98 97. Tacos.

[Says the freak.]


I returned to the room when the sky started getting darker. After dinner, I decide to practice the exercise some more. I didn't feel any changes in me but carried on nonetheless.

I cleared my head and immersed myself in a world of my mind, concentrating.

[If you keep up with this, you might be able to unleash Mochi in the end.] The voice returned.

Damn it. Why would it start rambling now when I'm trying to concentrate? Can I have some peace for one second? I ignored it and focused on clearing up my head again.

[Ignore me if you can, I'm a part of you after all. I know all your dirty secrets.]


[Cupcakes, cupcakes. I'm craving some cupcakes with glowing emerald pearls on it.]

Am I truly possessed? That can't be possible, right? I'm wearing pure iron earrings.

[And what did they tell you pure iron does?] It snickered.

"Just who the hell are you?"

[Your guide.]


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