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Marvel's Earth 200,000


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*MALE TO FEMALE* *Please see tags before reading* *There will be romance and it'll be a slow burn F-F* *If you decide to continue reading thank you for spending your time reading my story* Immerse yourself in the multifaceted realm of Marvel's "Earth 200,000", a novel universe birthed by an omnipotent entity. Within the limitless dimensions of Marvel's cosmos, countless versions of Earth have bloomed and perished, each unique in its trajectory. Now, an extraordinary force has conceived an unprecedented experiment - a world born from the amalgamation of all its predecessors, a crucible of diverse realities. Our protagonist, a young man confined to the deathbed by an unrelenting illness, teeters on the brink of oblivion. His world dims and the inevitable darkness encroaches. Just as he prepares to surrender to the void, he awakens in an ethereal expanse of white - an interlude between his mortal life and something far beyond human comprehension. As Marvel's "Earth 200,000" materializes from the celestial chaos, our young hero embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. Navigating this remarkable world, he becomes an integral part of a realm where conventional reality bends and transcendent marvels abound. Join this exciting journey into the heart of the new Earth - an odyssey filled with wondrous explorations, daunting challenges, and unforgettable encounters. Witness as this brave new world evolves, and as our hero grapples with the incredible and the impossible


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