4 Chapter 4; Watch carefully....

"Find your way..." he nervously muttered getting off and rushing away as someone was being chased by some ghosts. he didn't dare stay a minute longer.

She slightly smirked and elegantly got out of the car, from a distance, she could see the huge garden lit up beautifully and had been turned into a reception centre that was hosting a lot of guests from all walks of life.

She stood there contemplating for a moment before she held her gown and began strolling around, she came across some flowerbeds and decided to get a few of them but the soldiers immediately approached her.

"Miss, you are breaking the rules..." They coarsely muttered before holding her hands and dragging her away roughly from the flowers keeping some distance.

They let go as she weakly swayed almost falling into the grassland but one of the White House Police Force hurriedly wrapped his arms around her securing her foot.

She softly smacked his hands and he immediately let go, in their little interaction, the cameras had already captured them.

" Do you think I need these flowers? I just want to present them to Feng Ying Long, he must have chosen the best bride..." She softly giggled but her voice sent chills down their spines.

They scrutinized her carefully, from the pictures they had been presented with, they immediately recognized it was the girl their Young Master was getting engaged to.

"We are sorry Miss... Welcome..." They immediately let go and bowed their heads apologetically while stretching their hands to welcome her.

"It's okay, I won't take into account whatever happened here now, we can forget it, I'm still not engaged to him..." Her voice turned gentle and soft, it was worth listening to and the police officers calmed down.

"Okay... you can go on and pick more..." They stood aside and let her get the flowers she wanted while guarding her just in case someone decided to mess up.

While picking the flowers, she could sense several auras around the place, she lifted her head and gazed to the top floor of the White House and could see snipers arranged all around.

She slightly smiled before going around and scrutinizing the place, the security was tightened and beefed up, no one could create a mess and go unscathed.

"Okay, hold for me these ones, I need to get those red roses..." She warmly smiled at them as her dimples sunk deeper, her smile was alluring and seductive.

They held the flowers and her other hand was holding her dress, she didn't want it to get misty from all the walking she was doing on the grass.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

"Has she returned?" He inquired curiously while he settled on the bed perusing through the papers he had in his hands, some were projects and others were some business formalities.

"Yes, I have been notified that she is within the White House compound but she is late since the function began hours ago..." His Secretary whom they were going through the papers responded as their men always relayed information to him immediately after they got the news.

"Watch carefully, I don't know what the Su family is up to and them trapping my son like that they must be plotting something, we have to be careful!" A chilling voice could be heard cautioning him as Secretary Lin eyed him.

He was the current sitting President and their family was the top Royal family that was in power and more powerful than the other royal families.

They always preferred intermarriages between royal families and the sudden intrusion of the Su family didn't sit well with all other royal families.

"But President, you forgot something, your son was the one who requested for this marriage..." He slightly smirked, he was blaming the Su family even though knowing it was his son who was infatuated with her.

"That's the more reason you have to be more cautious, they must have seduced him..." How could his dear son fall in love with an inexistent woman, she hasn't been in the country for over ten years now.

"Okay, I have already instructed them..." The secretary immediately relayed those orders and decided to mind his own business, the Su family was nothing compared to the Feng Ying family. He was certain, nothing would succeed.

The President was aged around thirty-four years old turning thirty-five soon, when he had gotten to fifteen years of age, the family had gotten his sperm and immediately found a surrogate to birth him two sons.

Their family had a rare disease that genetically moved from one kin to another, when the males reached seventeen years old, they would become infertile and wouldn't be able to get a woman pregnant.

His sons were twenty years old and their sperms were safely stored and preserved as he didn't want to create a mess as his parents did, he couldn't make them young parents as his parents did to him.

Amongst his sons, Feng Ying Long, one of them wanted to marry Su You Qing from that lowly family.

How could the father not hate a social climber out of nowhere to join the royal family? He didn't like such kinds of women. He loathed her to the core.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Su You Qing picked up several flowers that were wine red roses and pink before holding them in her palm and approached the police officers who tied them together for her, she held the huge bouquet in her arms and walked over to the reception.

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