40 Chapter 40; What is it?

"Okay..." He let him go and see Su You Qing, he paced around anxiously, he didn't want to force him to stay around if he didn't want to but at the same time, his heart was worried.

"Father...." Feng Ying Ting felt like his father wasn't trying much to convince him to stay back, but rather he was doing it perfunctorily to show them that he was worried but deep down maybe looking forward to seeing him go away from his Life.

"Feng Ying Ting, it's not that I don't want to stop him but rather that, his mind has been made up, nothing I would say would stop him from going... You know very well he is of age and I can't possibly lock him down in his bedroom to stop him... Since this is what he wants, I would only support and make sure he is safe..." He was never someone who could make decisions for them... He treated them as grown-ups.

This answer still didn't make Feng Ying Ting believe in his father, how can he not do anything as a father and watch his son move away?


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