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Main World: Marvel Subworlds: Naruto, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Saint Seiya, The Elder Scrolls, etc..." As the saying goes, "first, build a family, then build a business." Finding himself in the perilous world of Marvel and becoming a wealthy representative of the second generation family business, Juan forms his family, marries Wanda, who has not yet joined the Hydra experiment, and opens his own path to becoming stronger. Alternate title: Marvel: Starting with Scarlet Witch

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27 Chs

Chapter 27

**Two Weeks Later, in a Car at the Neighborhood's Outdoor Parking Lot**

"Boss, here's all the intel the information team gathered on Obadiah Stane," Max said, handing over a stack of well-organized documents to Juan, who was sitting in the back seat.

Juan took the documents and quickly browsed through them. The information included Obadiah Stane's birth, age, general life experiences, residence, and daily routines, all recorded in great detail.

"Excellent, looks like we can take action tonight!"

With the new company's situation mostly stabilized and future development handed over to Jack, Juan was back to a more leisurely state. He decided to take advantage of this downtime to complete this side mission sooner, so he could return to his small world for training.

After memorizing all the details about Obadiah Stane, Juan got out of the car and walked towards Building No. 8 where he lived. On the way, he greeted some of the other residents in the community with a friendly smile. 

Despite appearing in some news and newspapers due to the company's product launch, most ordinary people still didn't recognize him. His current level of fame was akin to a decent pharmaceutical company owner compared to a well-known figure like Tony Stark.

As Juan walked down the street, it was unlikely for anyone to suddenly point him out and say, "Isn't that the CEO of such and such company?" Most residents only knew that a newlywed couple had moved into their neighborhood— a handsome man and a beautiful woman, both very friendly.

"Dear, try this! I learned this chocolate cookie recipe from Mrs. Martha next door," Wanda said excitedly as Juan returned home. She had just taken a batch of freshly baked chocolate cookies out of the oven.

Juan took a cookie and tasted it, his eyes lighting up. "These are delicious, much better than the store-bought ones!"

He genuinely enjoyed the cookies, finding Wanda's talent for baking sweets quite impressive, even though her cooking skills were average. Recently, she had learned a lot of useful techniques from Mrs. Martha, improving her desserts significantly.

"Of course! I bought the best butter and chocolate from the supermarket and followed Mrs. Martha's secret recipe proportions. It took several tries to get this perfect," Wanda said proudly, raising her chin.

Although she had failed several times before perfecting the chocolate cookies, she hadn't wasted any of the failed batches. She either gave them to her brother Pietro next door or shared them with other residents in the community, which helped them quickly become well-liked by their neighbors.

"Are you not having any, Wanda?" Juan asked, noticing she was just watching him eat without taking any for herself.

"I'm on a diet, so I can't have sweets right now," Wanda smiled, shaking her head.

Juan was thankful that his body could easily handle the extra calories. He finally understood why many men gain weight after getting married. Nonetheless, he appreciated having a home to return to, a haven that made his outside battles worthwhile.

"By the way, dear, there's something I want to discuss with you."

After Juan finished the cookies, Wanda suddenly became a bit anxious.

"What is it? Go ahead."

Juan smiled and took Wanda's hands.

"Today, Mrs. Martha invited me to join their rescue station. They spend their free time helping orphans and the homeless," Wanda hesitated but finally explained.

The idea of helping others touched Wanda, reminding her of the tough times she and her brother faced in the orphanage after their parents died.

"If you think it's worthwhile, go ahead and join," Juan nodded.

"But I know you don't like me working outside," Wanda said with a hint of worry.

Juan gently patted Wanda's head, "I just think it's too exhausting for you to work since we're not short of money."

Despite his fierce nature towards enemies, Juan wasn't overly controlling with his loved ones. He simply didn't want Wanda to endure the hardship and dangers of working. However, the rescue station work was different— it involved voluntary help without strict schedules. It could allow Wanda to make some kind-hearted friends, which he thought was a good thing.

Hearing Juan agree, Wanda happily kissed him and ran to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

After dinner, Juan excused himself, citing urgent company matters.

At eleven p.m., outside a luxurious villa in Manhattan, Juan looked at the ten-meter-high walls and chuckled, "Obadiah Stane is indeed cautious!"

The villa's high walls, clearly a later addition, made it very difficult for anyone to get in. But this posed no problem for Juan.

He effortlessly scaled the wall using chakra to adhere to the surface. Although he hadn't been able to practice ninjutsu recently, he never stopped training his chakra control, especially in preparation for learning high-level medical ninjutsu. In his spare time, he practiced chakra control on the fish in the office tank, honing his skills further.