Marvel's Black Steel

Author: Ozonelayer
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What is Marvel's Black Steel

Read ‘Marvel's Black Steel’ Online for Free, written by the author Ozonelayer, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Nothing special, it's just that your average nigga end's up dying while following his heart as he protects a woman from ...


Nothing special, it's just that your average nigga end's up dying while following his heart as he protects a woman from rape; you know, the usual BS. Dude ends up dying, only to reincarnate in a world full of people that can destroy universes on a whim, and all that other crazy stuff, lucky for our MC, he happens to meet a chill yet powerful being that reincarnates him with the potential of the strongest version of Superman; Superman Prime One-Million. _______ Would like to point out, MC won't be an edgy villain or anything of the sort; he's got a good heart, and will be raised by kindhearted parents, though as it is the marvel universe and the not the goody two shoes DC universe, he will kill people, though, only when absolutely required to. Also, this novel is a slightly slow, so you've been warned. Ps. I've set this novel up for both a Harem and Non-Harem route, so really it depends what ya'll want, so you gotta let me know; though like I said, the novel is a little slow on the uptake, so don't expect that much romance in the beginning. I also haven't read any of the marvel comics, so all of my knowledge is coming from the movies and wiki-fandom, so don't expect me to get super in depth on comic lore. Although I know this kind of novel has been done several times before, I've only read like two that I really fucked with, so I wanted to make my own, hopefully ya'll enjoy and if you do, might as well leave a review

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Not enough ratings
2 Chs
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Volume 1 :Earth-616
Volume 2 :Birth Of An Omega
Volume 3 :Serbia
Volume 4 :Future Hero Or Villain
Volume 5 :The Ring
Volume 6 :Man Of Steel
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pls pls pls i begg of you don't make it harem!!!!!!!!


I'm afraid that the author is racist, or exercises clichés, in fact the N-word appears too often, and in the last chapter he refers to the mc's mother as being Asian and therefore not being a easy mother. I continue reading for the moment, but I have an unpleasant feeling while doing so. ps: although this is the name of a member of your pharaoh family, it's really a rotten name, in fact the number of people who will find this name pleasant or cool seems extremely limited to me, you should have started place of your readers, first names like Atom, Iron, Odin... for a guy who doesn't come from a normal family it's too weird, already his real name is Kal El it's more than offbeat enough. ps2: in the chapters the mc does not at any time refer to his surprise at being in the mcu, or at being friends with jean and gwen, which is not normal in the mcu. he should ask himself the questions, it's a shame to have skipped that.


Yo I’m glad to FINALLY find a story I can actually relate to🙌🏾not once have I found a fanfic with a black mc until now. I think your doing a good job too cus this is exactly how I imagine myself acting/thinking like if I got reincarnated with OP powers🤣💯this story is really good so I hope it doesn’t get dropped. & I also hope you make more stories with black mc’s 💯💪🏾🫡 Ps. If you know any other fanfic with black mc’s let me know ✊🏾


This is a white guy writing how they think black people act


it was going pretty good till you made Sara the gf..


the whole thing can be called a filler, there's basically no story going on only slice of life banter/talk even when a chance comes to make a nice action or intense moment/scene author throws more slice of life taking any potential out of the picture WQ 4 SofB 4 SD 1 CD 3 WB 2


Reveal spoiler


I really like the concept and as a black guy myself I love having more Black MC. And as for the harem thing I say let you pick but if a choice has to be made i say the Harem route. Also if possible can you add the tags for when you do make a choice?


he made it a harem in the end, haaaaah tis a sad day


of all the girl choices in Marvel.... Why did you even pair your MC with your OC (Jean's older sister), who probably doesn't even matter in a fanfiction story. There are options like MJ, Felicia and even Jean herself. Ugh...


MC has a stupidass name and I feel embarrassed on his behalf when he introduces himself. I only read upto chapter 47 because I thought Jean Grey would be the love interest. I liked how she was portrayed in this fic but the moment I found out she wasn't the love interest is when I leave because there isn't much to look forward to in this fic.


Listen bruv, you better not drop this Fic. Cuz let me tell you, there are countless Marvel/DC Fics that start great and then Boom! No updates for months. Hopefully this ain't one of them. Great Fic.


Not worth reading


don’t waste your time it’s awful [img=Speechless]


Superman in Marvel fanfic written about as Webnovel generic as it gets. Nothing special about it, but written pretty well. Its hard to write a good kid-fic, which is what practically half of this is so far, but it doesn’t go too far off the deep end.




Kinda forgot to give a review because of how amazing this novel is.


I like this story and I can't wait for new chapters


Kinda mood off due to dc stuff in marvel and a 8th grade syndrome MC name


Im reall afraid of starting to read it. i mean what is the reason for mentioning his race? Does that plays a role? Yk these type of story gets racist really fast. I don’t wanna ruin my day so plz give some feedback .


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