admit it, he was a bit interested.

Role-playing was a game that everyone liked.

Men and women alike.

"Isn't it a little early for that?"

Luke acted like a decent person, barely keeping up his decent image.

The White Queen, however, pressed on. She enjoyed seeing Superman lose his cool.

"Principal Cavill, if you can give me an A in the final exam ... I'll do anything!"

This blonde beauty blinked her eyes and put her hands behind her back with an innocent look on her face.


'The game moved too fast.'

Luke lamented.

He decided to cooperate with the other's performance.

It's not because he couldn't hold back and give in to temptation.

He just wanted to play a role-playing game and do a good job as a principal.

Luke believed that he only had a superficial and shallow understanding of this profession.

He needed to dig deeper and more thoroughly into its significance.



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