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Marrying Mr. PRESIDENT


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'She is the Chess piece' "Rebirth happens after an accident which is not in chapter 1..." "Reborn; A second chance to live again but knowing she is the calamity, is it worth it?" Su You Qing who had traveled back to her birth country on an important mission, gets involved in an accident and realizes, she has gone through rebirth. Lying on the hospital bed crippled, wonders if she had any right to be reborn... Knowing how her past life had ended tragically, she is afraid of having the same end knowing all along, she was only a chess piece. Would she be able to change the outcome of the present? But she needed to alias with the President, how would she gain his trust, above all his love? She had one life to repay him for the miseries she had made him go through but she knew even if she had a million lives, she would never be able to. Crippled, pregnant, and in a foreign territory, what path would she choose to have for herself? ............sneak peak........... She stretched her hands out waving, if only she could see for the last time how beautiful the sky was. "Yeah I know, it's my fault to have gotten obsessed with you, after losing everyone and everything, I'm still here by your side... How funny and comical..." He muttered chuckling with sadness, he had lost his sanity because of her, and because of her, he had lost everything ever held dear in his life, was it worth it? "Hahaha, Feng Ying Xie... You better live well and never be that stupid again... When it's time to let go, then do so..." She closed her eyes and could only feel the breeze with her hands since her eyes were deemed useless. She could feel her body paralyzing from the down part heading to her upper body, she knew, it was a dead end for her, and her time was up. "You Qing, if only you had trusted me, all this wouldn't have happened, we could have gotten through all this but you chose to betray me over and over... I forgave you all the time, but still, I was unable to get your heart... You are really cold and selfish..." He slightly smirked, life was really funny, for this one woman, he had lost himself. "Hahaha, Feng Ying Xie, next time don't love women, some of us won't reciprocate it..." She sarcastically mumbled. " Su You Qing, tell me... Was your love for Feng Ying Long so great that you wouldn't spare me even a thought? Didn't I deserve even just a small portion of your heart?" He still couldn't believe that her love belonged to his son Feng Ying Long. "Feng Ying Xie, you killed him! You took his life because of your possessiveness, how could you be that cold?" Up until now, she couldn't believe he had done it. "I never killed him, he requested me to do it, he couldn't suffer any longer, no matter how high or low we navigated, we couldn't get the cure... Do you think I wanted to see him suffer? I was his father for God's sake, but you never believed my words, Su You Qing you went berserk for him... How could I watch the woman I love be entangled with my son? Su You Qing... If it were you, what would you have done?" Every time he recalls his son, tears would roll down his cheeks. "Live well...." She softly mumbled while withdrawing her hands and they fell onto the sides. "Su You Qing..." He called her name but didn't get any response, he crawled over to her side and dragged her into his arms. "Su You Qing, talk to me..." He nervously mumbled shaking her but the person had already fallen unconscious. ***Cover doesn't belong to me, credit goes to the owner...** This novel is writing under the rebirth idea and second life...