102 Chapter 102; You are in trouble.....

Su Mei spitted on him and the guy gave her a rough slap across her face, "This isn't your home and neither your bedroom... You are a criminal just like everyone else here until proven innocent... But with the way you look... Tsk, tsk... You are in trouble..." He nudged her chin away standing up and glaring at her disgusted.

Su Mei's eyes watered as she stretched her hand and gently caressed her swollen face, she could feel a metallic taste in her mouth, she must have accidentally split her skin leading to some bleeding.

She wanted to fight back but the friends she was with in the club immediately stopped her, if she went on with that princess attitude, everything would become a mess.

"You need to calm down! Don't easily get provoked by them and create more mess! " In low tones, they advised her as Su Mei could only cry aggrieved. They bundled together down there waiting for tomorrow morning.

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