Married to the Demon Prince Book

novel - Fantasy

Married to the Demon Prince


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Who knew that a tiny cut to the finger would hook her to the dark lord? * Hell broke loose when the bloodthirsty demon prince and conquerer of the underworld was bonded to a brainless underling by a ring. For generations his ancestors ruled the world with the powerful ring. One day, it vanished from the surface of earth and their power slowly diminished. After searching for it for so long to reclaim what was rightfully theirs, it finally appeared... bonded to a human girl.... and being the direct decendant of the great king and the righful owner of the ring, it enslaved him. ******* Frustrated, Que felt like screaming and punching him, but sadly she couldn't do either. Wiggling her butt, she slid down from his midriff when his hand left her butt briefly only to land back sharply with a smack. Silence. Silence More silence. "Did...did you just spank me?" "Stay still." "That gave you no right to hit me!" "I'll do it again." "Get your paws off me!" "You are the one straddling me." "It was an accident! What were you trying to do?" "That's what they all say." "You... unbelievable!" With a swift motion, he shifted until she was underneath him, his weight crushing her. "Silence I said..." He growled into her ears a large paw covering her mouth. With his free hand he switched off the light. ******* As a famous doom bringer, Que was avoided by everyone. If her childhood sweetheart could abandon her, who wouldn't? Something definitely smells fishy when she got a marriage proposal out of the blue right after her engagement was called off. What's more, its to be signed in three days! . ***** Hi... Yours Truly here, Cover not mine,credit goes to the owner.

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